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I actually " found" Pat Test between 20 and quarter of a century ago, and have been reading his work ever since, and have come to know his wife, Susan, is the mommy of actress Meg Thomas. Her husband Pat is a magazine writer for mainstream publications (NY Times, GQ, the " old" Playboy, etc . ) and was in the beginning a " sports" writer for Sports Illustrated, his biographic " A False Spring" is a classic turning in the baseball talent as a high school pitcher and failing in the big institutions. Pat Jordan turned failing on the field into success on the published page. His interviews - first of sports numbers, but later of actors, politicians, celebrities, are directed, human, true - no fluff from this author's pen. But his biographic work is, I think, his best. " A Nice Tuesday" - a sort-of follow up decades later of " A Fake Spring" - is not about the man - it is about humanity. Pointed, human and true. No fluff. Pat is grim and funny. A bastard and a st .. " Susie & Me", a brief recounting of a true episode of his life - and of his wife, author Leslie Jordan - starts in the present, but seamlessly takes us into the past - then back again to here, then back again to there and then here again to the ending in a convincing and subtle way that brings to the viewer the need to continue reading - turn the webpages (or press the buttons) - to that finish. Friends who helped through a difficult time - fleeting glimpses of other people floating into and from the story - come to life through the author's words - his style is " punchy", sometimes abrupt - sometimes perhaps to the " faint-of-heart" too " gritty" (or too true? ) - but through this history and his other biographic works - we realize this is not the author's style - it is the man's style. Author Jordan slaps us in the face with Mankind and the " Individual Condition", and in the same story kisses us gently on the temple and lets us know - however the story ends - it's gonna be alright.. No spoilers - except to say this is not about sports. Go through this superb biographic a high level00 man, a woman, old or young, rich or poor, sick or well. You will find so much more than the written words., I found this " single" to be an exceptional short form piece of work from Pat Test, its a refreshing departure from his sports content and noted interviews. While a little on the raw side, it paints a vivid picture of two people deeply in love and dealing with growing " older" and the bumps and bruises that go along with that journey. I found it an honest portrayal of many small slices of life that many people tend to ignore, the challenges of " Typically the Big C" and Test pulls no punches in regards to fear and driving back against the inescapable outcome we all must put up with sooner or later., This guide is a glimpse inside the life of two people. There is not any beginning, middle, nor end. My reasons for reading the guide until the ending are commitment, hope that a climactic moment would happen, and partial disbelief absolutely nothing unexpected happens. Then again, the title of the book and the very fact the book was a free selection offered to read as a way to help guests tumble asleep at a Vacation Inn clued me in as to what I actually could expect. I give the book three superstars because it is well written., Though I was startled by such frank treatment of geriatric intercourse, it prepared me to think in the man's non-traditional expressions of tenderness toward his wife with the top C diagnosis. Objective it isn't, but gripping and motivating., I purchased this part because I knew Susie Jordan was actress Meg Ryan’s mother and I actually wanted to discover why Meg and her mom have been estranged for so long. It was clear from this story that not many Hollywood superstars would be able to handle such a strong willed mother. I've read Pat Jordan's writings (both his books and magazine profiles) for years and wish he would write more. Like all of his writing this book is honest and frank. Certainly worth a read., Extremely disappointed. Short story of practically nothing., My good friends are just as they appear. Two wonderfully smart and always just as they are. Patty Susan love always. Y'all be cool, Not very deep. Posed many things but remaining them unanswered. Just appear like a selfish couple exactly about themselves without much thought of other people.

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