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First I should say I'm a lover of Michael's very first book " The Untethered Soul" which radically changed living, so I pre-ordered this one and anxiously awaited. Before I acquired typically the book, I wasn't certain if I'd totally acquire into the premise regarding " complete surrender" since I'm more in typically the arena of " a person create your own reality" not to mention assuming in parallel universes etc. and so forth

Michael's book is usually a completely different angle - life just happens, may try to figure out why plus how it's happening, you aren't doing any of this, just follow life, plus it'll be just fine. Therefore with great intrigue I actually was looking forward to be able to reading it. Even though I knew his viewpoint on life was diverse from mine, I do consider in surrender - which means it's fine to imagine something but then entirely let go and allow the Universe to carry out its thing. So even if I used Michael's perspective in that way, I actually was available to hearing just what he had to talk about upon the topic of surrendering.

By the way, a few chapters ended with such an incredible promise regarding what will unfold next that you just got to keep reading. I actually told my son, " OK, leave me only. I'll be in typically the sunroom for 5 hours - not getting up until this book is done! " I was upward until after 1am, nevertheless it was done. I acquired both the sound book (read by the author) and the paperback.

Untethered Spirit freed me through the gossip of my mind. Even though I had been common with the concepts regarding not allowing your opinions to be able to control you, Michael Performer explained it so substantially clear, that my own transformation came via typically the Untethered Soul. Or therefore I thought. I may need to go back and re-read Untethered Soul because The Surrender Experiment was amazing.

To me, Untethered Spirit was the message regarding " You are NOT NECESSARILY your thoughts AND.... you don't have to just blindly follow your opinions. " Surrender Experiment, yet , took that concept quite a bit further. Surrender Research was more about " What happens if you went in advance and did the extremely thing your opinions made a person fearful or resistant regarding doing? " and instead noticed those opportunities as Lifestyle delivering to you your next task/action/decision. I had MANY jaw-dropping times witnessing SIMPLY how far Michael took that concept. Freakin' amazing! Surrender Experiment was fairly of a personal display of what was trained in Untethered Soul and then some - totally riveting.

The first couple " life delivered" stories he or she shared, I was somewhat like " Eh, that is nice but really not that extraordinary. " (but not to worry that changed as I continuing reading! )

My other initial reaction was toward the beginning of typically the book after i read 1 of the first tales of how he did NOT NECESSARILY give in to the chattering resistance of his mind. The reaction was " Just what?!!! That's nuts! Crap, will be certainly no way I'd offer in to a situation that way! " In rebellion, I shut the book and walked away experience uncertain that I'd want to continue reading... 30min later I actually feel drawn in.

I told myself i can go through any book and decide to use what when calculated resonates and discard what does not. Well hey, at least that perspective obtained me reading it once more. SO freakin' glad I actually did!! (although I'll admit my reaction of " No way! He did NOT NECESSARILY just allow that to be able to happen! " re-occurred because I continued reading typically the book - see " is resistance holding myself back" below)


Surrender any time you feel resistance. (Chp 30):
This specific made VERY aware regarding just how many ideas of RESISTANCE crossed my thoughts. Untethered Soul made myself aware about the constant gossip, but Surrender Experiment made me acutely aware of thoughts regarding RESISTANCE that was truly transformative. Through the stories regarding his own thoughts regarding resistance I became aware about my own... painfully conscious of my own, personal (in the good way).

Refusing revenue:
Initially he or she refused to be compensated by someone that was requiring to pay him. Seems like he had that " too spiritual to be able to receive payment" concept proceeding on - lots of " spiritual" individuals experience that so it was very good to watch that play out in Michael's lifestyle. He admitted that he or she undercharged for his services quite a bit. Of which refusal to be compensated was obviously a form of mental resistance which he overcame later - plainly he shed resistance to accepting money given the millions he knowledgeable in his companies.

