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Think about you are in this fantastic machine totally closed off from the rest of the world in the harshest environment on the Earth. Yet you are poised to trust the men around you and this unique mechanism. You are 400 foot deep under the frozen Arctic Ocean and only ice is above. In case something goes wrong you and your crew are lost. Your boat is the USS Skate, at that time the first production of it’s class state of the art nuclear boat.

Your orders from the best authority task you to surface your boat and operate at the North Pole and you must learn to find weak points in the ice pack which would allow this submarine to break through the frost. A typical tale worthy of fiction but this is a genuine story. In two voyages in 1958 and late 1950s the USS Skate plied the Arctic Ocean and conducted scientific and military objectives.

This is one of the very most amazing stories I actually have ever read, a first hand accounting by the captain of this boat and the two voyages he guided under the North Pole and over and above. The stuff of science fiction. Like Jules Verne’s 20, 000 Leagues Underneath the Sea, except this adventure is totally fact. Really captivating and in reading I felt like I actually was there and part of the crew.

Surface at the pole with Commander James Calvert, his crew, and enjoy his eloquent and poetic descriptions of the danger and danger, the wonder and awe, the mystic and unidentified of the Arctic alien wilderness of this fantastic voyage. If you read no other book this yr read this one. Highly recommended., Great account of 1 of the first nuclear subs and its treks under the polar snow cape. Although with nuclear power in 1954, there was no longer a need to surface to recharge batteries, there had never been a sub surface through ice and if anything went wrong while under the ice, could repairs be produced without being on the surface? Outstanding descriptions of the feelings and thought processes of Captain James Calvert; and ex-WW II sub veterinary who plied the European Pacific, hunting Japanese delivers and was depth charged by the same. Go to the North Rod and surface there, through the ice for the first time; you will feel like you are with them! Not a wartime submarine book but I actually found it just as exciting., A greeat tale, one eclipsed by other historical events such as the Munich Wall, HUAC, Sputnick and the Kennedy Administration.

Is actually great look the toddler nuclear submarine navy and all the challenges of long duration submergence.

Following reading this book I actually can only ask: are you able to believe it going from diesel boats to nukes in only 12 years after WW2?!?! If that ain't good enough, let's go to the north post!

Great companion book to Captain Edward Beach's "Around the World Submerged. "

Enjoy., Another great reading from James Calvert., Excellent book. Gave lots of information about the research into making the submarine able to go under the snow at the Artic. Furthermore had lots of information about the history of man's attempts to overcome the North Pole.

Jesse Adams
Cellular, Book arrived from Marketplace dealer and I found it to be in great form for this old publication and matched the " very good " condition they description. Great tale somewhat overshadowed by other events at the time., A little dry for a Navy biograph, but if you served in vessels, your experience can texturize the narrative. Necessary for any submariner's bookshelf, enlisted or comissioned., One of the best authors sharing a magnificent set of historic reports.

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