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Within the genre of carefully selecting facts to fit our thesis, and smoothing over the rough spots when they don't exactly fit.

Persuasive, but the enhancing often leaves you requesting questions (when they cite something in particular like a study or an event, I often feel like more context is needed, like when and where).

They ignore inconvenient facts (like when discussing an ad for a lender; they found that the direct mailer with a photo of a person on it worked best and called this irrational, which fails to take into account advertising clutter and how a photo of a person can cut through the clutter).

The Israeli military research used in the publication and referenced consist of reviews is, to me, reprehensible; courses like the one mentiond can make or break a career. In order to casually try to affect outcomes for the sake of a record article is without consider to what it can to those officers is definitely simple wrong; to use it available is to perpetuate the wrong.

Interesting discussion on Prozac, et al, but ignored in this are the clinical trials that had to be done for FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) approval - what was different about the subsequent tests?

Interesting, but incomplete, As many have noted, this is a quick, entertaining read. But is actually ironic that a key insight from Sway is that " people see what they want to see, " since that is the actual authors seem to do as well. Their particular main message is that irrational behavior contributes to bad outcomes and they find many stories and examples to support it. Even though the premise is often true, so is its reverse. Many great successes happen men and women do seemingly irrational things, like starting a business (about 95 % fail) or trying to become a professional sportsperson or musician (only a tiny fraction can make a living at it).

Becomes out that in many cases, you have to believe you can overcome the chances (irrational) or you is just not try and without attempting, you have no opportunity to succeed. My point: this guide could just as easily be filled with reports about people like Eileen Jordan, Steve Jobs and others who beat the odds and succeeded by doing things at which most people fail.

I actually think Sway would land on more solid ground if this looked at irrationality and " risk" together. Is actually a very important factor to act in seemingly irrational ways when there is a big benefit to success and not an enormous downside to failing. It is against the chances (even if you have talent) to think you can launch a successful business or make it in sports or audio. But the rewards may also be great if you succeed. That's called a determined risk. By contrast, the first example in Sway is about a normally safety-conscious pilot who failures after making some very break outs decisions. It wasn't just that the pilot's options were irrational but that the consequences (risks) of being wrong were so great in words of loss of passengers' lives. Overall, a set of interesting stories here but with some questionable findings. Enjoy them but avoid be too easily swayed by the one-sided viewpoint., This book is improving. It is going to open up your eyes and cause you to look at the world differently. I think most of the readers will hear this piece or that piece in other books. However when you see it all in a place the impact boosts.

There are several stories that just reinforces the obvious. 1 example is high expectations tends to lead to raised performance. I loved the chapter about the argument of job interviews. This individual relates that to the NBA draft of 84. Then image over ruled substance and lead Portland to pass on drafting Jordan. The chapter on money motivation is actually interesting. Through all of these stories he does relate the story to actual life.

This book is also very short. It is written in a way that will grab your attention. You will fly right through it., A mostly convincing book. Written in similar style. to Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Short and sweet most of the situations are developed. But as listed in each chapter many celebrity names or way of doing something is thrown in to draw your attention rather than fully explored or discussed. The first story draws you in. You are swayed. A quick read, and a good one for individuals who are questioning why people make bad decisions., In case you've ever wondered after the fact about selections you've made that left you shaking your mind, this is the book for you. I swear author Ori Brafman must have recently been at my elbow on several occasions when the opportunity for extreme stupidity presented itself and I leaped at it rather than holding on to some vestige of the emotional acuity I am certain I possess. There was enough time, for instance, that I paid hundreds of dollars at auction for something for which I had developed no use, which I didn't want, and which still mocks me whenever I look at it. It's all about value--the value, real or imagined, we place on items and outcomes--and the skewed way we can sometimes attach ourself to goals that avoid warrant all that concern, aside from the losses they force us to happen along the way to reaching them.

This is a book for everyone, and I highly recommend it in the music version because the viewer is excellent as well. But be forewarned that I found myself soaking in parking lots replaying elements of chapters.

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