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I truly don't get all typically the 5 and 4 superstar ratings??????
We loved this book up till the H went international. I loved it a new lot and happily satisfied in to read a new really great book. The two main characters appeared strong and mature............. and after that this individual had to leave.
SPOILER ALERT: It was so obvious that typically the h was gonna acquire 'knocked up' but of which the H gets again 'just in time' to deliver the TWINS, no less, stretched the plot for me personally way too much. We also didn't like how the h's bestie obtained stuck into him accusing him of knocking the girl up deliberately and then removing....... this was just ridiculous. This happens in so many stories plus the they would just lets it happen when really she must tell her friend to butt out...... especially when the accusation is way off. I also don't get why he couldn't just say straight out which he did leave his brand and number and of which he did want to see the girl again. Instead they pussyfooted around that fact in addition to kept getting interrupted whenever there was a possibility to clear everything upwards. I also didn't like that no matter how numerous times he asked the girl what's wrong, she told him 'nothing' in order to was SO obvious that some thing WAS
wrong. Why not just admit your not ready to share days gone by?
The dream scenes got me flicking through typically the pages as they were over the top.
There was clearly way too much detailed description concerning totally irrelevant things of which I got really bored.
I'm disappointed of which I started this book with so much desire and ended up inquiring myself if I in addition to the other reviewers got actually read the similar book?????
The best part was that it price less than 1 Money., This is my very first book I have go through by this author, that had all the elements We look for within a great romance novel... main characters are nice to each other, typically the characters are not carrying out stupid things, it is usually realistic, and it offers some unpredictability. This hit the mark. I program on reading more by simply this author,, Scarlett is usually the sweetest woman in addition to has the patience of a saint. She is a new labor and delivery health professional at a big hospital in Nyc and deals along with death, trauma, divas, snippy doctors, and everything in between. She takes most things in stride through seeing everything she believes we get to know her as a real individual. Not just an angel nurse but as a lady who struggles with preserving her temper in examine but knowing that typically the women in the mattresses are each individuals and all there trusting her plus the team of doctors to maintain them and their soon-to-be-born babies safe. Her feelings are humorous and genuine. Watching her do the girl job competently while attempting her best to accommodate difficult ladies and then hop up on a your bed and stay on typically the bed all throughout typically the emergency surgery makes the girl a hero and totally seals her role as a kick ass woman that I admire. The girl is also incredibly excited and needs just the right individual to give her the freedom to let the even more sultry side of the girl come out.

Langston is usually that person. He's signed up for a tour away through the USA and is usually finding himself increasingly antsy. Lonely too, but which not something he's willing to dwell on for even more than a moment. The particular superficiality of his peers is wearing on him and he makes an avoid to a jazz pub completely by accident only to meet with his long term within a pair of blue eyes. He wasn't expecting to have a connect but he can't reject that Scarlett wakes some thing up in him of which he wasn't aware been with us. They bond so deeply despite knowing absolutely absolutely nothing about one another which he tries to make his intentions known. Too bad Scarlett sleeps like typically the dead.

With misunderstandings in addition to missed communication they discover themselves separated from one another. Scarlett also finds out she's pregnant. When a series of apparently unrelated events combine to get them back together that makes for the absolutely amusing reunion. Scarlett's reveals in addition to the way states, " Surprise! " are incredibly sweet and totally funny. Langston takes most everything in stride and seeing how they come together in addition to bond over the shock is tender, sweet, in addition to full of affection of which I want to burn. He's so understanding in addition to in awe of typically the situation in which this individual finds himself. Scarlett is usually panicking but also summoning her inner strength to make sure that Langston doesn't feel obligated or trapped even if this individual was blindsided by their particular circumstances. His assurances in addition to determination to help make me love him with regard to Scarlett.

They've got so much potential together in addition to have overcome amazing chances to get to exactly where they are individually, specially Scarlett. Her opening up concerning her past was natural and honest. By posting her own " Tree of Life" situation Langston could learn to truly appreciate her as a new partner for him. The girl deserved so much love in addition to compassion and stability in addition to he was willing to offer it to her. General it was the sweetest story and am seriously could not necessarily put it down till I was done., This is certainly in my top 10 of all books when it comes to a new sweet, steamy, sensual, passionate read and there is not one thing I would change, rewrite, add or eliminate. It made me giggle till my sides harm, hot and all tingly with the steamy sexual scenes, sighing and swooning at the two Langston & Scarlett, and crying and moping like a baby along with the heartfelt acts in addition to confessions.
Langston may will be the perfect man, not getting it on with any other woman after Scarlett even though they are actually apart with regard to months, accepting, stepping up, providing, patient, loving, caring... We could go on in addition to on. Together with Scarlett who may be the ideal woman, compassionate, kind, loving, independent, strong, sensual, funny... I could go on and on and their particular friends and family typically the perfect compliment to them.
Alice Ward nailed it with this one, creating a read of which I did not want to end as I might have read about these 2 day in and day time out for years to come. Even though I received an ARC.... I got had had to buy it. Congrats to typically the author as this is usually now my favorite through Alice Ward.
10 +++++++++++ is not necessarily enough!!, This is a new must on all amounts, read, one click in addition to fall in love. We mean it i one clicked and its sooo worth it. Scarlett is an ob nurse in Brand new York, she has landscape a lot the great, the bad plus the distinctive. She has had a new heck of a day time and heads out to meet some friends even though shes dead tired. Langston has it almost all for some but he desires more before he really does whats expect. After departing his farewell party. This individual is heading over oceans to work with a new doctor's without boarders functioning. He heads into this bar. When she moves in he is attracted to her and the girl to him. They discuss one incredible night of which neither can forget. When he sees her once again he gets a shock. Okay now im not necessarily going to say even more, this book is nice, fun and loving. Its a ten star go through. I recieved this book as an arc in addition to i am giving our honest review voluntarily

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