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Lying down seems epidemic in United states society. Stewart focuses his superb writing skills on the general problem of perjury and lying under oath by highlighting the cases of four recognized liars: Martha Stewart (no apparent relation to the author), Scooter Libby, Barry A genuine, and Bernie Madoff. With regard to each of these, he or she asks the same question: "Why would people with so much to lose put so much vulnerable by lying under oath? " Ultimately, the answer becomes obvious: "They thought they might get away with it. "

Stewart uses substantial sources for his own narration. Chief among these are notes from investigations, court proceedings, and personal interviews. Although the publication is non-fiction, it's a page-turner, because the intrigue of the perpetrators and their victims are suspenseful, ensnaring, and powerfully emotional. Each of the perpetrators would in the end clarify their deceits as motivated by "loyalty, " but this seems mostly self-serving and devious. Whatever loyalty they had in mind was to themselves, as all were readily prepared to let underlings and associates take hard falls to cushioning their own. In the end, most of the celeb liars recovered reasonably, with the exception of Madoff who will maintain prison for years and has lost the love of his along with seen one of his sons commit destruction pursuant to the pity he showered on them.

These continuing losses of Madoff as well as those of Bonds, lately convicted of obstruction of justice, aren't covered in the book which was written this year although released in 2011.

This guide has several strengths, and perhaps just one weakness. The advantages are the readable and interesting writing, about world known "heroes" turned "villains. " As he points out, these villains "evidently expect to be admired for this habits. " Meticulously researched and artfully written, the publication provides considerable details, easily read and enjoyed. It also addresses a core problem "lying under oath [that] undermines civilization itself. "

When the book has a some weakness, it would be their failure to look at the bigger picture in order to frame the problem more usefully, to bring it perhaps closer to an appropriate treatment. The bigger problem, in my opinion, is that lying is rampant throughout all of society, not just at the level of criminal investigations and legislativo proceedings. While it's true that celebrities routinely lay to protect their wealth and status, the problem seems much more extensive. We have in the US a system rigged for the rich and powerful, whether individuals or corporations, that rewards lying as "business as usual. " The reason why is that? Two reasons, primarily: (1) lying pays off and (2) liars are not punished. That might sound hard to believe, when you have not actually researched it. However, there are few laws against lying down, they normally are not enforced, and in many cases--such as politics--the Supreme Court protects liars. The Court has ruled that politicians can routinely lie and broadcasters must be willing (if they are not already eager) to sell to the liars and their campaign organizations advertising time to carry those is to as many people as they can possibly infect.

So, when Stewart suggests that fixing this problem "requires a capacity for moral outrage, " your dog is right, but as a cure that prescription drops far short. To bring the epidemic under control, we are going to need to invent and employ new solutions. With regard to example, Snopes on the Web publicizes some is ("urban myths") and many people check Snopes before they pass lies along. PolitiFact and FactCheck, two other Web sites, research political lies and plan lies. New products such as Wolfram Alpha, StateOfTheUSA, and numerous regional indications projects aim to provide curated and reliable solutions to important questions. Wikipedia permits many people to edit and polish statements, hopefully bringing them swiftly to a state of truth. A new organization, TruthSeal. org, offers means for individuals and organizations to attach seals of truth to their vetted claims and offer bounties for individuals to present falsifying evidence. During these and other ways, we might create tougher offers for truth telling and stimulate social networks of men and women to ferret out lies in the public information commons. By changing the offers, rewarding truth tellers and punishing liars, we could hope to get started to change the course of this widespread social disease.

Without some change to the guidelines of the game, we should always expect the same outcomes, over and over.

In fairness to Stewart, he wanted to explain to a compelling story and obtain people thinking seriously about how exactly our society encourages certainly sociopathic behavior. He will that extremely well. Another book will be required to look at the bigger, more general problem, think about the situation from a problem-solving point of view, and place out the best classes of action for employing remedies. Readers who might be considering my own study of that problem and proposed recovery plan should consider  TRUTHINESS FEVER: How Lies and Propaganda are Poisoning All of us and a Ten-Step System for Recovery ., Zero one is better than James Stewart as a financial feature reporter. He gets to the bottom of a complex series of events and explains them with unsurpassed clarity and objectivity. If you are considering the subject he's describing, there is no better source for learning about it. And those skills are on display in the four lying-related scandals he or she discusses here: Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, Barry A genuine (and other BALCO defendants) and Bernie Madoff. Within each story, Stewart's focus is on the is the subject told to official investigators, and since such lying is much closer to the coronary heart of the Stewart and Libby scandals than to the Bonds and Madoff events (for the last mentioned two, official lies were more of an interesting sidelight than the core of what will put them in a brief history books), I found those helpings of the book the most interesting and informative. Indeed, for Martha Stewart and Scooter Libbey, Twisted Webs should stand as the definitive treatment. Study this, and you'll "get it. "

Within opening and concluding parts, the author ties the four stories together by shucking his customary objectivity for a jeremiade against perjury and official lying down. They have passionate feelings on the subject that no doubt were part of the source of his energy that allowed him to so meticulously record these events. When i am more than sympathetic to his views on this point---in my case he could be talking to the choir---I did not find those parts of the book particularly persuasive; they are not the reason to buy it. This may be in part due to the very excellence---the irrefutable, closely documented objectivity---of the primary kind of the publication. This is one publication where reading only the first and last chapters is the exact opposite of what you should do., It's good to have someone who unflinchingly looks at complex issues taht hte press glosses over. This was a great dissection of these cases that explains the details of what happened in a way that makes the media circus hash of these complex tales comprehensible. THe detail is incredible and I can simply imagine the hours and hrs of research that proceeded to go into this book. I am very impressed and feel enlightened. Great, great publication., Yes, I purchased it twice. So good am handling it along to others.

Here is what I said in my first review: This book is compelling, and excellent read. He takes 4 situation studies, and breaks down the events. Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds, Libby Scooter, and Bernie Madoff. Fascinating turn of events. I also thought Martha Stewart was an innocent " victim" of sorts, but no longer! And Bernie Madoll - how did the government screw that you up so badly? Barry Bonds and cohorts, what a disappointing discovery to see how tainted the athletics system is. Amazing read., I stopped reading this article when I got to Barry Bonds, because just at that moment, the en banc court of the Ninth Circuit put out his conviction. That isn't the fault of the author, and perhaps all the more reason I should read that chapter. I also have heard so much about Bernie Madoff that I am uncertain whether to read that chapter either. But I read the first two and thoroughly enjoyed and was enlightened by them. Is it fair for me to give a review to an e book that I have only half read, and not decided whether to finish? I have decided yes because the first two chapters on Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart were alone good enough to give the publication five stars.

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