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I used to be interested in the book because I have read the author’s reviews in the “Washington Post” for years and the reviews in both the “Post” and “Time” were positive. Yet , you never know how these “guides for the lay person” types of books will turn out--with them being slogs often enough.

However I found “Talking Pictures well written and it added dimensions to my understanding of not only movies, but tv set series and an extent literature as well. Very readable also it went quickly. The particular films used to demonstrate concepts were well chosen and one benefit of the guide has been to see (or re-see) films advised.

One caveat: many of the descriptive passages were structured along the lines of “it could be either this or that, or this other thing or that other thing, or this or that... it wasn’t annoying but as the book advanced it did have kind of an “ear worm” effect to it., An excellent discussion of initial film appreciation. The creator does a very good job of making a potentially pretentious subject more accessible to those who want to explore why they like one movie more than another, without diving into which independent art house film goes best with a sense of smugness and some avocado toasted bread. The book is broken to the essential building blocks of the film-making process and provides a listing at the end of each part of both classic and modern day movies that excel at that particular aspect., Inside the knowledgeable and informative writing style that visitors from the Washington Post have come to know and respect, Ms Hornaday offers a way to look at films that is beneficial to informal film followers and also to professional filmmakers. She exhibits a deep understanding of the mechanics behind the artwork of filmmaking as she analyzes the various components of the process. And she draws on a vast bank of interviews she's conducted over her career with leading figures in the industry to add enlightening color with her analyses. This book is an invigorating read -- entertaining as well as informative., Using this book you will learn the answer to that particular question and many others. I love films but I never noticed just how complex it is to obtain the last product on the screen and get it right... until now. Great guide. Well-written with examples and explanations for each aspect of movies Ms Hornaday offers. It was interesting to consider just why it is I really loved one movie but found another just kind of " meh. " Each chapter covers one of the Oscar categories and concludes with a set of 4 or 5 movies that symbolize best examples of the discussed category. Want to learn how to discuss movies like a professional? This book is a good start!, Ann has written an extremely entertaining and pleasurable book for the average movie buff. I have read several books in this category and this is the most effective at citing examples from movies that a lot of movie goers have seen, rather than referencing predominately artsy or foreign films that I do not have time to watch (yet). The lady clearly enjoys movie realism (verisimilitude) and that is apparent in most of the girl favorites and examples, but she does not disregard others genres (like the girl discussion on all the sounds Lucas created in Star Wars). This truly is a great read for film lovers and it will perhaps you have wanting to go back and re-watch some outstanding films with a greater understanding and enjoyment., A worthwhile read that breaks down the main components of film making to consider armchair movie critics from "I just didn't like the film" to "I thought the motion picture didn't work because... inches Ways to understand and communicate knowledgeably about what made a film work or not work. A fast, only slightly technical read, as a movie enthusiast I found the guide hard to put down. Mcdougal supports her evaluation with a wealth of movie examples for guide., Who doesn't love Ann? I've had to go back and watch movies that I own that she highlights in the book and I actually see them with a complete new light., Did you ever go to a movie and say to yourself: “Boy, that was a stinker! ” Recently, that was my exact feeling after watching the fiasco, “The Mummy. ” I think, “Where is Lon Chaney, Jr., the mummy in that 1941 film typical, when you needed your pet the most? ”

This 2017 version of the mummy legend lacked a lot; especially a cogent plot, careful enhancing and a steady hand at the directorial sturzhelm. It was literally all over the place. Probably, this was because it had three writers. Also Tom Cruise in the lead - doing tricks, too - couldn’t save “The Mummy” from flopping artistically, and (more painfully), at the box office as well.

On the other hand, one of my fave flicks was “L. A. Confidential. ” It arrived in 1997. I recollect watching it down in historic Fell’s Point on Thames Street, in Baltimore, MD, at George Figgs’ now-defunct Orpheum Cinema. Completely everything you might want in a movie: a great plot; terrific actors - such as Russell Crowe, the lovely Kim Basinger and Kevin Spacey (n/k/a Francis Underwood of “House of Cards” fame) - action; writing; highly rated directing; and lots of memorable scenes.

Kim Bassinger was such a major hottie in this motion picture that Crowe (a hard-nosed cop) and Guy Pearce (another LA detective) were beating on earth out of the other person just to get her attention.

My personal favorite scene from that movie is how James Cromwell (as a twisted police detective) snuffs out there Danny DeVito (a smarty pants editor of any scandal magazine) with that “hush-hush” line, while cutting off his breathing. The motion picture was based on a riveting novel by James Ellroy. “L. A. Confidential” also a new surprise closing!

Now, there is a book out to guide movie goers about how to fully appreciate a movie - negative and positive, alike. Regarding course, it has something to say about my fave - “L. A. Confidential. ” It also explains in details the best ingredients that contribute to a film’s final end result. The title is: “Talking Pictures: How to Enjoy Movies. ” Its creator is Ann Hornaday. Her day job is critiquing films for the “Washington Post. ”

Along the way, Hornaday also did a stint movie reviewing with the “Baltimore Sun” and at the “Austin American-Statesman. ”

Hornaday uses seven parts in her book to analyze the key advantages of a movie. You will understand most of these: screenwriting, behaving, production design, cinematography, enhancing, sound and music, and the biggie, the maker or breaker - directing.

In practicing her art over the years, Hornaday has interviewed many talented people in Hollywood and beyond, who make movies for a living. This has included: owners, screenwriters, producers, actors, sound technicians, cinematographers and editors. So, her book has some inside stuff from the experts themselves, and usually what they have to say is right on target. Hornaday works their astute comments skillfully into each of her 7 sections.

Before releasing her career as a movie reviewer, Hornaday was handed some guidance from a fellow journalist. He advised asking herself these 3 relevant questions: “What was the artist trying to achieve? Did they achieve it? And, was it worth doing? ”

Hornaday added those key questions have served the girl as a “North star” throughout her career. They also happen to be the advice that the legendary Goethe gave on reviewing theatre.

All of the above, Hornaday suggests, gets you to that mother of all questions: What make a movie “good? ” And conversely, what makes a movie - “bad? ”

After each chapter in the book - I really like this part - Hornaday included types of movies that “captured the best methods of a particular motion picture discipline. ” For this segment, she also mentioned films from Hollywood’s “Golden Age, ” right up till the “present moment” to make her details.

Hornaday underscored how the hundreds of artists that she has interviewed over the last more than 20 years or so kept the “highest ideals” of filmmaking in their minds during the challenging “creative process. ” Her book will help the reader see movies “in a new light, ” not merely as a fan but as a “film critic” in their own right.

The particular writing style of Hornaday is straight forward and easy to adhere to. Her guide, which I am firmly recommending, is not only for the movie aficionado and the wannabe movie buffs, but for a general audience as well. Presently there are plenty of jewels in it.

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