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Great read by Stevens. Vender alert.

This one starts off a lady in hiding. The woman who finally makes a decision to make the call she needs to make. A call that will bring Sydney Rye on the scene. Rye will also have her dog. Blue. Blue is part Great Dane, part hair and is Rye's partner. Needless to say Rye will be to late to save the girls life. But not to late to take out her killer.

Reed Mattox is merely on the point of eat a steak he grilled on his back porch. That's when he will get a call from his boss, Captain Grimes. Reed heads out with Billie his black Belgian Malinois. Billy is his partner and a professional00 dog. Billie used to be a Marine but when the woman handler was killed the lady wouldn't bond to anyone else so the Marines sold her to the Columbus PD and Reed became her partner. She's fused with Reed and the lady and he are quite a team.

When he or she gets to headquarters he or she meets with Captain Grimes. Seems there has been a murder. A homicide involving two women. One of whom is a politician who got booted out of her office for lying. The other is a nun.

Upon arrival Reed sees a foyer covered in bloodstream and two bodies. Both are shot to parts and blood is everywhere in the small foyer.

A man named Vinson Gerard, a multi billionaire is in Columbus and his man Clarence Koop, ex SAS, is the killer of the two women. Merely one of whom was the focus on. This is something Mattox won't find out right up until he runs into Rye.

So commences one damned fine story.

This one has Reed, Billy, Questionnaire, Blue, Gerard, Koop, Koops two associates, two men who won't survive, a Rye who is taken by Reed and Billie, a Rye who spins one fine story with a phone number, a phone number which corroborates her story, a history that's as fake as Rye is, a Questionnaire Rye with revenge on her mind, a Reed Mattox with justice on his, a Rye who doesn't know very well what to make or Mattox, a Mattox who doesn't quite know very well what to make of Rye, a Rye who helps you to save his life, a Rye with her own agenda, a residence that becomes the focus of both Mattox and Rye and Redd Mattox doing his best to figure it radical and stay alive.

Several Stars, I thought this plot had huge potential with a by-the-book policeman and a wild western world federal(? ) hitman. But it just never took off. It was the standard bad guy vs good guy, only with two good guys. No mystery, no tension, no sparks. No clever detective work. Just nothing. The closing was so staged it was probably phoned in. This is the first Dustin Stevens book I wasn't thrilled with., I have read many of Dustin Stevens' books, and liked almost all of them. The particular low price was some compensation for always sensation like a frustrated English teacher, with red pencil in hand. (Please, " refract" is not the same as " reflect". And a huge list of other errors I find every time! ) But that one, I paid full price for, being certain that good entertainment was in store. It wasn't. I didn't like the new characters, and We didn't like the impact they had on the man/dog team I had developed produced fond of. In reality, I went and read something else, before I could bring myself to come back and finish the book. If you want to find fresh approaches, please consider something otherwise the very next time., I always enjoy books with this writer but I can't understand why he or she doesn't have an English major proofread his works. It might seem to be petty to let grammatical errors interfere with the story, but it happens., WoW! This was GREAT!!! This indeed delicious. I used to be reading every second I could squeeze in. Sydney and Blue; Reed and Billie really, really flowed. Which was indeed a looonng day!! But solve the crime they performed! I am exhausted. Make sure you more not only of Reed and Billie; but other collaborations. Will be waiting for a visit - again - from Sydney/Blue!!, I gave it 5 stars because Reed& Boule are some of my top 5 series! But not sure about the addition of Sydney & Blue. Yes they experienced a history with the history line but do We think they put into the story... not so much.
I know Mr. Stevens was scared of getting " stale" but I personally enjoy Reed & Billie on their own., Liked the overall book, except too many errors in grammar, inappropriate and missing words, and killing off somebody early in the book but continued to utilize him through the rest of the book, Needs aa real proofreader and nope depend on spellcheck or auto complete. His other books don't appear to have these issues., I have enjoyed this series tremendously. Reed Mattox is a strong leading part and Billie is his perfect canine complement. The particular relationship between two proceeds to grow. The attachment of Sydney Rye additional some extra spice to the story. The figures are complex and well-developed. I think we will see more of these two (or four if we are the two canines).

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