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I needed to communicate with my dogs and this allowed me to know what they were telling me about how they felt.

I did like the book and feel I will reference it now and again, Really fantastic book! Does a great job of talking about actions of our beloved dogs and what they mean and how we can communicate with them., I'm not sure that it I really should be called a book-it's more like a tutorial. There's very little meat here, but I use tried some of the tips at work (Work with dogs all day) and they absolutely work. The tongue and lick is the most amazing. You look like an idiot licking your tongue out there at a dog, when the dog mirrors you and looks back, it really is something special.

All in all, it is some great information, just you planning on a huge book with a huge volume and useful info., Very interesting book with good pictures that show examples. I've been watching our dogs since I actually got it and get a much better read on them., -A very quick and easy read!
-Lots of colored pictures
-I didn't read the description carefully and expected more pages; but because it was so short, I could actually finish it!
-Very useful info for anyone with a dog; especially those who regular a dog park with their dogs, On Discussing Terms With Dogs - Calming Signals

Owning this book will benefit you by helping you understand your Dog and what he/she may be seeking to tell you.

I use owned Dogs for nearly all of my life. Any of my friends would consider me to be very good with animals. Many people would consider my Puppies to be very well trained. All of my Dogs responeded well to me as the Leader of the pack.

However I must say I trained my Puppies Completley Wrong. I trained my dogs out of fear instead of patience. I actually never abused any of my pets by hitting them except for an periodic minor swat with a newspaper. I suppose yelling at your Pet could be considered verbal mistreatment just as easily.

Typically the good news is! this is not neccesary when you know how to read your puppies body language.

On Discussing Terms With Dogs - Calming Signals is a must read and a great beginning for understanding your Puppies body language. This will help you become a much better Package Leader by learning the Soothing Signals your Dog may be giving you.

Learning these signals will make you a much better dog owner. I actually think any Dog Proprietor Should read and understand what this guide teaches. I actually wish more people would understand that owning a pet is a very real responsibility. I believe too many people get a Dog and expect it to be a Great Dog with no real training. Dogs are very simple beings and want nothing more than to please their Masters. However, it is our responsibility to teach them by becomming a Good Package Leader. Learning how to read their Body Language is the First Step.

In most cases, it is not the Dog that is bad, but its owner. Using a Great Dog is upward to us, and this book is a great way to begin you on the path of understanding your dog and improving your relationship with him.

I actually THINK THIS BOOK IS ESSENTIAL HAVE IF YOU USUALLY ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HAVING A FAMILY PET AND DEVELOPING A BETTER RELATIONSHIP THAN YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT POSSIBLE., This was recommended in my experience several times by someone who knew I'd taken in a rescue dog with some real fear issues. I actually wish I'd purchased it the first time I'd learned about it! Absolutely amazing. Perfect for any dog owner and any kind of dog - how lucky for any puppy to grow program someone who's read this book. It has already been amazing for me and my rescue dog - I know understand what his signals are and I actually can recognize when he is beginning to get anxious. I'm able to either replace the situation or remove him from it. Your dog is a quirky boy with a lot of issues but I have a much better feel now for how to help him feel safe, which keeps everyone around us safe as well. Great book!, love this author. very helpful if your gathering understanding while attempting to heal your fearful rescue pup. We do not understand what happend before but we are doing our best to reassure her she is in a safe forever home now so no requirement to be so fearful with other dogs or people but hard to understand what the dog is thinking or feeling. This guide helps alot in needs to understand how to begin understanding your puppy dog and reflect on your super compassionate side to stay calm and yet assertive. assists you to learn from your dog and make a much better you so you can help your dog live side by side with you and others

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