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Now i'm writing this review because when I bought this book, the first reviews showing on my Amazon web page were quite negative, and that troubled me as this book has been a game changer and a lifeline for me and my seriously ADHD teenage child, in a way that no other single book has been. That's mostly because, unlike other books I have read, Barkley addresses immediately and proposes clear, useful, simple remedies for coping with the incessant and destructive parent/child behavioral clashes who have often dominated our life at home -- and that other advice had done very little to further improve. This book offers head on recover " elephant in the room", something that was so obviously " wrong" in our lives, but that I couldn't understand because I had created done all the " right" things, including medication, behavioral therapy, academic support aiming to be a loving, understanding and firm parent. Anyone who's recently been there will understand, and also this is the one guide that really helped. Also, in defense of Barkley's serious and informed writing style, this is, of course, very serious material. For something as profound as a young person's psychological health and future, it can important to understand the scientific bases for the author's analysis and recommendations. Indeed, there are more conversationally written books out there on this subject, which may be a simpler read for some, but there's nothing abstruse or hard to read about this one, and its author imparts a lifetime's clinical and academics experience. There are many observations and surprising insights throughout the text (for example, research shows that non-intrusive background music can help ADHD kids concentrate on an academic task whereas complete silence or extremely stimulating music is less more likely to help). This guide has a program for behavior intervention at home that can be modified for a teenager, and gives simple, clear guidance on the difficult issue of how much and in what way it can be necessary to involve yourself with your teenager's school, while at the same time allowing the teenager the self determination that's critical to her growth at this age. Is actually more densely written than some, and that's as you would expect from a worldwide leader in the field of ADHD research. I've found other books helpful on the interface of parent and ADHD teen (e. g. " All set for Takeoff" (Maitland & Quinn), and my child has " The ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER workbook for teens" (Lara Honos-Webb) that has helped the woman to voice her let-downs and fears, and also to acknowledge and take charge. However, I haven't yet seen any book as comprehensive and as helpful as this, and I'd urge any father or mother with a serious situation to read it., I am really disappointed. This particular book was supposed to be the " go to" reference for all things ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. Unfortunately, it is very concentrated on hyperactivity and bad behavior. I endured a big part of the guide before he notes that inattentive ADHD is not covered by the guide, nevertheless for a brief blurb where he posits inattentive ADD(nonhyper) is very " sluggish cognitive tempo" -his principle really doesn't fit my child at all.
One pro is that he does provide a very thorough rebuttal to common misconceptions like " ADHD didn't exist before now, doesn't exist in other countries, is brought on by diet or tv" etc.
But , it is also not an engaging read, and as another reviewer explained a lot of it is very basic parenting-" make sure to notice your kid being good, " " take time for yourself, " and so forth
I had checked out the Book " Motivated to Distraction" before buying this. It was definitely better, for me. It protected both hyper and nonhyperactive ADHD and was extremely informative and engaging. Also it is written by adult psychologists who have PUT. I liked their point of view that people with ADD/ADHD have a lot of strengths-they are typicallu charming and more creative- and a lot to offer if they get the right help and coping mechanisms. I feel like there is a tone in the Barkley book that kids with ADHD are kind of broken., This is a very enlightening book and even before I'd finished the first chapter, I seemed I'd been given so much regarding my son and his problems. I am getting so much from this book that I bought a copy for my husband, so we can each read at our convenience (and emphasize and underline, etc in our own copies) I think this book should be required reading for any professionals that offer with children on a regular basis. The misconceptions it clears up could be life changing for many individuals., Use daily in my counseling practice!, Excellent book., Great technology based book filled with case studies and years of research., Required reading for parents facing ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. This book dispells several myths and provides very practical guidance., In case you have not read a book about ADHD, I guarantee you have false presumptions about this issue. Please read this book.

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