Emotional concept separating worldly plus spiritual dissolves:
It was cool to be able to witness the dissolving regarding his concepts " separating worldly and spiritual" when he puts it. For anybody who thinks spirituality is usually meditating, finding just as much isolation as you can, plus carrying out a whole bunch regarding spiritual practices, get prepared to have your viewpoint shifted a bit. Jordan found a way to be able to merge deep spirituality whilst making millions. In fact , his spirituality deepened therefore regarding his many " worldly" encounters. He shows you how his spirituality deepened DURING his worldly encounters. In addition is usually that he often credits his everyday experience in every area of your life and business with deepening his spirituality MORE than meditation and isolation. Truly dumbfounded by how this effortlessly came together.

Likewise, a lot of people who think regarding being in a spiritual community, are often carrying out so to flee dealing typically the " worldly drama" or perhaps " non-spirituality" of regular life also to be ornamented only by like-minded people. That's the way Jordan Singer started out because well - alone away in the woods. Yet somehow he merged living in his spiritual community using the experience of running organizations etc. FROM that extremely reclusive spiritual community. Plus he did so with exclusively remarkable life-changing results.... simply by surrendering to occasions of his life.

Will be resistance holding ME again:
Many periods, Michael surrendered into a lifestyle situation that seemed utterly ridiculous to surrender to be able to and the voice within my head said " You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Why would you just offer in to that?! " Someone builds a home upon YOUR land without asking you.... an irate customer requirements you pull your workmen off one job plus come do hers right away. Just say OK to be able to both??!! Huh??!! Are a person kidding me right right now??!!

Then.... the rest of the story unfolds and life not simply fully supports him nevertheless over provides leaving myself shaking my head having a smile realizing the jewel this book really is usually. I know it sounds ridiculous but ya gotta go through the book to really get this folks... ya just gotta read the book. I can't even explain it here. Truly....

By simply chapter 34 my resistance to this level regarding surrender was overtaken by fascination with what may in fact be possible that I have not yet tapped into. (yes it took myself THIRTY-FOUR chapters to begin experience quite a lot of acceptance to just what he was saying).: ) Suddenly I'm seeing that our own mental/internal resistance to be able to change (and to just what life place in front regarding me) probably had myself turn down more possibilities in my life than I possibly could ever count since the voice in my head resisted it in a few way. My personal preferences won nearly all of the time disallowing the natural flow of life. Wow, I actually see this SO plainly now! Unreal.

Life palms you the next job:
Loved this quote " I'm seated on a tiny earth spinning in out regarding space and also this is typically the next task that lifestyle handed to me. I'm doing this as the surprise to the Universe. " Shifted my perspective quite radically especially considering specific events occurring my lifestyle right now, and typically the many events I banned during the past.

Follow your Bliss:
Although typically the book doesn't particularly say " follow your bliss" Michael was obviously a living illustration of precisely that in many instances. He just allowed himself to drop in love with no matter what he felt passionate regarding and lo and see life threw him all kinds of opportunities that lined upward with precisely that. It can an awesome reminder that the Universe will give you support in your passion. Often times, we don't think that we can earn money along with our passion so all of us go do something else. Pay close attention to be able to how that multi-million software program company got started - THAT was an incredible display of " stick to your bliss" supported by the Universe several fold.

Awesome Intuitive flow
I loved reading about the beautiful resonant inner flow of creativeness Michael experienced where points just flowed out regarding him - plainly coming from an amazingly inspired spot that delivered projects therefore effortlessly it turned out pretty very much like meditating. Really opened me up to going through more of this flow and reading how he or she found myself in the flow has been cool as well.

Will be this about the " Art of Allowing? "
OK I know the author probably is usually NOT in to the Law regarding Attraction. BUT.... at a few point I became which Michael Singer was remaining in a " express of allowing" that the lot of " Law of Attraction" individuals discuss, preach about, and create books about, and carry out seminars about but may really know how to be able to experience. In a approach, This guide is the " art of allowing" RESIDED (not just preached).... nevertheless that's just my viewpoint.

