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I wasn't formerly going to review this book. The reasons being, to quote Chandler Bing, " are threefold": a. I really like, love, love Lauren Graham; b. the book has some weird tangents that I can't in good conscience avoid bringing up c. I would never be able to bring myself to publicly review this woman, who is an absolute genius, if I had truly negative things to say about the guide (after all, I could never compromise my " reviewer's integrity" ).

Talking as Fast as I Can starts off off extremely strongly, particularly if you listen to the sound (which shows her acting abilities, including her singing... an additional treat). The story begins as a memoir, discussing the girl upbringing and her jaunt into the wonderful world of acting. So much, so great. Lauren is self-deprecatingly hilarious and an extremely talented all-around artist, which includes a strong skills for writing. (Say what you should about the subject issue of the book, but Graham can write). Through the first section, about her early days as an actress in graduate institution and then in a theater troupe, I was pleasantly engaged, with two like this comment.

At that point, one of my thumbs started to waiver. Typically the book, admittedly, takes some unexpected turns in this content department as it teeters between advice column, anecdotal essays, and personal tales, mostly out of chronological order. While it's fine to jump around in time - and it's fine to have a mixture of styles - the combo of styles and routines is somewhat chaotic here. While I found the writing interesting and fun to know, I was leaning towards not looking at the book at this point... lest I not be able to give my woman, Lorelai, five well-earned superstars.

Where Lauren starts to draw me back is around the section that she discusses the significance of ladies lifting the other up and goes into a adventure that concentrates on giving advice to a younger generation. I will admit that, again, I wished I was reading more of a memoir, but the girl authenticity in this portion of the book is palpable. Lauren was 2 times a guest in the last season of " Typically the Rosie O'Donnell Show, " and she struck me personally then, in 2002 - as she did Rosie sometime later it was Ellen - as a true, down-to-earth, funny, kick-butt kind of gal (or something that sounds much cooler than that but similarly awesome). From those days forward (though I failed to get into Gilmore Girls and obviously Parenthood until much later), I realized I used to be a fan of Graham. Towards the back-half of the book, I started to recall that feeling: that she was my mate, decoupaging in the craft corner with Rosie.

Once i knew, definitively, that I could give this book five stars (and mean it) with the last section when Lauren discusses the Gilmore Girls revival. She is such a " real" person, and her account is so personal and touching. Enthusiasts of the show, this section alone makes Talking as Fast as I Can a must-have. Lauren is gracious and humble with an incredible work ethic and a positive attitude. Her stories might be slightly disjointed, but they're uplifting; they're positive; they're the sorts of life affirmations that so many of us need right now. Lauren is confident, self-aware, and rightly nice... with a large dose of humor thrown in... and she's exactly the type of role model - a person focused on the task before the glitz, fascinaciĆ³n, fame, or fortune - that people should all be looking to for advice in today's world... a world full of reality shows and Caviar dreams.

Sure, maybe her book is a little quirky. I love quirky. Quirky is a good thing.

So thank you Lauren for giving us a slice of your life and for pouring your heart into your characters which may have carressed so many of us over so many years. Thank you for being appreciative of your audience and for offering us guidance, taking us under your wing through this writing in a way that only you can.

Copperboom., Yes, you'll 100% enjoy this guide if you're a enthusiast of Lauren Graham or of Gilmore Girls! I had forgotten how much I loved that show back in the day and even though I didn't enjoy last year's reboot almost as much as the original show, this little book is full of fun biographical and possess stories/humor à la celebrity Lauren Graham, who produces as if she could easily be that perfect friend who is quick to laugh at herself and all the quirkiness of life, yet is also able to offer some much deeper insights that make you want to become what the lady has to say. It absolutely was an easy and fun read., I wasn't dying to get my hands on this guide, but I'm happy I gave it a shot after all. Well, I give this guide 4. 0 rating overall. Lauren Graham does a congrats summing up her life from birth to well, the girl current age and job status. I am an enormous Gilmore Girls fan and I was mainly excited on her behalf behind-the-scenes perspective on that part of her job. Just like Lorelai, the lady breezed through the first seven seasons in no time and not much breath in between. While I appreciated her concise summary of her 8-year Gilmore life, Also i found it a little unsatisfying. But according to Lauren, she honestly doesn't bear in mind too much detail from her fast-talking years. Therefore, you know, who can pin the consequence on her for your?
She then talks about her Parenthood days, online dating life and lack thereof etc . just to group of friends back in time for Gilmore Girls-a Year in the Life. I was pleasantly surprised by the girl emotional recount of the whirlwind days of the new GG and, challenge I say... enjoyed reading about this more than observing the actual series?
From your writing style perspective, the first two chapters of the book were a little too much for my taste. As much as I love Lorelai Gilmore, I didn't need the girl screaming at my face constantly... haha. But after you get through that part, Lauren settles into a comfortable, chatty period which sets the sculpt just about for the rest of the book. On the side-note, she gives a lot of shout-outs to random people in Hollywood... ok, not random to her, but to the rest of us? yes.
Overall, it's a sweet, sweet memoir about Lauren's life and job and her candid insiders on Hollywood. By the ending of the guide, you feel like you were the one acting in Gilmore Girls alongside Lauren all of these years. If you were unsatisfied by the ending of the new GG series, this book will help you wave a bittersweet farewell to the era of Gilmore Girls., If you love Lauren Graham you will love this guide. Its fast talking, hilarious and can keep you employed for hours. I read it before bed each night and fell in bed with a smile on my face. You learn alot about her life and behind the scenes experience on some of her shows., I loved this book! Graham got me laughing out noisy a number of times. That knew she was so funny. I loved the little peeks into the girl acting journey and life on the pair of Gilmore Girls.

If you enjoy memoirs and laughing, buy this guide., One day read the whole book. It can an awesome read. Happy I was able to share in her world. Recommended it, Love, love, loved this! Thank you Lauren for writing such a heartfelt, funny and interesting book. I'm a huge fan and have been looking forward to this guide for what seemed like forever. It exceeded my expectations! Love!!!, This is an incredible book. I read the whole part of less than 24 hours it was so good! Because a huge Lauren Graham and Gilmore Girls enthusiast I expected to like the insight into the show's impact, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the other content as well. Lauren is one of the funniest writers We have read and I would recommend this guide to anyone who loves witty commentary without the depression of over the top cynicism. I've read so many memoirs of all sorts of differently emotional and narrative content styles which is by far my new favorite. Hilarious! Uplifting! Five stars!

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