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I've been anxiously awaiting The Murderbot Diaries, ever since the first teaser chapters were released. As expected, Martha Wells did not neglect to deliver another phenomenal story.

The hero is SecUnit, an AI robot that has hacked its own chief excutive module and found this universe's answer to Netflix. Bored with the mind-numbing security detail for a routine geological survey, it just wants to get back to base so it can watch the latest event of its favorite folletín show. And, as Wells would say, that's when everything went to ****.

SecUnit/Murderbot is an smart and compassionate being, with a healthy dose of interpersonal anxiety. It has bookings about its human buddies, but still works tirelessly to ensure their survival. Woven throughout the plotline, though, is the not-so-subtle discussion about whether H. U. is merely an instrument, to be utilized and then cast aside, or a being worth the same dignity and respect as any other individual.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for S. You.! An excellent begin to this new series!!, I really enjoyed this. It's brief, almost better called a short story than a novel. The main figure calls itself " murderbot" and is a do it yourself aware security servant which has hacked its own behavioral governor system so that it's secretly liberal to do as it pleases. I don't want to say more than than and give away anything else about it.

Murderbot is deeply uncomfortable needing to interact with its humans. I retained feeling that the characterization would be familiar to a autistic person trying to constantly understand the interpersonal interactions around it but never quite able to just be part of these. The intensely human aspects of the character made this more than standard cost., I've never read something by Martha Wells, but after finishing this story I promptly impulse purchased three more of her textbooks. I don't usually review books, but I could not help myself. This book was fantastic. It was full, yet concise - That didn't drag on any longer than it needed to in order to tell the story it was telling, but it was not 'short' either. It received me into a exciting world, and managed to interest me in the characters, while still falling hints about wormholes and other fantastic science fictional tropes. In the finish, I used to be at once content with the novel as a stand alone bit of literature, and frantic to learn if another in the series was planned.

I would put this in my five favorite novels, if only because I've gotten so used to area operas told from twelve perspectives that I did not remember how compelling a single viewpoint narrative could be., Novellas are my favorite short(ish) format because they allow a lot more character development than short stories, and this is a huge benefit with an author like Martha Wells who is especially fantastic at creating characters you can empathize with. The story is told in first person by the not-quite-standard-issue local rental security cyborg assigned to a scientific expedition. That anticipated a routine, typically boring contract... plenty of time to watch those entertainment files it's kind of addicted to. Plus yeah, obviously that's not the case.
This is a stand-alone story, though the author states an additional story is coming next year (and ideally two more from then on if these do well). Really looking forward to more adventures with Murderbot!, I think I knew I would love Murderbot from the moment I read the word " Murderbot. " And then I read the first paragraph and was ineradicably hooked.

I'm already a huge fan of Martha Wells, and she's one of those authors who just keeps getting better and better. (Who'd have thought I'd like another book as well as the Raksura books? BUT I AM SO GLAD! )

This is a refreshingly frank, only partly human, first-person protagonist, up to its armored joints in a violent, complex, deeply stressful situation. It manages--by dint of wry humor, confessional asides, and old familiar habits (like watching a great deal of entertainment media when it should be doing its SecSystem work--to keep us enormously entertained _and_ concerned for the outcome of all characters throughout the storyplot.

I loved it a lot! MAY THERE BE A LOT MORE!, Short version: loved it and want more

Slightly longer, no spoilers: Martha Wells never writes the same book twice. This foray into science fictional is well plotted, with great characterization and world building.

It kept me personally reading, and the closing both satisfied me make up more. Another one in January, I notice., Wells wrote a very nice portrait of a troubled AI, looking for is actually place in a interpersonal world that was designed to retain it in a subservient position. Interesting, the *outcome* has not been autonomy -- the AI had achieved that internal state before the beginning of the narrative. Rather, we experience the smoothness development of the uncomfortable AI, who eventually learns what way-of-living-in-the-universe will bring it some peace of mind, or at least less unhappiness.

It is really an interesting book to compare with a different approach to AIs and consciousness in Ann Leckie's " Ancillary" series. I found both works riveting and thought-provokimg. Murdebot reminds me personally how much I enjoy and admire Wells' other works. The " Ancillary" series makes me predict Leckie's future works with as much enthusiasm as I have for Wells' future works -- which is a lot of enthusiasm!, Good story, good writing, good lord I paid how much for this? I paid thousand-page story price for a brief TALE? Teach me to check on page-count before I press the checkout button!

The descrip states it's a 160 pages... however they are 160 wide margin double spread out pages... you are getting a quick story's worth of content here, no our bones about this, for the same price you'd pay for a thousand page doorstopper of any novel.

I don't blame the author... I think it was a great brief story. But we are getting ripped off by the publisher and/or Amazon online at this price. Preposterous.

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