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Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh such a cliffhanger!

Donovan [ never liked him. He's such a dirtbag. Hmm I hate him so much]

Erik [ perfection! Ugh I am in love!!! ]

Talia [ I actually liked her in the beginning, until she started acting just like a typical frustrating female character]

Guesses [ Mac scares me and I think he rooted ians name in the girl head because she disliked him. How did Mac know to visit the hotel? Idk I don't trust him. Him or his son. I am considering Ian might be a good guy. Or maybe they should think like Erik and be in the middle], Form the beginning this story sucks you in.... Tal is simply a regular after chemical spill child with the ability to telepathically talk to and dig around others heads.... Talia's parents were killed before her eyes when she was a kid's form then on she wanted revenge for them... as a child she lived with Donavon wonderful parents now she is at the McDonough school, dating him. With payback her goal she is set on becoming a seeker but in doing so she in grouped with Henri and Erik and they train and go on missions together, while this is going on her feelings get conflicted when it comes to Donavon.... then Erik and Donavon get into a scuffle and when Talia finds out why she unleashes her fury and we see what the girl true potential is... I truly loved this book and it's twist and turns... you will not be disappointed, Tal. rocks and her story just get better with each part... now I'm waiting on the next book: ), I didn't have high expectations when it emerged to this book. I actually didn't think I would like it. I'm pleased I was wrong. Actually great commence to a series. Looking towards book 2, I actually rarely spend money on kindle books, but after racing through the initial guide of this series, I actually immediately purchased the next two books in the series. The series amazed me with its well-developed world, characters, and plot lines.
Gifted is a tale centered around Natalia, or Talia, who has the ability to read and manipulate heads. Though her talent is rare, there are many other people who have different sorts of talents, all the effect of a nuclear spill that mutated the DNA in some people. After the girl parents were murdered in front of her since a child, she sets out on a path of payback under the guidance of Mac, the director of TOXIC. TOXIC is an organization that trains and then employs people with talents. The story starts with Talia on the brink of becoming a seeker in TOXIC. As she struggles through her final year filled with dangerous missions, boy trouble, and far too many techniques, she doesn't know who to trust.
I love these books. One of the best things about them is the realistic character types. The characters have unique flaws and the reactions to life and the issues they face are spot-on and thought provoking. The writer also does a great job developing relationships in a believable manner.
At times the books are a little predictable, but by and large the author does a good job maintaining suspense throughout the story and has several twists that I did not expect.
Presently there are grammatical errors in the books--the author has problems with commas especially--but the errors are not enough to distract from the story.
When these books are anything to carry on, the creator is--forgive the pun--talented and certainly one to monitor in the future., I actually found myself engaged with the story from page one. I really loved how Talia was described and just how much can happen when she becomes emotional! I have read similar books before, but that one just knocks them from the park! It is properly written and everything falls together so properly, but I’m not going to give away all the details. You’re going to have to read the book to see just how amazing it is!

Talia's team partners are Eric and Henri, and let me say I LOVE the way Eric and Talia joke around. It truly is one of those relationships that they can become a smart-ass to the other person rather than worry about hurting each other’s thoughts.

Talia is involved with the head honcho's son Donovan and I wasn’t all that surprised by what happened for them, I found that one coming a mile away! It was still really great to read it and have the ability to picture in my head how it all went down! Typically the action in this guide is great. Honestly there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t like!!

This author has a way to make you love and hate characters all in one, she writes them with such skill that you can feel and understand precisely what they are going through., 4 stars because the heroine was petulant, annoying at times, and vacillated from being a strong sports Young woman to a pathetic helpless waif. There were very good strong elements and details in the storyline also it flowed very well! Worth the read and looking forward to book 2., Talented told me a small amount of Darkest Minds and Inhuman in that a national catastrophe occurs, by nuclear leaks, and causes some people to become what’s known as Gifted. Talents can range from mind readers to morphers.

Natalia, or Talia, the primary character must witness the deaths of her parents at a new age. The lady lives in the part of the US known as the Agency who value the Talented and use their skills to raised their federal government. The rebel group other them is referred to as the Parti, and they are responsible for the murder of Talia’s parents. Therefore, Talia devotes her life and Skill (mind manipulation) to seek revenge and trains to become a Hunter, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS assassin/spy.

In my thoughts and opinions, there exists too much lovey dovey junk that I actually could’ve lived without, but it’s not too bad. Absence of action was another factor. The only REAL action comes at the end, along with some surprises. The editing for the kindle edition also sucks a little bit, and someone must become familiarised with difference between was/were.

But overall, it was a good read! I would definitely recommend this for YA dystopian/paranormal fans.

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