Learning to quiet or perhaps ignore the voice in his head also provided a significant a level of peacefulness in tumultuous situations. Adored how he demonstrated just how easy it is usually to do that. I actually followed his guidance plus immediately was able to be able to practice the feeling regarding calm and serenity in different given moment. Very great. That very peace, is FURTHERMORE allowing the law of attraction to work in his favor (I think. ) Many individuals try to " do things" to entice desired experience never as soon as seeing that attracting is the BEING experience (not the doing one). Michael Performer fully surrenders, experience huge peace and joy in life, and (of course) naturally attracts amazing lifestyle experience (that he performed NOT ever envision, arranged an intention for, requested the Universe for or perhaps make a vision board for I might add). Mmm hmm.... there's even more than ONE way to be able to live this thing known as life folks.


What regarding a combo of desire plus surrender:
Michael's teachings are typical regarding " Surrender your preferences plus just follow the stream of naturally occurring lifestyle events. " And to be able to his credit, he presents a mountain of evidence as to how nicely this has worked with regard to him. That said, other authors (like Trevor Blake multi-million dollar author regarding Three Simple Steps and likewise the book Parallel Facts of Self) embraces typically the combo of " desire/preferences + surrender. "

Personally, I see nothing innately wrong with having wants and preferences for various life experience - just don't think your puny little human mind provides a much better plan compared to World - dream, envision, after that fully surrender to the miracle of the Universe. I would say Michael's book each expanded my view plus instantly influenced my connection with the surrender/allowing part.

Constantly do what life sets in front of a person?
At a certain point in the book, he shared that he or she chose to NOT accept various biz opportunities so as to not sacrifice his meditation exercise. But he also says " do what lifestyle puts in front regarding you. " I felt a bit conflicted in reading that as life has been putting lots of biz opportunities in front regarding him but he gone with his preference with regard to his twice-daily meditation exercise, but hey, no big deal... I still adore this guide.: )

There has been also time when the colleague was impressing after Michael to build a greater house for himself within the land he owned. In previous stories where other people were impressing after your pet to do something, he or she took it as the " sign from life" and surrendered. But any time his colleague was impressing after him to develop the nicer house for themselves, he said no, he'll just wait for typically the timing of life (which he did with remarkable results) but still... I actually wondered.... that whole surrender and preferences thing is not so black and white is this?

Do what life sets in front of a person even if you actually don't appreciate it?
Here is the thing... what's doing work in Michael's favor is that he fully BELIEVES that the Universe will assistance him whatever. That unwavering belief is a big part the magic in most regarding this (see my general comment below). So sometimes, he says " yes" to opportunities he does indeed NOT want to carry out. That made me a bit worried for readers who may possibly blindly throw themselves into circumstances they despise which will then create extremely undesired life experiences.

Remember, Michael did NOT allow himself to feel " despise" for any regarding the things he recognized but in the beginning felt hate for. THAT's the crucial and it created incredible results for Michael. In case you cannot follow that ability to turn " initial dislike" into " full positive love plus acceptance" for things a person really don't wanna do, after that you might not wanna blindly follow what Michael's carrying out in this book. (again... see my overall comment below). Personally, I consider the Universe has endless opportunities available for all of us all to experience and it is much more fun with regard to me to align along with the manifestation of pleasant ones, so I choose to accomplish that.: )

Is this all just too ideal?
At periods, after reading one lifestyle event after another that miraculously turned out great, I found myself asking yourself if this is just almost also perfect. The book is usually doing an awesome job regarding articulating several selected occasions that were flawlessly timed and that worked away beautifully each time. YET.... any stories of next whatever life brought to be able to you only to have it explode in your face? Surely that have to have happened a few periods in 40 years.

