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Ted Stewart’s book SUPREME ENERGY, explains in the simplest language some of the most complex and pushing issues of our day. It reads more like a story book than a history text. Chinese is highly-readable. I’m not student of law (or history) and I could not put the book down.

Maybe part of that is similar to when we pass a wreck on the freeway, we can not help looking. With each successive chapter, he describes not only what the damage is in our nation today, but the legal history that led upwards to it.

One part works with the history of racism, and how it is intertwined with court historical past. No one doubts that racism is one of the greatest struggles that besets America today, but this guide teaches how that began—an it started over a Century prior to the famous Brown v. The Board of Education case we all discovered about in school. Basically, this book shows how the Supreme Court’s judgements engineered and facilitated the racism problem in the United States. Fascinating.

The book describes how a Supreme Courtroom decision regarding twelve massive areas of wheat triggered the shocking, massive grab of power by Washington, Deb. C. Another chapter details the unexpected causation between a case on working hours for bakers in the basement of tenement buildings in New York that led to child killingilligal baby killing rights.

Most gripping to me as a viewer was the explanation of the swift decline of morals in the nation, and how the court enjoyed a role in that damage, as well as why our current liberty, especially religious liberty, is at risk. That’s where the car wreck feeling returned into play.

The book has substantial citations from all of Ted Stewart’s exhuastive research. He’s known for his understanding of historical past, but I do believe of all the books he’s written, this is the most informative and important. It may be definitely the most jarring.

When I picked it up, I think I actually expected a diversion. Exactly what I got was my eyes being riveted to these truths. The storytelling format makes it extremely accessible, easy to understand, and completely engrossing.

Extremely recommend. Five big superstars., In today's political landscape, it would be a complete injustice for an individual to pass up on a read similar to this. Too many Americans are blind to the fact that 9 unelected men and women have a " supreme power" over this country which our founders did not foresee. We as Americans are often unaware of how the contencioso branch of government functions within our society. This book offers insight into just how critical/pivotal/life changing the judgements created by the Supreme Court have been thus far in our country's history. The author dissects seven groundbreaking cases in a very readable and enjoyable manner. Its a MUST READ., For the reader with absolutely no background in law, this gives a clear and concise description of what has happened to our country because of supreme court decisions. It was fascinating!, Ted Stewart is a sitting U. S. District Court Judge and the latest literary production of his fine legal mind is ‘Supreme Strength. 7 Pivotal Supreme Courtroom Decisions That Had a Major Impact on America’.

Some of these cases are very well known. The best known must be Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) which played an integral role in the story of Black civil rights, providing legal sanction for ethnicity segregation until it was overturned by Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Minimal well known, at least by name, may be the most recent, namely, Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) which legalized same-sex marriage throughout the United States. All more effective have been expertly chosen to illustrate the way in which the judicial review exercised by the Supreme Court can radically result changes to American modern society, sometimes in ways not foreseen at the time and sometimes only after having a very considerable lapse of the time.

A case in point is Lochner v. Fresh York (1905). Lochner was fined under the conditions of the 1895 Ny Bakeshop Act which, amidst things, recommended a maximum working day of ten hours in bakeries. Lochner’s appeal, which went all the way to the Supreme Court, was based on his claim that the hours agreed between company and employee should be unlimited as long as their contract was widely entered into – a view with which the Supreme Court Justices concurred by a majority of 5 to 4.

Lochner v. New York was thus a milestone in civil rights for Labour in the United States, albeit a milestone in the wrong direction, returning workers to a position by which they could be exploited by unscrupulous employers. Nevertheless, Stewart’s real interest in this judgment comes from the fact that in the course of making their ruling the Justices took it on themselves to define what was meant by ‘liberty’, in order to determine whether the liberty interest of the Fourteenth Amendment had been violated, and the Supreme Courtroom thereby accrued the ability to veto any legislation it deemed to be an unreasonable infringement of freedom, which had enormous outcomes in the 1960s when it resulted in a the greater part of the Supreme Courtroom not only overturning the last vestiges of the Comstock laws at condition level in Griswold v Connecticut (1965) but legalising abortion in Roe vs . Wade (1973).

This may all, in my account, seem terribly complex but Stewart writes with limpid clarity, establishing precisely how the law operated and what was at stake. Historians will value his guide, as will anyone, not least the general viewer, who wants to understand the mechanics of the contencioso branch of the U. S. constitution.

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