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Enduring the Extremes by Kenneth Kamler, M. D., is filled with both riveting and interesting stories of the survival of the human being body and how it adapts to and overcomes (and sometimes does not overcome) extreme conditions.
The book itself has six chapters stressing survival stories in the bush, on the high seas, in the desert, underwater, at high altitude, and in outer space. Each chapter includes an amazing story of survival (and sometimes the lack of) paired with an analysis of the biological responses that each personal experienced.
There is an apparent theme of the wonder of the human body as well as survival capabilities. However, there is also an emphasis on the “x-factors” that play an natural part in survival. Especially, Kamler stresses the alleged “will to survive” and how it was only liable for the survival of Beck Weathers in the Everest Tragedy of 1996.
Basically put, this is a fun read. The tales are utterly gripping and the explanations are extremely interesting and educational. I actually personally loved the book because of Kamler’s story ability to mix his scientific knowledge with exhilarating stories that push the human body to their limits. The educational elements would that appear in this book allow it to be a fantastic choice for any anatomy-related course or for anyone considering the limits of the human body., This guide was packed with information about the diseases and conditions that affect the human being body when exposed to adverse environments. The search of the impact of these environments on our body was incredibly detailed and interesting thus the book, for me personally, became a page-turner. Author Kenneth Kamler provides a graphic explanation of the various conditions that can affect humans exposed to environments which test their endurance. Being considering medicine, this book was very alluring and truthfully made me excited for the things I might explore in my future education. Kamler details conditions like Pulmonary Edema, which influences people in extreme high altitudes. He is exploring its associated with “bubbling” appearing breathing, frothy mucus be sick, shallow breathing, coughing, and swollen/blue lips. His story allows you to understand how Pulmonary Edema influences people physiologically as pressure diminishes with high altitude. And then, Kamler dives into treatment options such as ancestry and a variety of medications. Lastly, after getting a comprehensive knowledge of the disease he continues to make clear why it influences certain groups of folks more than others, like the undeniable fact that Sherpas, who because they continually travel to altitude, allow us, through the process of natural selection, digestive enzymes which keep them more acclimated to altitude than newcomers or “lowlanders”. Kamler’s detailing of every aspect of these scenarios solutions any question you might have about the conditions people face and truly paints a picture of the educational level a doctor must pursue to be successful in what they do. This book is jam packed with other good examples of humans dealing with the impact of undesirable environments. Every page is riveting and draws you to read on. For me, this guide motivated me personally to learn so that I could bring me personally to Kamler’s amount of knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone regardless of their interest in medication, since it is riveting to understand the limits of the human body and how it can continue to surprise us. In true Ethnographic style it immerses the reader into the world of a doctor, and allows full comprehension of the knowledge they must posses and the situations they are faced with. The book brings excitement and education to the same level to allow you this insight. I would rate this book about an 8. 5/10., Even though I have no desire to be an explorer, it was amazing to read about our body at its most extreme restrictions. This book is written well and although it is very scientific, all of the concepts are accessible.

I've been recommending this guide to pretty much everyone I am aware: those who dream of adventure, those who dream of research, and those who would appreciate how very complicated and strong our bodies, and most especially, our minds are.

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