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I use never been much of a history fanatic, so when Sophie Davis released the description for their new Timewaves book series, I actually was a bit wary. As an avid book reader and a huge fan of her other novels, I actually decided I owed it to myself to give it a shot-- and I'm so glad I actually did!

This book is truly enjoyable to read! It's as fast-paced and entertaining as her Talented Series, but in addition to the likeable characters it forces the reader into a time-period culture nobody yet knew they were obsessed with! Hemingway's " The Old Man and the Sea" is probably my least favorite book I use ever been forced to read... yet Davis' depiction of the man behind the book almost made me want to try it again (although, " almost" was probably the keyword there! ).

One of the best parts about Sophie Davis' writing is how much you truly want to love most of her characters, even the bad ones! You truly get spent in her characters' tale, and while I would have liked the guide to have a few more " oh my goodness, did that just happen?! " moments, The particular Syndicate still ropes you in from the very first chapter! There is question in my mind that the books-to-come in the series will pull us all in even farther!

Looking forward to getting lost with time again!, By significantly one of the best books I've read in awhile.

Taking place in the future where time travel has been found out but eventually banned due to people playing up history, you will find a party called the Syndicate who has perfected the art of time travel.

For a very high price, the wealthy can hire the syndicate runners (time travelers) to go back in time and collect unusual artifacts for them.
Which leads us all to the protagonist, Stassi, one of the runners for the syndicate.

The tale follows as her and her partner, the wonderful and somewhat goofball esque Gaige, go 1920s Paris in search of a never published manuscript.

We meet such characters as the Ernest and Hadley Hemingway and other great authors.

However things don't go as planned. Soon you will find a serial killer on the loose and Stassi might just be their next target.

Filled with intrigue, suspense and the roaring 20s in Paris there's not much this book is lacking.

The particular characters, like the world, are lush and full of life. I didn't want the book to get rid of. I actually honestly can't wait to read the next one., I really like time travel books, as well as the Syndicate was no exception! Definitely pick this one up if you value time travel. There were so many twists and transforms, and Sophie Davis really does an amazing job delivering 1920s Paris to life. I can't await guide 2!, This book was very intriguing to me as I love time travel books. The point that this one is set in the future but requires place in the past is even more fascinating.

Stassi is a runner for a company that sells highly coveted items from the past for lots and lots of money. Stassi and more of her bunch travel to earlier times and steal valuable documents, artifacts, paintings, etc. These products don't exist in the future because people have screwed upwards Earth. People will pay a lot of money so Stassi is always kept busy. She will get to go to Paris in the 1920s and it is super excited by the positioning and the mystery encircling the missing manuscript that she is collecting. The lady reaches hobnob with famous writers, poets, and enjoy the sites and noises of Paris. She won't expect to meet an intriguing, handsome young man that appears to be smitten with her. She tries to concentrate on her job but he keeps turning up wherever she is.

I have to give this tale 4 stars rather than 5 because there were some things that irritated me. It seems like when someone uses the expression " with that" to add dramatic flair to a sentence, they over use it. You'll read it once, and then it becomes a crutch and can be used in every instance to seem more fascinating. There is also another phrase that I can't stand and it was used in this story " ---released a breath that they didn't know they were holding. " I actually don't think I've ever in my life held my breath and didn't know it. This appears to be something that gets used over and over and over again in books and it needs to die., I actually just love the time travel theme and The particular Syndicate failed to disappoint. If you are a enthusiast of Rysa Walker’s, The particular Chronos Files series, you will definitely love this particular one as well (so significantly, I actually like this one more).

I first became captivated with the Sophies when reading Talented (which I highly recommend if you haven’t read that series yet! ), and I was happy to see that the characters in this book are just as lovable and memorable. The particular relationships are beyond reasonable and I smiled through the fun banter and witty dialogue. I admired Charles and can’t wait around to learn more about him during the next installment.

I actually was left wanting to know more about The Night time Gentleman. Who is he or she? How does he know Stassi? He seems to know a lot more about the woman than she does, which has me very curious. I really hope he or she remains a villain because he makes a great one.

I also thought it was amazing how the Sophies wove fictional characters with non-fictional characters. I majored in statistics, so I never had many English classes, and I enjoyed learning of these famous historical numbers. It was trippy experiencing alongside Stassi and Gaige the day-to-day lives of such important and impressive people.

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