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This can be a dramatic retelling of the legend of Saint George. It is rooted in a realistic and obviously well-researched view of the time frame, giving a real flavor of the spiritual and political milieu where the original Saint George likely lived. You experience a taste of Roman governmental policies and culture, and the crazy diversity of faiths which existed at the time.

The story begins in the eastern Both roman empire, probably just before the start of the Diocletian persecution. After the stage is arranged, the action quickly takes off. It starts with our leading character as a young man, and he ends up on a journey that is both literal and radical - he travels to Rome and then to Libya, and in the interim, has to find out what kind of man this individual wants to be in a world that this individual knows is starting to go crazy. Along the way, he meets a number of other important figures of the first AD 300s. The book is truly brilliant in weaving together the accounts of other early saints, other historical figures, and even an allusion to the Arthurian legend, but in a method that seems natural and believable, never forced. Once you learn some of the history, these cable connections will enrich your enjoyment of the story, but even though you don't, you should enjoy the fast-paced, extreme storytelling. The main story mid-foot builds over most of the book, giving a real sense of tension that keeps you turning the pages. Meanwhile, various subplots contain shocking twists, keeping you surprised. You might think you know the storyplot of Saint George and the dragon, but you can never set this book apart thinking “I know very well what happens next. ” It is a story with occasions of humor, occasions of deep darkness, and a lot of action, but through the whole thing, a line of hope. Recommended for anyone who enjoys historical fiction set in late antiquity or for anyone interested in a devoted (in all senses) showing of the story of Saint George., This book was absolutely wonderful. This is well written and fast paced with character types that are extremely well done. I loved the inclusion of various figures from early Christianity. It is far from always obvious, but if you understand the names of some common early saints like Nicholas, you will discover them included in this book. Jurian is exceptionally well done. The feminine lead figure felt a lttle bit forced at times and that part of the story didn't seem to fit quite as well neither to be quite as natural, but in the conclusion it worked out there quite well.

My only complaint is that there are not more publications required for the same range since the characters continue to develop. This is the read and I definitely recommend it., I have heard stories of St. George and the Dragon and St Christopher, and about St. Catherine of Alexandria and other early saints. About the horror and persecution of Diocletian (AD300) and its setting in asian frontier of the Both roman Empire. It was not until I read “The Sword and Serpent” by Dr. Taylor Marshall these names began to take on a photo and framework, a connectedness that We have thoroughly enjoyed. We got caught up in the lives and the times of the Catholic Church during one of its more violent intervals in its young development. It really is exciting on several levels with its figure development and description of the setting. The physical struggle interlaced with the spiritual the truth is uplifting. This left me with a real thirst for more. It really is something that all, young and old, will relish and want to reveal with others., I sometimes have trouble during hype books especially as they plod along, but this book was a great and ended up as a quick read that I didn't even want to put down. Typically the book immerses you in Roman times during the era of Diocletian and uses a two person narrative to drive the storyplot. The intermixing of other saints, and the ascribed legends behind them, additional to the storyplot more than it took far from the main plot. I really enjoined the message through the book of the fundamentals of Christianity and what it means to be truly a soldier.

Our only complaint (which is a half complaint) was that the sprinkling of the employment of Latin for certain words took me out there of the story several times (luckily the appendix experienced definitions for most). I am conflicted since I was able to identify the definition at the back again, and I can understand using the one-word phrases for something specific., Sword and Serpent is a fascinating tale of two lovable protagonists and their fellow Travelers, and a few antagonists (! ), on an eventful trip from the outskirts of the 299 AD Both roman Empire in Turkey to Rome, and back.

Typically the journey is fraught with occasional perilous adventures, and brimming with encounters with some inspiring and faith-filled people on the way and some conversion events.

The novel is very well written and easy to read. Author Taylor Marshall is a Ph. D mentor and author of several books. I highly recommend Sword and Serpent, and am happy to write this review because We enjoyed it so much., I read " Sword and Serpent" some time ago. I found it to be gripping and hard to put down. Typically the only criticism I have is that it stunted down in the middle--even then it still held my interest and may not wait to get to the following section. All of the characters are We learned about as a boy in parochial sentence structure school--St. George, St. Captain christopher, etc.
As a matter of fact, I had the opportunity to meet Fr. Dwight Longenecker during vacation in South Carolina over the summer. We all had the possibility to discuss the book over meal at mutual a friends' house. We were altogether agreement over the beautiful way this book is written.
If you want a book that will enliven some of the saints and folks we learned about as youngsters or if you would like to introduce these character types to young people who might not exactly be familiar with them It is best to pick this book up. This is a biblical book written in clear, understandable language.
This book is a must read--Deacone Ed

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