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Being a young adult woman just lately diagnosed with ADHD, I actually acquired several books to assist try and understand my life in this new frame. This was the very first book I began reading. My spirits chop down, yet , as I recognized through the first few chapters that Dr. Barkley would probably tell me I don't have ADHD.

I was a bright child and failed to start doing poorly in school until high college. I don't drive strongly. I am capable of planning, it just requires me longer than most and sometimes the system breaks down. I don't get " bored" doing recurring tasks (in fact I actually tend to enjoy them because it means I actually can daydream). According to Dr. Barkley, what this means is it is less likely which i have adult ADHD.

Actually at the little mention Dr . Barkley makes of generally inattentive ADHD, this individual actually spends more time explaining his newly ideated disorder " sluggish intellectual tempo, " which stocks a lot of characteristics with ADHD-PI but seems to involve a more hypoactive personality than a " flighty" one. From other sources, there doesn't seem as a lot of facts this is actually a separate disorder. Above all, this individual can provide no advice about how to deal with this nor the case of when you're in a gray area between ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER and not-ADHD -- a sidebar implies that nearby fit his requirements completely, you must be ascribing your normal failure to meet very high requirements to a mental condition there is no need.

However, other sources indicate that ADHD of a considerable impairment stage in women will consider different from that of men -- and they have a tendency to have ADHD-PI -- and Dr. Barkley will not ever mention this, as much as I can tell. Dr. Barkley says that there is no evidence hormones outside of menopause (such as during menstruation) can affect ADHD symptoms, and leaves it at that, but many women have reported noticing a difference throughout their periods of the efficacy of their ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER drugs, and scientists are currently researching this question. One of Dr. Barkely's checklists indicates you should have seen considerable disability by middle school, but The National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD has indicated that many women don't experience a considerable problem until as late as university.

Above all I resent his statement that " Saying that a person functioning as well as or even better than the average or typical person can still be considered impaired makes a mockery of the concept of 'disorder' and does a disservice to those struggling with really not being able to function as well as the tradition. " There exists some fact in this statement, but an attitude like this would ignore the suffering of several women, where research has shown that many external observers would rate those women as not having a problem, when they are doing and ADHD treatment makes their lives easier and often also makes secondary depressive disorder and anxiety go away. To quote one review of research, " Knowledgeable informants (eg, families, instructors, colleagues) may be more likely to overlook ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER symptoms in women and girls and are therefore less likely to refer them for diagnosis or treatment. "

Nothing I can find in this book seems to mention how most of the research he relies on was done on mature women. I'm going to look into this further as well as statement back later on whether I find his suggested coping mechanisms helpful, still. In the meantime I really hope to find a different resource that will reflect my own experience better.

In short, this publication might help you -- but don't be discouraged if you don't match it completely. I didn't let personally get discouraged, and now I actually have a diagnosis and my life has improved substantially with treatment., " Taking Charge of Adult ADHD" was a good read, although I carry on proceeding back and using it as a reference. It is revealing and apocalyptic as it informs you plainly that ADHD is not a gift idea or a charisma as some other ADHD book authors like to call it up.
The book is practical and does not just offering you the facts. It gives the very basic rules needed to manage your adult adhd traits. Just as with the rest of the books, I have mind mapped the main chapters and points of the book, and using it as starting point to built from from there by adding my my own encounters and strategies to adhd challenges. I actually wish the book was more insightful though.
Inside the overall, this is a very good book, well searched and well written. I gave it only four stars ranking because I was anticipating more insightful information/solutions for adult adhd.

Stelios Nicolaou
author of the book:
Depression: My Witness, Your Solution
(Five easy steps to Reproramme your little inner tone of voice and set your thoughts free), excellent read for older people with ADD and their relatives and buddies as well., Everything Trying to find looking for as an adult with ADD. Dr Barkley is lucid and helpful about the realities of comping with ADD. A must buy., This book has altered my life! If you have ADHDerek, BUY this book and keep it nearby. Read it when you get interested and want to learn about it. So much more than your average self-help book., Since a psychologist who is an expert in ADD in all age groups so that as a person with ADD personally, I recommend this publication to each new adult PUT patient that I see. Soon after it emerged out, a patient of mine said that however read plenty of books that described what PUT is, but this was the first one that really told him what he could and should do about it. I tell patients that medication is only a part of the answer, the others is changing behaviours that can increase or decrease your chances of success and that this book will help them to do that with some very practical and down to world strategies. Because of this I try to keep copies of it in my office to sell them at cost, so they'll have it when they leave the appointment. In the last two weeks I have suggested it to 5 or 6 undergrad and law school students.

I also point out to them Dr. Barkley's exceptional requirements for his own research as well as for the analysis of the study of others. His / her care in presenting results is refreshingly old designed, almost quaint in this age of overblown self promotion, such as if he shared his adult ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER requirements that were eventually published in his grasp work, "ADHD in Grown ups: what the science says"[2010], at a Cape Cod workshop in 2006. The outcomes were preliminary at the time and informed us that they'd only been validated on a population of males from western Mass., or something like that. We all had to chuckle a little and at the same time time appreciate how rare and refreshing it was to see such conscientiousness in a researcher; first and foremost Russ Barkley is a scientist and someone can be confident this book is based on real research, not just somebody's opinions.

Lastly, I like the layout of the book. It follows a format that's similar to the 'for dummies' series in that it is well organized with a detailed table of items and index, as well as visual highlights such as boxes of bullet points, highlighted tips, etc. I tell my patients that it's very 'ADD-friendly' - that they will not have to read it tailgate to cab in a linear fashion, but that they can skip around and still get a ton of useful information from it., Good advice., I'm not going to say how great this book is or how intelligent the creator is, instead, I'm going to tell you to view this author's lecture on YouTube about ADHD to decide for yourself. The lecture will convince you that this guy is an expert. I thought I knew everything about ADHD before viewing his lecture. Once you watch his video you will definitely come back here and buy this publication. Go to YouTube and type: "Executive Functioning - Part 2".

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