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While Summer of 1949 is not David Hallberstam’s most well-known book on baseball, Summer time of ’49 displays the hallmarks of a Jesse Hallberstam’s books. The viewer feels transported back in time thanks to Hallberstam’s vivid descriptions and wealthy characterizations that make even the most forgotten player to baseball history look like they are bigger than life. Beyond that, the reader also learns about the evolution of baseball through early times of television and the beginnings of a move from your owner control model to more of a player control model.

They will don’t generally write textbooks like this any longer as the reader actually seems like they are in 1949 living and dying with every pitch just as though they were in the stands at Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium. It is thereby that I recommend Summer time 1949 to the baseball and non baseball lover alike because Hallberstam knows how to create a human being story beyond the lines of baseball., Author Jesse Halberstam transports us back again to a time when there were no divisions, only two eight-team leagues. With the ending of Planet War II and the advent of television, baseball was poised to become a major part of Americana. Some of the greatest players ever were playing in 1949, included in this Boston’s Ted Williams and the New York Yankees’ Joe Dimaggio.

Mr. Halberstam commences the book in 1948, a year that featured a three-way fight for the league subject between the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Cleveland Indians. All teams were knotted with one week to go in the season, and when the dust settled, the Indians and Red Sox were tied and headed for a playoff game. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they lost the game 8-3 and had to wait until 1949. Understandably, Boston considered 1949 to be “their year. ”

The rest of the book takes the viewer into the baseball season of 1949, covering the pennant race that would essentially be about two teams, Boston and New York. Like a great novelist, the author fleshes out the players that were part of that season, sharing stories and anecdotes. Mr. Halberstam also provides us a fascinating view of baseball and its fans 70 years back, how America viewed its teams, and the relationship between sports reporters and the teams. Along the way, there are many pieces of information for today's baseball fans, such as the first player to have a consultant (whose first job was to have a player paid for speeches in money rather than watches) as well as the backgrounds of many of yesterday’s stars.

The book ends with another thrilling finish to the regular season and includes the World Series with the National League winner, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mr. Halberstam then takes the time to tie everything up in a nice package deal with a what-happened-to-them-later chapter, a fitting ending to a great book. This specific is obviously a gem for baseball fans. Five stars., From someone who is primarily a National Little league fan, I found myself learning just why enthusiasts from the northeastern Says feel that this can be the best rivalry in all of Major League Baseball.
Learning about the inside dynamic of each team during that epic pennant race of 1949 made me feel as if I was there; even though We was only one year old that summer.
Mr. Halberstam's writing is highly detailed, but still easy to read and understand.
I have really his books on my Kindle wish list and We look ahead to reading them. We will probably come back again to this book and also to his "October of 64" book, just to see if We missed anything from either one.
We only wish that We had discovered his textbooks earlier in my life for the sheer pleasure of learning what Mr. Halberstam has shared with us.
Extremely recommended reading for everyone considering any or all of those men he has covered in his career., We love baseball but this is so much more. It is about post war America and is also amazing picture of this period. Halberstam was great in showing us ourselves. It had been a great loss if he died in a car crash., I am persuaded that David Halberstam could take any topic, write about and make it fascinating, compelling, important reading. Upright; I am no fan of baseball, could care less who is victorious the pennant or the Sequence but this book involved me in a way few have. I was alive during the Summer time of '49 but experienced no interest in the events here described and, now, I'm sorry I failed to pay closer attention. Halberstam's attention to detail is pervasive but never frustrating. You may be considering that which was served for breakfast but not how it was made and who served it. And yet, it's totally fulfilling in that when you've finished you cannot believe will be certainly anything about the occasions described you don't know. In some ways that is a collection of biographies of the men who played the game and, concurrent to that, it's a twin biography between two teams and their antagonism and wish to win. That, oddly, is the least important story as it's the people, the incidents, the detailed background that hang the story over the reality and yet every word is valid. It's completely possible to think that Halberstam must have been at least a water young man for both clubs, how else to explain the wealth of fascinating details? Too, this is a moment when truly great players, players remembered and revered to this day were active and that only helps the story. It reminds the reader that this was obviously a time when the war was well and truly over, america could apply themself to a past time that experienced been on hold for almost a decade. The teams had time to rebuild, the fans could now move about without gas rationing and thinking whether or not the tires had another fifty miles in them. It's the beginning of the Truman/Eisenhower era of good feeling.

As a reader it wasn't that I didn't want to put this down so much as I failed to want it to conclusion. I parcelled it away to myself like the best pie, delicious to eat but, when you look down, there's less still left; I watched my book mark move in the direction of the ending hoping that, nah, when I got there I would be referred to book two, Fall of '49 then, of course, Winter of '49. But it did end, I know who won what and I'm not telling. Without fair jumping on a internet search engine to find away. Buy the book and let David Halberstam voodoo writing enchant you until you wish to be in stands completely forgetting that this is history completed. In " Summer of '49" Jesse Halberstam exhumes the time, the place, the people besides making them as viable now as they were then. This really is required reading for anyone who admires brilliant writing.

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