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James Scott Bell is one of the few writers i collect. While We enjoy his fiction, We especially watch for his how to books on the writing craft. He's done his homework, make the years, tested the waters -- you name the metaphor, he's got it under his belt. (Ha! )

Whenever I'm writing and obtain stuck somewhere, I need something to jog me out of the hole. And it varies: I might get stuck at the beginning, the center or the end. Or even during the process of brainstorming an idea just to determine if it's got enough tale potential to bother with. Now, I'm more of a " pantser" than a " plotter" (if you write fiction, you really know what We mean), but even I like to have a general bare-bones structure to guide me personally. I may scrap it and re-work this We go, but if We don't have something to shoot for, I finish up bogged down in the Dead Marshes with no way out.

Between JSB's " Plot and Structure", " Write Your Novel from the Middle" and this newest, " Super Structure", I've got the equipment to get me heading again. He packs these books full of examples from real books and movies. Seeing examples helps me personally a LOT. I also have in my catalogue an array of his other textbooks for specific issues like " Conflict and Suspense", " Dazzling Dialogue", " Revision & Self-Editing", but I reach for these books on structure during the whole process.

Super Structure zooms in on the very essence of what about the *form* of the story makes it engaging for readers. Likely to want to earmark the chapter where he strips structure to the bare bones (the five " tent poles" as he calls them) and then describes each piece. About the Kindle version, the table of contents is simply perfect for jumping right to the spot I need help with., I have read tons of books on outlining, plotting and framework, and James Scott Bell's Super Structure is by far the best. Not only is it comprehensive, it offers the best explanation of story framework I have ever read, detailing everything with clear examples without getting extremely technical. If you want to create a highly effective story for your forthcoming novel, this is the only tool you need., This is the first of James Scott Bell's books that I have read. I hadn't even finished it before mousing over to buy another. Now that I've done Super Structure, I will definitely be looking into anything at all else he's written as well. Not only really does Bell inform you WHAT to be doing, he informs you WHY, and why what you're doing will link with readers.

A person even have to be a super-organized, pre-planner type of writer to use his system. But if you are a " pantser" (as in, you work by the seat of your pants), you'll still have to have a direction to head toward at various points in your story. That is exactly what Bell is so good at providing for you, with examples from classic and popular literature and films, and plenty of wit and wisdom.

Whether you are planning a career as a writer, or you write for pleasure, or are merely a curious, involved viewer, Super Structure is a valuable tool you'll want in your toolbox., Outstanding book on writing a solid, creative, well-plotted book, signpost by signpost. I love that this book is shorter than most. Typically the author just gives the reader the meat, so it's a very quick, but informative read.

Right after reading, I deconstructed my current work-in-progress to see if I couldn't find my signposts. Most were already there, but a couple weren't. I was capable to create the ones that weren't and improve (and re-home) a few, and feel strongly that by doing this I have strengthened my overall tale.

Would recommend to all writers. Excellent, excellent book!, Why will i like this book? This is the 3 rd JSB writing - how to - book and they've all been read within days of each other. The touch is that it's the 3 rd book in times so I find value in his books. When you read several JSB - how to - textbooks you'll quickly note he carries his personal reports and examples through multiple books. I've seen some reviews that bemoan this. I personally don't thoughts. I've noted that it is contextual, he includes the story or the example to enlighten the reader over a concept within the book's theme so there is a new twist and also it serves to cement the idea. Inside the three textbooks I've read I don't have found it to be an egregious JSB habit and I've learned something new from each book. Superstructure is no exclusion. There are a whole lot of good exercises this website along with new ways to consider about how precisely to form plot and structure with two things in mind, the satisfaction of you and the commercial success of a book using this methodology. I find that heartwarming and useful. We enjoyed this guide and highly recommend it to any aiming writer who wants to write better. This book is a bargain and it can a quick read., James Scott Bell provides again. SUPER STRUCTURE is the perfect companion to COMPOSE YOUR NOVEL FROM THE PARTICULAR MIDDLE.

Fourteen “signpost scenes” described in more detail provide the structure and reassurance you need to tell your story, whether you're an outliner or a “pantser. ” Make certain your novel has a framework that will resonate with readers and keep them approaching back for more.

Every single writer would do well to learn SUPER STRUCTURE and WRITE YOUR NOVEL FROM THE MIDDLE before starting each new project., James Scott Bell is my favorite writing author, and I found this guide informative as with his others that We have read. It clearly communicated the pacing and major elements of a good story in a concise manner. This book does not talk much about the specifics of writing, which is regular with it, so that was appropriate. He further points out how some writing teachers will say there is not any such thing as framework and then lay out a writing plan that follows... a particular structure.

The one complaint is that it seemed more like half, or less, of a book as significantly as the amount of content i expected for the price.

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