Cannot help but wonder... were there other events occurring that did not move so well. Quite the few staff members were divinely timed hires. Definitely not all hired employees showed up effortlessly and flawlessly timed (for example). Yes, there is the FBI raid wherever all hell seemed to be able to break loose.... but our mind wondered.... did Jordan feel like automobile (who was taking kickbacks) has been an effortless and divinely timed hire when that employee showed up? Yet to be fair, right now there were other stories regarding " things seemingly gone wrong... then proved just fine. "

Michael says the growth of typically the company was astonishing plus with it came just about all the problems associated along with a rapidly growing technology business. But doesn't quite say how those typical difficulties were experienced. Were these people all experienced with simple and easy serendipity? Or was this the typical corporate theatre.

Wait, there WERE a few preferences expressed:
The book looks to be able to be heavily embracing typically the " surrender all your preferences" concept but there was periods when I thought " Well isn't THAT the preference? " For illustration, why NOT simply surrender to the trees becoming reduce (Ch 38) compared to trying to preserve it which is what Michael performed. Why not say " Hey, so trees are being chopped down in our beautiful neighboring surroundings... lifestyle just delivered that therefore I'll just accept this. " Nope, Michael had a preference for saving typically the trees and leased typically the land to save these people. Scratched my head upon that one as it seemed like a clear desire/preference to me. The outcome coming from leasing the land has been pretty cool but continue to.... I wondered.

Mind compared to Spirit/Intuition talking
He talks about not listening to the resistant chatter going on in your mind, but just what about being guided by the Spirit within to be able to NOT do something? The book didn't address intuitively NOT doing something. It absolutely was either focused on not listening to the mind or perhaps not resisting whatever lifestyle put in front regarding you. Perhaps he perceives NOT listening to typically the mind as, by arrears, listening to your Spirit/intuition? If you're just becoming the observer of your thoughts, then automatically a person are indeed following typically the Spirit? Not sure, nevertheless I was left asking yourself about that as typically the concept of intuition wasn't tackled (except for the intuitive flow of inspiration in completing projects).

Merge this with Law of Interest maybe?
Possibly the Law of Interest that many Spiritual/new-age individuals are trying to " master" or " use" isn't as complicated because we make it. FURTHERMORE, to fly in typically the face of what this book is about, MIGHT BE... just MAYBE.... one could indeed envision preferences plus desires, then promptly proceed your daggone butt away of the way, surrendering to the natural flow regarding whatever shows up, planning on no particular outcome plus remaining completely unattached. I actually say MAYBE.... yet I'm aware there's lots of evidence of this being true (e. g. Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake or perhaps Parallel Realities of Personal by Frederick Dodson, and also a bazillion other authors).

Amazing book! A totally riveting page-turner! Five stars all typically the way! Another masterpiece provided by Michael Singer plus I am SO happy I bought both typically the paper-back and the sound version. I read these people both together - somewhat like Michael reading this to me (cool this audiobook was read by him - Untethered Spirit audiobook was not go through by him but this was still awesomely read).

The powerful stories in this book almost... PRACTICALLY... made me second-guess our belief in " a person build your own reality. " But alas, once typically the last chapter was go through, I realized I have my own slew regarding stories to support creating my own, personal reality and therefore do others who carry out not follow the " surrender all of your preferences. " teaching (again e. g. Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake or Seite an seite Realities of Self by Frederick Dodson). It's amazing reading books like The Surrender Experiment however, as you get clear validation that there is indeed more than one way to dance to typically the music of life plus experience amazing results.

