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This guide is amazing both because the period of background it deals with is fascinating and because it is well written. I'll admit I read mostly history and philosophy books; I love them nonetheless they are difficult books. Often it takes me a while to finish them and I would not recommend them to everyone. I read this book in a weekend and could not put it down. I think anyone could have fun with this. It reads like a great fiction book. I absolutely loved this publication and will likely read it again., This is an amazing, compelling and entertaining book about an almost impossible discovery made in the 15th Millennium which influences and styles our modern lives nevertheless. I was sort of astounded by the sources Stephen Greenblatt had access to, but it is the story itself that really flabbergasted me! Anybody who loves history just as much as I do owes it to him or their self to see this book. Is actually terrific., I loved the way the book started with a sense of mystery, which kept me captivated to make me want to read on. It was a great way to get one's attention into what later became a serious historical narrative and/or the author's personal perspective. Although, as a Social Studies major and long time history educator, I was familiar with nearly all of the matter and subject areas he covered, I found Greenblatt's presentation to be fun and quite spellbinding. Of course , all cannot be taken at face value as this is a historical novel. Nevertheless, I liked the way the subject matter was presented. At the same time, I agreee with some authorities that there are much better and more accurate historical accounts of the composition, naturalism, and that time period, I found Greenblatt's book highly enjoyable to see, but do plan to reading more on the subject from other authors. At the same time, I think this is an exciting book and I have already shared it with friends., A fascinating look at the evolution of thought, books, libraries from classical Greece and The italian capital, from Epicurius and Leucretius to an unknown 15th Millennium Florentine scribe, scholar, publication collector who rescued ideas now basic to modern western thought. Brilliant, moving, important., This is a fascinating look at the influence of classical ethnic documents on the earlier renaissance. It focuses on the scholarly research of Poggio Braccolini, whose love of classical literature led him to a breakthrough of one of the most crucial poems of the historic era, On the Character Of Things by Lucretius. He and others of his time faced profound internal struggles between the values of classical humanism they were reading in these texts and their Catholicism. These were influenced by the approaches of Epicurus and Lucretius, men of the ancient world, they experienced discovered, who accepted atheism and who a world view that was remarkable as a precursor to a modern scientific cast.
These men, including Poggio, who went up from the ranks to become the Pope's secretary were often in the Papal inner circle, where such philosophies were extremely dangerous. Swerve is surely an insider's expose of the political and social intrigues of the Papal environment, which makes present day problem appear sanitized and tame. In addition , it ties the intrigues of the earlier renaissance Papacy to how these ideas of the ancients survived suppression to influence the emergence of the modern world because of the scholasticism and reverence of those men.   The particular Swerve: How the Planet Became Modern , Getting read deeply into modern good science, I was excited to come to understand the history from olden days to the beginning of the 19th hundred years. The tracing through the persons and the Church using " Around the Character of Things" because the unifying theme helped to see where many philosophers i have read fit into the timeline--especially Montagne. The particular tie-in to Shakespeare was exciting to see. I found that the knowledge of Monastic life I had picked up from Eco's " Name of the Rose" made reading of Poggio's activities much more meaningful. I have already downloaded an English translation of Lucretius's " About the Nature of Things" to read the complete poem., Good important publication. IT explains so much of our present state of mind., For anyone considering the Renaissance, this book provides a fascinating regarding the transition stages between the domination of religion and times separating the the era of religion and science. The book offers lots of the primary events in these times that restricted and accelerated an growing realisation showing how little " humans" know or understand -- beginnings of the search for understanding through science.

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