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Lynn Nottage won her second Pulitzer Prize for this play in 2017 (her first was for Wrecked in 2009). This play is defined in 2008 in Reading, PA, and tells the stories of several individuals (black, white, and Hispanic -- all created in Reading). Most of the action happens in several flashback scenes to 2000, where life is becoming increasingly difficult due to mills and factories shutting down without new work coming in. The decrease in jobs, wages and benefits hits the community hard, and staff turn against each other. Other problems ensue.

Ms. Nottage has a deep understanding of human struggles and a strong ear for conversation. There are several plot surprises. Such as many of her other plays, the girl wants the audience to believe, rather than to feel good., Definitely one of the better plays I've ever read, it's well crafted and addresses to the everyday man. I love how this book goes to the core of the frustration that is plaguing The usa. The anger of the working man and how he ends up taking it out on the wrong person when in essence the corporations are the ones screwing everyone., Superb writing. It must have been a gripping theatre
experience, but all of that comes through in just
the reading of the script. I felt, at the final page,
that I had actually seen a production of the play
itself., Not the best but still good work., Well written. Topic is relevant today with factory staff being laid off. Racial worries., Fabulous work, painfully true to life. I recently saw the play on Broadway and I wished to get the text so I could review Lynn Nottage's excellent dialog., I ordered a free of charge sample of this book, and I received it just to find out that the sample comes to an end, after a lot of details relating to this and that, before the start of the play!!!!
So don't mind about my three stars..., A good play. A few of the dialogue not quite appropriate for time and place, but shows the fight for life to remain the same no matter the markets or technology.

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