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This book was an interesting read with a lot of emotional scenes that pull at your heart strings. Elsa is a seven-year old that is mature over and above her years. Her crazy but devoted grandmother is Elsa's best and only friend. Granny (a previous globe-trotting surgeon) fills the lonely girl's world with adventures and stories about the make believe Land-of-Almost-Awake. When Granny suddenly dies Elsa finds that the girl grandmother has left the girl a series of characters that must be delivered to the other tenants that live in the same apartment building as Elsa. Because written, the letters are apologies from Granny, however they actually are a way for Granny to develop bonds of friendship between lonely Elsa and one other tenants in the building. Through the characters Elsa also comes to realize that the make-believe figures in her grandmother’s reports are all based on real people and real events.

Overall I came across the book a thoroughly pleasurable read. It was both funny and heartbreaking at the same time. But while I cherished the center and the finish of the book, We found first a little muddled. In the start I came across it hard to relate to the crazy almost senile character of Granny, and the convoluted stories about the Land-of-Almost-Awake were confusing and hard to follow. (I actually found myself skimming the parts about Miamas and the Land-of-Almost-Awake. ) But after Granny's death all those random pieces started to come together in an exceedingly structured way. (At this point We had to go back and re-read the parts I skimmed). In the finish I found that every one of Granny's madcap actions a new reason, and all the girl stories had a point.

So a really enjoyable read, just pay attention to all those stories that Granny and Elsa tell in the beginning. They will really are important.

On a side note there is one thing that still confuses me about the book: What was the deal with the Leaseholds? Why would the conversion from flats to leasehold make some tenants a revenue and force other tenants out of the building?, What a book! Just what a crazy, goofy, wonderful book this is! It is a little hard to read, but, once you get the hang of it, mcdougal has really captured how a scared and angry little woman named Elsa thinks and feels if a child that age had the insight and vocabulary to do so. Of course, Elsa is " different. " She is excellent in ways children seldom are, and she works out in ways that are plainly understood by the grownups in the girl world. This writer is brilliant in evoking an emotion in a person as the reader does respond to the little ladies responses to situations and then figures out what is actually going on through his clever weaving cloth of clues. Elsa's grandmother dies and charges Elsa with delivering a series of characters that clarify reasons for having Elsa's neighbors and about life itself through her i'm sorry, and as Elsa begins to comprehend the world around her, so do you. That will is because it is a book that draws you in to the heart and soul of the figures, and leaves you scratching your head as to how you actually got there. We love this book, and really admire this writer's talent.
I read a lot. Some books are a nice history, some a nice journey, and some changes your life. And here is a spoiler alert: this is a book that will change your daily life. Fredrik Backman is brilliant, and he dares to change lives through his writing. He makes it okay to be different, by finding the " different" in us all., This is the second book We read by Fredrick Backman and I will read more. I love how he tells the reports of characters that may be considered eccentric or different and makes the reader not only like them but root for them to succeed. We was sad when the book ended and happy to see there is another book that carries on with one of the tenants from Elsa's apartment building.

Granny was odd and guarded her beloved grand daughter, Elsa, who was a " different" child. I found the first 3 rd of the book to read slow as others have mentioned. There was a lot of detail about the Land-of-Almost-Awake. Gran and Elsa told made up stories about the Land of virtually Awake sometimes using their secret language. During the time Elsa was finding the people her Grandmother wrote the girl " sorry" letters to the characters became endearing. It was within this part the stories made sense in how the a long way away lands. I was happy I read through the details of the reports and got to understand the true people behind the made-up land., An extremely precocious and scrappy more effective yr old and an outrageously funny grandmother (makes Gran Mazur boring) who loves her granddaughter more than life and helps Elsa, the granddaughter, get through her parents' divorce and then the coming of any half sibling. And, sadly, the grandmother's impending loss of life. Thoughtful and beautifully written.

Yes, there is fantasy in this book and I have to admit to not enjoying it, but it does have some relevance to the story that must be beyond my
intellectual capabilities. I grinned and bore it--if that is an acceptable phrase, but still found the book so utterly charming with adorable characters and unputdownable despite the
fairy tales.

Very different from A Man Called Ove, and Beartown, but just as wonderful and memorable as those two books. If I think I will bear in mind a book long after finishing it that becomes an extra star. I know I will remember this one.

Fredrik Backman is surely an amazing writer at a unbelievably young age. We anticipate reading many more of his books.

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