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This can be a fascinating look at a phenomenon which swept American society in the l9th century, involving many of its leading citizens. Simply by focusing on the Fox sisters, the author provides an up close view of spiritualism and the period., The spiritualist movement of the 19th century was the beginning of Many obsession with the occult. While the psychics, and ghost hunters of today in many cases are looked on as frauds and con performers the spiritualists of the 19th century were often looked on as celebs. They traveled first course on trains and marine liners, stayed in luxury hotels, and were hailed as proof that the afterlife existed. But, underneath it all they were as much frauds and hacks as the so-called psychics of today. The Fox Sisters were among the most well-known spiritualists of the day and interacted with celebrities such as, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the members of various scientific societies that also flourished throughout the same period.

Weisberg eloquently writers about both the tragedy, and the fame and bundle of money experienced by all about three Fox sisters. She backlinks the spiritualist movement to many of the other popular movements of the day and uses descriptive language to tell the reader about a time in history when occultism and scientific things to do existed hand in palm.

Overall this book is well written and in the past accurate. It is an interesting read for both the amateur and professional historian. There are some minor formatting and sentence structure issues and in some places there are details lacking but in general this is a good guide., An interesting book covering a historical topic that is very germane to the times. Having old information of my great great great grandfather's deep involvement with this movement and having first hand recounts of some of the 'tricks' that were played on this old man back in the 1850s by locals in Westchester Town, now the Bronx, that were recounted, under oath in old court information, made me appreciate this guide a lot more. Also, and I say this with all seriousness, having observed multiple, independent accounts of a one night experience by buddies, in which they conducted a seance where their objective was the calling up of dead spirits from an old grave yard that was once the home of an insane asylum in Connecticut made myself even more interested. Typically the story that was advised to me as to what happened that night was told to me with a number of predicable, reliable people and makes one wonder....... will there be something to the Spiritualism movement.. after all. The history with this movement is well covered. Worth buying, reading and owning., I really enjoyed this book. It's written in a lively " voice" and draws a clear picture of the times and people involved. That drags a lttle bit about 3/4 of the way in, but if you can get past that, it's worth reading from cover to cover. Excellent history told without bias., I found this a very interesting read into the history of Spiritualism/mediums/paranormal activity in america. The guide gets slightly bogged down with names, dates, & places, but once I actually figured out that nearly all of these were for research (many journals, diaries, articles were used to create the sequence of the story), I no extended worked very hard at remembering the who/what/when part of it. I did enjoy learning that some identifiable names & events were included in this tale.... I love history so, although this is not an historical fiction guide, it read like one. Would certainly recommend this to anyone considering the advancement of spiritualism in the U. S., I really liked this book. It is the first book I realize of that discusses the Fox sisters, Maggie, Kate and Leah, as unique, individual human beings rather than as some historical curiosity or side-show act. Typically the personalities and the trajectories of the lives of each woman were unique. Business, romance, family and religion entwined in their lives like they do in ours.
Something I appreciated is that the author leaves it up to someone to make a conclusion about the Fox Sister's mediumship. The reality, I actually think, is that all we can know of them is filtered through the perceptions of other, now distant, people. And while it is true that folks who want to believe in the supernatural can " see what they want to see", what exactly is often overlooked is that the same is true for individuals who do not want to believe.
The Fox Sisters had a major effect of American Culture in the 1800s. These people should be remembered, and this book is a great contribution., The guide seems to have been thoroughly researched, but I actually found the writing instead dry and uneven. Due to the fact it wasn't riveting enough to stick with, the number of characters -- i. e. loved ones, friends, promoters, etc. -- became confusing. I thought subject material of this book would be far more exciting.

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