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An excellent plan for those considering using weights as the core of their strength-building program. I've learn about periodization but was never really capable to get a handle on it because books by people like Bomba are a little complicated. This specific author simplifies things and gives you sample programs that really share it. Typically the author spells it out there as plain as day, but this is a book about building strength, not becoming a bodybuilder. End up being aware that this is a fairly hardcore program. For several exercises you will be doing them 3 times a week. In case you have shoulder issues, you might not want to be bench pressing that often. He also allows for small sums of bodyweight training in the program, a huge plus if you ask me. Also, this is not a book of exercises. He's instructing you on how to build a program, not where to place your hands on a deadlift. As this program involves a lot of barbell training, I would highly recommend picking up an e book on proper exercise by Mark Rippletoe or someone else. In case you are a dedicated gym rat and do not mind investing a little intellectual time in your training, I suspect you will be pleased with this guide, The book itself is very approachable and has a great tone to it that adds a touch of laughter to continue to keep it interesting.

I have not implemented this system into my own training yet, but I will be over the following two days or so as I actually start my new training phase. I will come back and add to this review as time progresses.

The system hits on many things I have heard over the last of sixteen or so years since I started in Military, then went to civilian policing, and now as a recreational athlete not involved in mil/le work. It also flies a little in the face of current developments, which isn't a bad thing at all.

I actually gave it only 4 celebrities because rather than providing the necessary charts to allow the user to do the calculations for simulated one rep greatest extent the author chose to list websites and Yahoo because the answer to finding those numbers. A more complete solution would have recently been appreciated. Additionally charts busting down the programs and prescribed schedules side by side for comparison appeared to be eluded to throughout the book but wasn't present anywhere. That will chart would help to allow new users to select this software best for their needs and allow continuing users the capability to make changes after completing blocks without having to perform a refresher read or multi-part search of the chapters to set their new program.

In short lots of good information and approachable enough which i read it all in one sitting while on a commercial airline flight, but lacking a few charts/infographics that would have made it a true complete package., I've read a lot of weight training and exercise textbooks over the years, although most have been quite useful, I must say that this guide is especially useful for those looking for practical skill, muscle, strength, etc. Most people out there, especially in military, police force, or every day people etc. not necessarily going to be strength lifters, body builders, or even sports athletes. What we all should desire and develop, nevertheless , is the type of strength and the like that this book and series prescribes. We can all learn simple lifts (I recommend Mark Rippletoes' traditional Barbell Training dvd or books). And you don't require a fancy gym with hundreds of superfluous machines and devices. I definitely recommend it. Study, impliment, and change your life., This specific is an outstanding book to an individuals library of on-going knowledge in the never ending pursuit of self-perfection. This book can also stand extreme firm by itself to the individual only concerned with performance enhancement. To those of you reading, as I, this treasure contains material (procedural) that can be applied to host of different realms such as martial combatives, knowledge inoculation, incredibly tiny skill development/ enhancement in support of technique building, etc. Further, mcdougal is there to assist you should questions arise on reading/ developing the materials. Rather than providing a thorough review, I will make clear my experience (as to not hand out free what is contained in the book) so just one. ) an individual can see "what could" happen and 2. ) so those critiquing can think critically as to whether or not this purchase is right for them.

Background: That am I? I was a 36 year old male, 6'2 216 lbs. I practice/ instruct martial combatives, workout early mornings regularly, compete in 2-gun matches, and enjoy a good mil-sim game every now and then. My sleeping schedule is clock work, and I eat clean, although We are not on any kinda paleo, vegan, or vegetarian diet.

I obtained this guide via Kindle on June 15, 2014 and began one of the ideas described in the book. I then e-mailed the author because normally questions arose in concert with the training strategy I was applying. His / her reply back had interesting insights, and I thought I would re-develop the workout program to those suggestions, and the subsequent are the results from his suggestions:

Week 0. I maxed out on Bench Press, Squats and Deadlifts to find out my current strength levels.

Bench Press was 185 lbs
Deadlifts was 185 lbs
Squats was 225 lbs

Weeks 1-3. The program was executed to the letter of the methodology explained in the book.

Weeks 4-6. The workout program was executed to the page of the methodology explained available. However, I performed notice a boost of strength, so allow me to share that with you.

From week 4 day just one; I noticed I was now able to Deadlift my Squat equivalent in weight at that week.

At week 4 day 2; on completion of my Deadlift workout I actually attempted and completed 255 lbs which was over my original Squat Maximum.

At week 5 day 2; on completing my Deadlift workout I actually attempted and completed 295 lbs which was advances and bounds over my Deadlift max. Further, on completion of my Squat workout I attempted and quite a few (95%) completed 290 lbs which I didn't quite get the 90 degree angle Squat.

Week 7. Fresh Max Day
Bench Press increased to 195 lbs (only a 10 lbs increase in weight)
Deadlift increased to 315 lbs (a 130 lbs increase in weight)
Squat increased to 305 lbs (a 80 lbs increase in weight)

Overall Workout Program: 8 Days
Actual Days Worked: 6 Weeks
Specialized Weeks: 2 Weeks (Pre-Max to determine strength levels, Post-Max to determine strength gains)

Other factors to Consider:
1 . Perhaps being workout consistent/ goal-oriented along with posture conscious led to huge increase in Deadlifts/ Squats.
2. One day was dedicated to lower body weight exercises, and something day dedicated to upper body weight exercises.
3. Cardio exercise was done 4x a week.
4. Stretching/ warm-up was around 45 minutes (15 warm-up/ 30 stretch) to complete before executing tactical barbell program.

I sincerely expectations this gives a little insight as to whether or not you should make this purchase. That being stated realize that every personal is different, and every person responds differently to different programs. This program has thus far provided myself with welcomed results.


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