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When I was a little child in Chicago my parents and I regularly rode the elevated trains through different neighborhoods. At each stop I actually could peer across the tracks at people and their back porches and wonder what their lives were like. Whose sled was bent up on the wall structure of the porch? The reason why didn't those people take down their Christmas accessories? Sometimes We would spot a crying child or see what appeared as if an discussion through an apartment windows. Or look down on the players over a golf ball court- who was playing? Who stood off aside? What were their discussions about? I enjoyed creating little stories about these "el" people and their lives and wondred what it would end up like to be a part of their lives. This selection of photographs offered me the same pleasure. A glimpse into a stranger's life- seeing someone or something that wasn't intended for me to see. Some of the photographs provided a little of information about what was taking place or what it intended to the subject of the photo. Others raised moon like questions. I enjoyed the book very much and wished that the author had incorporated more photographs. I felt as if I had been just getting started when it came to the finish., I actually enjoyed this "photo album" so immensely I immediately sent a digital surprise of it to my mother. It's so incredibly human, proving that our emotions, struggles, joys, heartaches, and laughs are classic, bonds that reach across decades, even centuries, to tie us together in the experience of life. Ransom Riggs is a rare historian capturing this fragile record of our collective memories, and i also applaud his dedication to keeping this rapidly vanishing reference alive.

TALKING PICTURES will go from hilarious to heartbreaking and back again, plus everthything in between. It can as fun to turn through as a family album - only more poignant and irreverent. These resurrected bits of rubbish depict *real* people, are real photos, snapped with objective, only to turn into a swirling pile leaves fallen from the family tree, caught on the winds of change and swept upward, rescued, and collected by Riggs and his fellow enthusiasts.

I understand my own grandparents were doing the very crime of tossing out photographs when they moved across the country in '69. I wish I wish they hadn't done that.

I'm going to start out turning my digital photographs into real physical prints, and writing on them, too. Riggs is right: this is too important to our history to leave to computers, documents, memory cards, flash hard drives, and Facebook!

I'll be providing a copy of this book to many people on my list this Holiday season. It's so enjoyable and enchanting I want to share it with everyone I understand., From cover to cover, this guide is filled with fascinating images that are thought invoking and capture the reader's imagination. The writer wisely enables the images and their communications do the "talking" and the reader is left to do the meaning which is the point of the book. Since a collector of such images and similar books in this field, I had been not disappointed with the "interestingess" of photos incorporated, the arrangement by theme, and the large number of images included. This specific is the type of book that you can pick upward again and again and discover something new. Meant to become a classic within area of found/vernacular photography, this guide is a keeper and a must have. In short, this book works and works well.

The quality of the reproductions and the printing is very good and for the purchase price is actually a real bargain. I actually purchased additional copies to give as gifts.

A sequel to "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" this guide is not (another exciting book by the way), it was not intended to be. Nor is it an overly wordy or scholarly work on found/vernacular photography, which is a good thing in my opinion. As formerly mentioned, the author expertly presents the material and the reader is left to explore the framework of every image paired with its message. The images within the book stand on their own and do so superbly. I actually highly recommend this guide, is actually a real gem., I actually wasn't sure what this guide would be like when I purchased it but when I started reading it I wasn't able to put it down. Exactly what a great idea for a book! The images range from interesting and enchanting, to funny and bizarre, to poignant, and the author's comments are informative. The chapter titled " Janet Lee" is especially touching. My only repent was your book was too short! I had been sorry when I got to the finish and I desire the author will publish a sequel! After reading this book, I decided I'll pull out all my old photos and write on the backs of them while I'm still able to remember individuals, the date, and the occasion of the image for future generations. I actually highly recommend this guide. Great reading!, I gotta tell you Ransom Riggs premise about how differently one might interpret a picture by reading what was scribbled on the back really rings true. I never really seriously considered it before. I have always been fascinated with old photographs but never thought to acquire someone's old memories saving them from vanishing eternally. When you look into these pictures, and i also mean really look, they bring all sorts of thoughts to the surface and you feel like you are now a part of their lives. The Jesse Lee section left me feeling sad but also curious about a little girl who had been taking away too soon and what really happened to her. I actually hope Ransom Riggs publishes another old image guide.... it's a classic keepsake of these long forgotten people!

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