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Very informative and educational. Living on the NJ shore, it was eye beginning how a left hand did not know very well what the right palm was doing and wasn't even in a position to report because the wind wasn't strong enough. So many lives are needlessly lost until these organizations get their act together. It took years for the local federal government to really help the person with average skills. Many were never helped. Local insurance workplaces fled town quickly. I am now watching coverage o Hurricane Harvey. Just what a difference in the response! There's also a new one, Irma, intimidating the east coast of Fla where my child has a marina. Frightening!, This guide is a fantastic read. It requires the reader behind the scenes as the meteorologists wrestle with the problems inherent in both predicting storms of this character and alerting people to the seriousness of what they are facing. That was written in such a way that all readers will have the ability understand the science behind what's taking place; and it gives us all a sense of what happened to the people who experienced the tornado. I highly recommend it., In a gripping narrative, Kathryn Miles takes us all back to late March 2012 when Superstorm Soft sand wreaked havoc on a wide swath of the Caribbean and the United States. It is a detailed hour-by-hour account of how this monster hurricane formed, the damage it made and the human toll it left in its wake.

Typically the author draws a full picture of what was going on behind the scenes at the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service as the storm scientists struggled to come to grips with the enormity of the storm and get the data out to the public. She describes the mistakes that exponentially boosted the tragedy such as the misunderstandings over how the tornado should be classified producing in delayed warnings.

Over and above providing a birds-eye view of events, the writer deals with to make the readers become familiar with the people involved and know how these thunder or wind storms form and behave. Typically the narrative is detailed without being overly technical.

Adding to the pathos is the tragic story showing how the Bounty’s captain chose to set sail in the face of the hurricane resulting in the settling of the ship and the loss of the captain and a part of its team.

Although Superstorm is a harrowing tale it will be enjoyed by weather geeks and everyone more who appreciate a well written real life tale., The author did a superlative job of delivering a huge amount of information and history in a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating style. She gave an exciting look into how forecasters work and the large duties that they face... and also the things that hamper them as they make an effort to predict an unpredictable Mother Nature. The book reads like a good hype novel... the best praise I can give nonfiction., Sitting cozy in Los angeles, I marveled at the courage, foresight and bold of men and women confronted with bad weather they simply could not imagine ever happening. And, kudos to the writer for including the ridiculous ones -only some of whom survived to explain to lies over a beer later about their prowess.

I have never personally experienced a storm like this so the lead in was especially interesting. Typically the weather bureau trying to figure out what all their computers were informing them, the officials who encouraged people to take action smart and leave, the ones who did and didn't heed that advice, and the numerous officials and just plain people that found themselves in bad weather that will be studied and taught for years.

Miles background as a news reporter is the reason why this book reads so well, is organized, and tells the story emphasizing the old " Who, What, The reason why, When Where, and How" that used to be the mantra of every reporter and editor., The research of Kathryn Miles is the superstar in this book. She is precise while presenting information in a well written, understandable format. She helps the layperson to know and view the storm like a scientist. I kept thinking that this tale was playing out like a movie, reminicsant of The Perfect Storm, only " this is no movie, this is absolutely taking place. "
Living on the coast, Superstorm opened my eyes to crisis making decisions and how convoluted it can be. Conditions can change on a dime, and you will bet I will be making choices to be safe sooner rather than later after reading this article book.
My only issue is the abrupt ending of the book. Tornado hits, story over, even though we watched the aftermath and the stories of tragedy and unhappiness play out for weeks. I would think as a possible author, if you really wanted to convince people to take hurricane preparedness and evacuations seriously, you would include some descriptions of that outcome and the results of choices made., A really worthwhile and comprehensive accounts of this epic tornado. The outstanding merit of this book, for me, is the insight it gives into the lives, careers, and professional challenges faced by today's weather forecasters, especially those at the National Hurricane Center. Now the familiar titles under the NHC Bulletins (Avila, Pasch, etc. ) belong to real flesh-and-blood people., This was an ideal book! I was living outside the country when Soft sand hit and my news coverage was not the best. Once i returned Stateside, I wanted to know more about this historical storm. I could truthfully say that Katheryn Miles did a superb job of most aspects of the storm. And she do it in a way that was totally readable, and at the same time imparted a whole lot of scientific information in a way that the average layman could understand. For anyone who would like to get more information on this historical and devastating event, I highly recommend Nine Days Inside Hurricane Soft sand.

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