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Max Hudson continues to increase with his books that are not only appealing to the MM visitors who depend upon Max’s mastery of erotica but is his writing style is maturing to try to get issues rarely touched by other writers of the genre. Human relationships and interactions play a larger part in this his sixteenth book and he demonstrates a keen sensitivity to not only MM relationships but also a fine give attention to psychology and how the world of LGBT has evolved.

Max traverses territories of interest in human relations as we have seen in his now sixteen published books. Inside this latest book Max explores the conflict that coming out creates when two men – one openly gay and the other fearful of even being considered bisexual. Since his synopsis outlines, ‘David Moussa, pen name Jesse Boone, loves writing. It is what he was created to do, and he’s known that since high school. Having a flourishing writing career, he’s happy with his life. He’s doing very well professionally, for a fairly new author. All he needs now is anyone to share his life with, a fantasy he’s had since his first hard crush in college. But that won’t ever happen, unless Dave can get past the understandable fear that his coming out as drone will lose him the few friends he has, estrange him from his family, and hurt his career. He can’t afford to mess up, given that he’s on the brink of recognition on the brand new York Times Bestseller list. He is lived this long without love. He will learn how to survive. Enter Jacob Pratt, Army veteran, scarred both physically and emotionally. Mike is out and happy and it has little patience for anyone who lets fear stand in the way. He’s had to put up with great trauma in his life, and battles daily to conquer his demons. The last thing this individual wants is to have anything to do with a man who is hobbled by fear. This individual let one man’s fear stop him before, and he remains paying the price. He will never again trust anything but his gut, neither in business nor in love. But when he meets David Moussa, his head and heart collide. Typically the younger man is scared to own his desire for Jake, but Mike can’t appear to stay away from him. Their head states Dave is trouble with a to. His heart states Dave is the man this individual could finally love. Just how will he protect themselves from another broken heart if he trusts a man who’s afraid to acknowledge him publicly? ’

Sensitive, realistic, and still abundant with steam, Max Hudson is not going away in the market of ebooks on erotica. Strong writing about real persons makes this book a very solid read. Grady Harp, August 17, Typically the instant attraction between Dave and Jake set the stage for exploring their emotional and physical journey. Though this was a quick story it covered these themes well. Undoubtedly, if this had been a lengthier book, these themes and the attendant obstacles and emotions of these two men would have been fleshed out more fully.
That aside, it was a well written and satisfying story., We have read most of Max Hudson's books which is the best yet. Their style is developing and the story was tightly paced. There was enough back tale and internal monologue for the Jake and Dave's not-quite insta-love to make perfect sense. I'd like to see more of their story, maybe a child or two. Great job., We like all of Max Hudson’s books but that one is my favorite. It is a story about John Pratt, know as Mike, formerly known as Military Captain Jacob Pratt. This individual received the Purple Center after he was medically discharged after sustaining serious injuries after a shock attack in Afghanistan that killed all of his men. Having been a man that dealt with survivor’s guilt, bitterness, anger, panic and nightmares as this individual slowly healed over the next 2 years. He had lost everything, including his right leg under the leg.

He was fortunate to get Doug Wilder as his counselor who wouldn’t allow Jake to give upward on himself. Doug had helped Jake embrace another side of himself as a fabulous artist. Mike was making dinner one evening for prospective clients who were in the book industry to create the art work for the book’s addresses for the authors.

That was at this meal that Doug brought along a friend of his partner’s, David (Dave) Moussa an author on the Brand new York Times best sellers list. Jake and Dave had an immediate effect to the other and not a good one.

Dave, a right man, was having a hard time in his head trying to come to words with why he was attracted to Mike. The man aroused him or her and he wanted Mike to kiss him. Therefore the big thing with Dave was coming to words with these feelings that came out of the blue when he thought he only liked women. Needless to say, this individual stumbled and made bad decisions when he was in Jake’s presence. Jake could get pissed and angry quickly with Dave.

But Jake was having a hard time too. At first this individual didn’t realise why he was attracted to Dave and worse was when this individual acted on his emotions. What did Dave do? He ran away not wanting to face his feelings. Not a good thing to do when you’re dealing with someone you’d like to know more when compared to a friend. Mike hated the mixed signs and decided Dave had never been with a man and he had not been getting involved in that situation again. He was proud and out and would not date a closeted gay man.

Dave’s family, his mother in particular, wanted him to meet a nice girl and subside and start a family. Dave was ripped with his mother’s guilt she like to plate out. The nice thing was, once Dave knew what he wanted, he overrode his fear and practically nothing bothered him with what other people thought about them as a gay few.

I felt the book was well written, and had many heart-felt emotions throughout the reading. We loved Jake and Dave as a couple. Mike really comes through for Dave in helping him or her take gradually as their relationship grew. Within the conclusion they came out on top. I believe anyone would enjoy this Book and We recommend reading it.

**I read a complimentary Advanced Viewer Copy of the book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review. ***, Wow... exactly what a beautiful story. Jake is a army vet who's an artist now hoping to get his life together after shedding his teammate in Afghanistan. Jake feels angry and guilty for surviving. Dave's a writer who had one serious relationship with a female and he thought he was asexual. Both their world opens is actually axis when they meet. Two handsome men both broken in their own way but they're taking a chance on the other and what could eventually ease their loneliness by offering them love and a lifetime partner. " I read a complimentary sophisticated reader copy of the book & am voluntarily departing an honest and neutral review. "

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