Ever wondered how authors can offer such amazing supporting evidence of their very various teachings/beliefs? Easy peasy... it can Universal Law - everything you believe must become your reality. Michael Singer features " surrender your preferences and life will assistance you" and that started to be his reality. Trevor Blake believes in " arranged your intentions then permit go and allow typically the Universe to do it can magic" which became his reality. Frederick Dodson thinks in " get obvious on what you would like, shift into that seite an seite reality and you'll experience it" and magically, that became his reality. It can Universal Law at work - whatever you securely believe will happen SHOULD therefore become your reality (even bad stuff I actually might add - end up being careful! ). So just choose your recommended " awesome sauce" recipe that resonates and flow along with it. We are THAT powerful as creators regarding our own human experience - makes life extremely cool I think, don't you?: )

As I stated WAY back in the start of this review, I consider what resonates and dispose of what does not any time it comes to *any* spiritual teacher. Love Jordan Singer's work a entire lot, yet I consider we're each here to be able to have our own unique life experience on this earthly ride. At typically the conclusion of anyone's " spiritual teachings" make sure to temporarily stop, lay aside the exhilaration of discovering something new, consider a breather, then move within... meditate.... get silent enough to access your OWN inner compass/guidance, your own intuition, the Nature within you.... to see just what aspects of that brand new teaching was actually intended for YOU at this time.

For me, our own life experiment will be a merger regarding expressing my desires to be able to the Universe AND (thanks to Michael) surrendering the whole lot more to be able to whatever shows up. Diverse than Michael for certain... and we'll see wherever that little experiment requires me. Hey, a lot more the playground and I'm gonna play it any way I actually like darnit!: )

Actually loooooong review. BUT... wish it was helpful to be able to you my fellow Amazon browsers and spiritual searchers!: ), This guide has changed my life. I have read Michael Singer's other amazing book, The Untethered Soul, several times plus it is also extremely powerful. The Untethered Spirit much more of a philosophy book; the one that I may only digest for some web pages at a time. The Surrender Experiment reads even more like a novel; I actually finished it in merely a few days.

What happens if all of us stopping trying to handle the world around all of us and listened to just what the universe or God wants for us? Whenever we can trust the general intelligence to keep exoplanets and galaxies and nuclei spinning - to make gravity work and superstars to form and our breath and bodies to be able to function - why can't we trust that typically the universe knows what is usually best for us?

Jordan Singer decided to listen to God's plan with regard to him and not think about whether he LIKED this or not. He determined to just go with just what life put in front side of him. As the young man he simply wanted to stay in in a bad neighborhood and meditate. Then God moved him toward learning to be a teacher, then a residence builder, then a pc programmer - also to identified a spiritual community in the meantime. He did not plan for any regarding these things. Company requested him to build your computer program, he did this. Company moved onto this land without permission plus start creating a house (! ), he allowed this to happen.

Surrender doesn't mean giving up upon dreams or creativity. It doesn't mean letting individuals go walking over you. It implies saying " I intuitively feel that the universe set this person in my route for a reason, therefore I will listen to be able to what she has to be able to say. I believe God wants me to carry out this, and so i am proceeding to do it actually though I might not think I'll be good at this. "

It is amazing how many amazing coincidences and tiny miracles occurred in his life when he or she started trusting God's route rather than what he believed he wanted. When he or she stopped trying to handle the world around your pet and went with typically the flow.

I use already started out applying these principles in my life and sense so much more tranquil. Rather than worrying if I am doing typically the right thing or stressing that someone might not carry out what I WANT him to be able to do - I am just trusting that points will work as these people should. I assume this is usually faith, but I've never ever really experienced this experience before. What if I actually just forget about trying to be able to control the world close to me - which as we both know is impossible - and had faith in typically the universal plan?

The tricky part is… How carry out you understand what the galaxy wants you to carry out? How do you understand what are just your opinions versus what is a keen message? I think a person have to quiet " the voice in typically the head" through meditation to be able to become more in touch with the greater intelligence. meditation is hard with regard to me but We are seeking! It is called the practice for a purpose. I would love at some point to notice more advice from Mr. Singer about divining typically the divine intelligence.

Seekers regarding all kinds - I actually think you will adore this guide and get therefore much out of this!

I happen to live with a wise master who always lives in this current moment, and the girl agrees that Michael Performer is pretty enlightened, with regard to a human!: -)

**I have relied on testimonials for years and am finally reviewing products I actually love. Due to everyone who writes reviews; I wish mine was helpful! **

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