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We, too, was a Synanon kid and I can say that the writer writes very honestly and eloquently about a challenging issue. It's very difficult to capture the inclusion of of being a child while having the benefit of adult experience and Ms. Wittman really does this well. Fair caution: she pulls no punches and describes some very disturbing incidents who have been verified by others that were there. Because we're all unique, and we experience the world differently, We can't say that it does not take definitive book about Synanon, or even about years as a child in Synanon. But is actually traditional and truthful and Ms. Wittman has a real knack for telling the story., The true story of a child's journey through the pain of early childhood abuse to her kidnapping by her own mommy to a place called Synanon; an infamous and notorious cult that kept the children separated from their own parents. The storyline can be hard to read because of all that occurred there and knowing at the same time that this story is true and being advised by someone who actually lived the horror as a child. This is a must read to understand what happened at Synanon, how people were sucked in, what was like to actually live there and most importantly to finally read about " The Game. " I won't say much about this part of the story except to express it should have never, ever come into existence and put into play. C. A. Wittman wrote the tale in such a way as to make you feel like you are actually there experiencing what she experienced. A new an upcoming author that shows great guarantee., I couldn't put it down. This riveting tale is not all terrible. There are happy and tender times too. It is beautifully written and important. Read it and give it to friends. It is a interesting study of how people behave, and exactly how people endure., i adore the framework of this memoir. the chapters are often vignette-like and self-contained while still reaching to form a cohesive whole out of a complex narrative, enactment the form that memory and trauma often follow inside our lives. much of Synanon Kid reads like a novel: its pace is at times wonderfully lulling and at times sharp and piercing. the language is musical with detail that both indulges and disturbs the viewer, often in the same sentence. despite its background as such a big and powerful community, it seems likely that many visitors will have zero prior knowledge of Synanon, and this bank account provides a strong historical foundation to prevent dilemma and ground the viewer. as a narrator, the young Celena is able to embody both the whispering observance of a child and the full grown consideration of a maternal determine, while still exposing the heated feelings and times of confusion that are inevitably crucial to the story. a specific experience foreign to most visitors has arrived able to lose light on familiar themes of kindness, grief, pleasure, abuse, familial struggle, tremendous love and the strength of such love. this book is a rich, important, and touching representation., This book was absolutely incredible! From the moment i picked it upwards I was enthralled and couldn't put it down! It is a great read from learn to end and I would suggest it to anyone searching for a captivating story!, As a kid that was there, it lifted many remembrances. It helped me cry, it made me angry, and it made me unhappy. Synanon influenced children throughout their adult lives. Several seem to be fine, however, many are still attempting to deal with the trauma suffered. Thanks to this book., Ms. Wittman has written a bold, courageous and intensely intimate memoir about her childhood split between her father's family in Los Angeles' Dark-colored South Central community and the radical Synanon conspiracy in Northern California, where she was taken by her mother. This memoir is not your regular coming-of-age story. Nor is it an ordinary I-was-kidnapped-by-a-cult adventure. It's much better and much more. It's beautifully written, a true pleasure to read, and it also intertwines significantly felt themes of years as a child and motherhood with the dramatic, suspenseful story of a child's life in a truly bizarre conspiracy. Highly recommended., Synanon Kid is a well-written, completely honest, and hauntingly beautiful memoire of a young child, coming old in a bewildering cult atmosphere. Wittman taps into the girl childhood memories with unflinching courage, sharing her pain and confusion, balanced by times of humor, chasteness, and even joy. The lady introduces the Synanon conspiracy from her childhood remembrances yet includes enough historical information to ground the reader. Her memoire runs smoothly, from early years as a child to the onset of puberty, each chapter a self contained story and part of the larger story. The triumph of the primal love between father or mother and child, a connection the Synanon cult wanted unsuccessfully to destroy, is what makes this compelling memoire uplifting and moving. I was so immersed i finished the publication in one day!

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