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" The Sustainability Secret", and the corresponding movie " Cowspiracy" have absolutely changed living. Like most Us citizens I considered myself a carnivore, in fact We took pride in being a " meat-eating man" because I felt that it somehow made me personally more masculine. HOW IGNORANT I WAS. I never thought about environmentally friendly impact of eating meat and creature products because nobody talks about it. We have become focused on the war on fossil fuels without actually questioning the severe impact of our own DIET. This book provides astounding information and statistics on the UNSUSTAINABLE American Diet mostly based on creature products.

Due to this book and movie, We have become completely vegetarian for 6 months now and i also am LOVING it. I even had a full blood panel just lately and my cholesterol decreased 20%, my blood pressure dropped, my resting heart rate dropped to a lot healthier level and We taking 12 pounds. We feel great! Best of all? I am not contributing to the environmental devastation caused by the creature agriculture industry.

Read this guide and your life will be forever changed. As a 6-foot-4 man, people are surprised that I feel vegan. " Where do you get the protein? " they ask. It's fairly simple, I eat all plant-based foods and have 62 to 80 grams each day which is the recommended daily value for a man my size (6'4'' 205 pounds). Us citizens eat far too much protein (120 to 150 grams per day on average), and emerging research implies that high protein diets contribute to obesity.

The time to transform our way of thinking. Let's all do our part to eliminate (or minimize) our reliability on animal products.

" Nothing will benefit human being health and boost the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. " —Albert Einstein., This kind of great book but REPRINT THIS WITH LARGER PRINT!! We love your movie, like the concept of the guide, but whoever designed the layout should be dismissed immediately. I thought another reviewer was crazy when he mentioned the small print, but it's unbelievably tiny! A lot white space and such tiny print. Not really a pleasure to use reading. Showed it to a few people and everyone was shocked at the tiny print surrounded by so much white space. I can see fine for reading with no glasses, but I need to choose up a magnification device .. Simply no I'm not 80.

As I said, LOVED the movie, had great desires for the book, but people will buy it and not end upwards reading it due to bad typeface decision. REPRINT THE PARTICULAR BOOK SO WE CAN READ IT PLEASE. We cannot give it out as a present except if it's reprinted., This guide might be better than this review declares, but the print is so small and lightly coloured (it's gray as opposed to black) that it's very difficult to read and provide me personally eyestrain after a couple of minutes. In addition, it seems to be pretty much a repeat of the movie COWSPIRACY that we cherished and have watched many times. So why read the book? Go watch the movie again! Your sight will thank you!, We have been vegetarian for years but I am now going vegan thanks to Cowspiracy's amazing work. This kind of am important film and book. Also, watch Earthlings..... with Cowspiracy, you will stop eating animals and put our planet first as opposed to our tastebuds. Earthlings adds in the pain of animals for people to decorate their skin and hair, testing on animals so you can have eyeshadow or facial cream and the listing goes on. Such important work that is found in these pages that will forever change your life!, Great book!! I like the detail of explanation of what are the results in the meat industry and the effect on the environment. We highly recommend it!, It is really an exceptionally important book, another, even larger bull in the climate change the far east shop, hope which many people are unaware., A thoughtful, useful, not-to-miss, really important guide. Thank you for writing it., Totally adore this guide - it is so informational and evidence-based. For anyone looking to observe how their food choices impact those around them. Be ethical - be responsible, be environmentally friendly!

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