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Plus a fan of well written graphic novels for many years. This 176 page soft cover (The Sworn Sword: The Off-set Knight by George Ur. R. Martin) volume takes place 100 years before the events in “A Game of Thrones. ” This is considered a Prequel to the popular series.
This particular fully illustrated with mainly color illustrations, as well as monochrome illustrations really makes the story come alive. This story is all about the adventures of the Knight Ser Duncan the tall and his squire, Egg. Their search for honor and glory in the seven kingdoms is the theme of this graphic novel series.

This particular issue starts with Se tornar Duncan and Egg looking into why the moat no longer has water streaming. They discover the movement has been damned up so it flows to crops on the coldmoat land. The order to change the direction of the stream came from “The Red Widow” who rules the coldmoat land. Se tornar Duncan and egg are ordered by Ser Eustace to travel to see “The Red Widow” to persuade her to take down the damn and let the important normal water flow.

I never give away too much information when reviewing a story but his story is full of schemes and political conflicts which keep the story moving at a steady pace. If you like graphic novels about knights and intrigue you should check out this interesting book.

Rating: 4 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Tactical Principles of the most effective combatives systems)., The art makes the characters still look like models but at least they look good in their armor. My biggest issue is that they failed to convey the story in a good way. The Sworn Sword is an amazing history and it just really felt lacking and challenging to follow in the graphic novel., The 2nd publication of the series " The Hedge Knight" is a very interesting adventure of a Knight named " Sir Dunkin The Tall", who travels together with his companion, Egg. As a hedge knight, they travel the fantasy continent of Westeros, often times running into trouble of their own and taking service for Lords who live within the Kingdom of which Sir Dunkin acts; in this age before the current events of A Song of Snow and Fire/ Game of Thrones, and about 200 years before Roberts Rebellion, this is definitely an amazing spin off to the classics of R. Ur. Martins work. I liked this read, the photographs are a work of artwork, and the story behind the storyplot is addictive in its own right when it comes to specifics about this fairytale kingdom. Only problem I have is that it's too quick. (Still took me a little over a couple hours to learn. ), I would give this 3 .5 stars consider I feel technologically challenged, I avoid know how. I bought this for my mature son's birthday because he loves the show. We tried to do some research about the difference between a graphic novel and a novel.. The difference is a graphic story is written like a comic book. This is a graphic novel. I could not find a story. I bought 3 books. He read one and said you get the gist of the history but difficult quite what he (or I) was hoping for., George Ur R Martin has recently been slipping us bits of Se tornar Dunk and Egg, so you may well be familiar with this prequel to Game of Throwns/Fire and Ice.

Drawings in the excellent style adorn many of the Westeros guidebooks and fan wikis, so you may already know their charm - it takes quite a it of charm, visual imagination, to perfectly keep up with the HBO special effects, platoons of bare breasted actresses and also a quantity of excellent actors.

But these graphic novels could standalone, independent of the books and the times of year of TELEVISION. Perhaps the males have the de rigeur extremely defined musculature, and Dunk's love interests are tall and independent and even stronger than in Lake Woebegone - but the graphics truly put you in the Seven Kingdoms., As I said in " The Hedge Knight" graphic novel review, this is a fantastic read! We follow " Dunk" and " Egg" on another adventure in the land of Westeros. Items post my Hedge Dark night review below since the same applies to this:

Although I don't have the novels, this was a fantastic story and worth every penny! These could make for an interesting spin-off TELEVISION series if HBO & GRRM ever decided to. Inside, the art and colours are well done, with characters drawn looking more reasonable. [And the same artists who did the task on " The Off-set Knight" are back just for this -- thankfully! ] There is plenty of speaking and background given, so don't dismiss this as a general " picture publication. " I already want to re-read both Off-set Knight graphic novels to pick up more details We may have missed. There are a lot going on, and a lot of characters., We think I like The Sworn Sword (The Off-set Knight 2) a little better than the first one. The first one was great and it did an awesome job of setting up the story but now we have to enjoy a real adventure with Soak & Egg.

This graphic novel is beautifully highlighted just like the first one and kept me personally entertained throughout. Afterwards We looked for the last adaptation (The Mystery Knight) only to realize that that novella hasn't recently been adapted yet! This was disappointing but Used to do some research and it will seem to be like they are going to complete the terno (hopefully soon)., This amusing is typical George ur r Martin. That is if typical means awesome. You get to go the land of a game of thrones again. But on a new adventure. From the wonderful work in a kind of classic style that's still unforgettable. And it's done with style and style and is memorable.

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