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Book reveiw on reference guide. This is the second volume of " Typically the Synonym Finder" I purchased. The first purchase is well-worn and I needed a travel volume. In a university session in a different area of the country, a classmate had an original hardcover version that has been also well used. Worth the investment. This will be used constantly and will add value to your vocabulary and writing skills., I am on my 3rd soft cover version of this book, I make use of it almost everyday, it rests on the edge of my desk, Imagine my delight when checking on stuff for my most recent Kindle I learned Typically the Synonym Finder in a kindle version, moreover I got it through the Matchbook price for dollar. 99... now I don't have to worry about trying to carry it beside me, its heavy really it; and this version will never, ever wear out.... I am a very happy camper, Okay---so when I write I tend to follow my original educational training and plod along stringing collectively fractured grammatical phrases and hackneyed expressions that although correct tend to reveal the activity of the left side of my brain rather than my creative portion that supposedly gives credence to my inner Shakespeare.

Obviously, that dull analytical side needs to kick it up notch and one of the best ways that I know how to add verbal spice to that artistic gumbo is to flip open my well-worn copy of L. I Rodale's "The Synonym Finder. "

Sadly, as I did not hold the foresight to purchase this around 1400 page word holiday in hardback, the once smooth and blemish-free cover of my copy has since creased and folded away many times over, adding nothing to its beauty but detracting little from its immense and successful functionality. A word to the wise: do buy this tome with the intention of keeping it on your shelves for a lifetime.

Using the book cannot be any easier. Written like a dictionary, each word is arranged alphabetically with all the current appropriate parts of speech included under a single headword. Unlike Roget's, no complicated approach to themes clouds the writer's simple need to find another more exact word to fit his or her specific way of thinking. Numerical sub-listings of each word reveal different definitions and semantic groupings while usage and technical labels like "slang", "informal", "nautical or "chemistry" are indicated with the appropriate italicized label.

Exactly what really sets this volume level apart from other synonym dictionaries is the prosperity of choices available for each and every word. The term "childlike" includes 37 different words and phrases that just might be that one special term that changes your sentence from mediocre to cutting edge.

Strongly suggested to all who write and are tired of the usual gamut of term substitutes provided by your term processing program or a standard thesaurus.

Diana Farreneheit. Von Behren

"reneofc", Presently there are a lot of thesauri out there on the market, all declaring to the most complete, up-to-date, strongest, fastest, bestest. Many of them are even actually decent. The Synonym Locater is the best of all of them. It is unlikely that any other thesaurus will give you more word options than will this one.

I have come across a few isolated instances where The Synonym Finder is lacking a good synonym, such as for the action-word "teach. "  Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus   offers about 21 synonyms, among which is "illuminate. " That's a nice one, and Typically the Synonym Finder doesn't have it. However, The Synonym Finder has a total of *65* synonyms, included in this "enlighten". So you be the judge.

Moreover, for "teacher",   Oxford Us Writer's Thesaurus   offers about 21 alternatives. The Synonym Finder has about 70. Further, Typically the Synonym Finder has main entries for "teachable" and "teaching", which the  Oxford American Writer's Synonym replacement tool   does not have at all. These types of disproportionate ratios persist across other entries as well.

So if it's completeness you're looking for, look no further. The Synonym Finder is the one., I acquired this reference book with the intention of using it for many years as I continue to write. It truly is easy to use and quite comprehensive for my needs. The deduction of 2 stars is because the book was shoved in a much too small box causing important damage to the cover and crimping of the first 250 pages. Nevertheless usable, of course, but already looks as though I've been using it for 10 years. Bummer., Discovered synonym finder very easy to use. (better than earlier owned thesauruses)
There is a useful information therein that could prove invaluable for anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary, and writing.
However, it was only available in softcover. Because of its size, there already are creases on the back.
Recommended!, This book is fantastic! I have been looking for a book of synonyms put together for people who have a fairly decent working vocabulary, but who might not exactly have come up with just the word we wanted. This book comes very, very close. A new book of synonyms for individuals who use a sizable amount of words well must be a challenge to compile, not because we wish the one which points to words that are highly technical or Latinate, but because we tend to have a sense of associations and we want help sometimes with our options. I have found THE PARTICULAR SYNONYM FINDER extremely helpful when splitting verbal hair., I cannot discover the LATEST edition! What I was sent was an old hardback that looks absolutely nothing like the picture. You'll have to do a whole lot of research on ISBN numbers, etc. to ensure you get what you want... and even then it's crapshoot. Therefore, this is by far the most useful, complete " thesaurus" on the market.

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