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Amusing, but not something it will make laugh away loud., To anyone whoever wanted to learn how to turn into a super villain, this hilarious book will explain to you everything you'd ever before want to know., This specific is a very enjoyable read with a great, dry tone about ludicrous subject matter. Well done, Mr. (Dr.? ) Elder scroll 4!, "The Earth is Doomed! "

This Book can finally make that word a reality! Well worth the money or pirate booty!

-Mr. Evil, Gentleman Villian, I cherished this book and archived through it. Recommended to all humor and superhero(villain) enthusiast.

It taught me all the right (wrong) was to be great (terrible)!, First, kudos to Amazon for getting this to me in an incredibly quick manner. 5 stars!

Second, the review:

I enjoy reading these satirical 'handbooks' and have read several. My favorite is the "Action Hero's Handbook", which is essentially a "Worst Case Scenario" guide with a James Bond flare. This may not be a guide like that. You will not find real-world advice for outlandish situations in this book. Instead you will find fictional-world advice for situations that are probably flawlessly reasonable within the laws of a comic book universe. Overall it is surprisingly well thought out and the humor is present all through.

The presentation is nice as well. Readability is good, the articles are always very basic and clear. The cover design and interior artwork is nice the parchment texture on the pages gives the book character. Points there.

Let me throw in that this is a PG-13 book. Where a number of these types of books excersise a bit of restraint in the interest of young readers, this one appears to assume (rightly) that the standard reader is going to be a young mature who has read APPROACH too many comics and if probably used to seeing a few assures and innuendos in a book. I'm not knocking any points off because We fall into this party.

Overall, I give it 4. 5 stars, but I can't do this on Amazon, so I'm choosing for the full 5.

If your into this kind of thing, try it out. If you're not... go read something else. If if you're on the fence, give it a try in any case. Installed know., Sometimes the joy of hero-dom pieu. The frequent running around and reacting as opposed to acting. I appreciate Dr . Elder scroll 4 sharing some of his information and providing themes for heroes who want to actually change the world. I wish more heroes showed the willingness to reach out to the other side, throughout the aisle so-to-speak, and take them across like Dr. Elder scroll 4 is willing to do from the villain side.

Break away from the racist division of the Light and Dark Edges. Read Dr. Oblivion's guide. Oh, and hired some minions from the Global Brotherhood of Minions - We cannot recommend them enough (especially with a marriage boss right helping me type since my hand got broken - they are always willing to go the extra mile).

(Note: Language. Recommend reading before sharing with minors. ), This book will get to it right up entrance. Villainy isn't just doing bad things, it's doing bad things in an entirely overly theatrical way. This can have everything you need from where you can locate your base as well as how to dress and speak (loudly and constantly).

Plus, extra bonus, the pages are in fact laced with trace levels of Kryptonite. We mean, not enough to prevent Superman, but while if you're in jail the next day, at least you'll know that you're the reason for his splitting headache.

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