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This is an incredibly written book on the most crucial topic in all of our lives, "The Human Brain. " As, the book highlights if you don't use your brain, it will use you! The particular book gives you tools you can use right away.

Most importantly it's written by two brilliant and forward thinking students. The first being, Deepak Chopra, M. D. a New York Time best-selling author and author of several books who's known around the world for his focus on the brain, mind-body link, consciousness, spirituality, and Mess Physics. The second, Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi a Harvard Professor who was a pioneer in Alzheimer's research and being one of the co-discoverers of the first Alzheimer's disease gene.

As offered in the book "Every day you step into the invisible firestorm of electrical and chemical activity that is the brain's environment. You act as leader, inventor, teacher, and user of your brain, all at once.

Because leader, you hand out the day's orders to your brain.
As inventor, you create new pathways and contacts inside your brain that didn't exist yesterday.
As teacher, you train your brain to learn new skills.
As user, you are responsible for keeping your brain in good working order. "

I must say that this one is greatest books I've read on the main topic of the brain because the two authors go extremely in-depth to the working of the brain, and in addition they give you tools that you can put into action into your life today.

It's broken up into three parts. Here's a very basic summary.

Which often goes into great details about the latest advancements in science that make clear how the brain functions. It also talks about the five myths of the brain.

This part gives you information and knowledge to virtually work on changing your brain from negatives says of mind to positive states of mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed this part because its goes into the biggest idea in most of science. Something to which Now i'm fascinating with, problem being "How does this about three pound brain produce mind? "

I think this is an incredible book that anyone may use to increase more positive says of mind. I've read hundreds of books on the brain and I think this one is the most effective because it gives you tools how to work on varying your brain immediately., Starts off grounded in science, but then movements too far afield. With regard to example, the distinction between the mind and the brain makes perfect sense as a model for their discussion, but towards the ending of the book it treats that separation as a physical fact to show that a higher power must exist.

Beginning with the latest brain science in neuroplasticity the book convincingly shows that that we have the ability to influence our own minds and thus can improve our own well being.

The following part of the book moves from science to conjecture. At first making claims that seem reasonable. Statements that may very well be true, but are based on “wisdom traditions” rather than scientific proof.

In last and many unsatisfactory part of the book, it uses Ray Tallis’ false logic and straw man arguments to show that the mind cannot be included within the brain and thus there must be some sort of external electricity drives our mind. It truly is ironic that there are examples elsewhere in the book that show how certain superstitions have already been replaced with scientific understanding, yet when it comes to our mind being contained within the organ that is our brain, the authors leave no room for an increased scientific understanding that makes that possible.

Bottom line: The first part is informative and worth the read. The rest of the book offers an interesting theory, but not an evidence based conclusion as it seems to claim., I am fascinated by the research of the brain, mind, and consciousness. This book has changed my work in the way that I assist others in understanding they are in charge of their brain. I do believe this innovation can help others feel that they do not must be victims of their own circumstances, they create their actuality., These two brilliant humans have done it again, giving us the momentum to reach beyond our identified limitations to imagine, and thus live, the reality that truly pleases us., New insights on the prospective of the human brain and the human mind and its link with the mind of God., I really like this book! It transformed the way in which I view the mind/brain connection and I actually have been recommending it to everyone I know!, This is a must read book for everyone wanting a happy, healthy life, and a super brain.

I actually grew up believing that the nerve paths of my brain were set and immutable. Science informed us brain cells died over our lifetime and could not be regenerated, period. Super Brain helped myself understand that’s simply not true!

I recently wrote a write-up on My Philosophy for Mental Fitness for HappyLiving. com. I credit Very Brain for evolving my philosophy to include " rewiring". My philosophy for mental fitness is simple: 1) feed it, 2) rest it, 3) exercise it, & 4) develop it.

Matt Gersper
Founder of Delighted Living, LLC, Mind/Body link from a conscious compared to brain perspective was thought provoking. A universal mind as
God.... mmmm God has already been The Natural Life Force to me.. but I actually do accept human ability to hook up with one another on the nonverbal level over distances... Jewish prayers that label God of the Universe could be
Interpreted as a Universal mind perhaps. The which came first seems like an incorrect question...

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