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I acquired Sum It Up as soon as it came out and all I can say is if you are looking for a striking read, this is it. Pat Summit is a fascinating women with an incredible career and a lot of courage and grit. The woman co-author Sally Jenkins has a great gift idea for bringing out interesting details which provide the story at the rear of the story.

While Summit has coached women's hockey, I found her ideas on what it will take to be a champ to be directly motivating to me in my work which includes nothing to do with sports. I was also interested to learn about Summit's early life and how those experience shaped who she became.

Of course, this book is bittersweet because of Summit's diagnosis of early beginning Alzheimer's, yet again Summit's is inspiring us by reminding us to face and fight adversity as hard as you possibly can as well as to treasure each moment., I have read other books about -and by- Pat Summit and really enjoyed them. Because a basketball junkie I very much appreciate the details of coaching and playing in her very specific and passionate style. Her picture on the cover is a perfect replica of her loss of life stare and it units the tone of the book. The recruiting, educating, disciplining, educating, maturing and - most important - the US NOT ME values she demanded of the players, are what made them the dominant team these were. The rest of the book covers the woman background and life away from the gym; and is very easy to read since it fits in perfectly with the video games.

I acquired this book more for her Alzheimer's Condition diagnosis than the Basketball, and it was very much of great benefit and time to have an understanding of how one with so much drive would face such a looming buffer. Each chapter includes, sometimes brief and sometimes extended, Alzheimer's situations, facts and opportunities presented to anyone facing such an unknown future. How any one person handles this " future" is about them, but holding all of it inside is the worst possible reply!!!

After dealing with the first set of tests two weeks ago ----------- I received my diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease TODAY at age group 69., I use always been the fan of the TN Lady Vols. I knew she was strong, intensive and a great coach from afar. Nevertheless after listening to this book. I admire Pat Summitt as part of your. What a role model but I wish I had when I was obviously a teenager about to decide on a school. Heartfelt, truthful, and stimulating. This can be a great read and needs a 10. Maybe I will even try to get it signed. Go Pat!, I acquired this book because I had heard about it and am was not disappointed. I loved the stories of her youth and her description of how she worked just as hard as her brothers and always tried to please her father. I could identify with that.. I also live in Tennessee and am am familiar with the area where she expanded up. It is amazing to me how the lady accomplished so much in her lifetime coming from a rural area and how quickly she adapted to a more progressive way of life. I use always admired Pat Summitt but i think I appreciate her even more now that I have read the woman book. The chapters are a little lengthy but I would definitely recommend this book. It is sad that such an energetic and worhwhile person has this disease. Nevertheless I am glad the lady wrote this before the lady completely lost her memories., I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy this book due to my shortage of basketball knowledge. Which was not an issue at all - even though I think those of you understanding basketball would enjoy it even more. She wrote about the insecurities derived from an extremely country upbringing and the ways she overcame them. The girl expressed the desire for physical and verbal gestures of affection from her father only to realize later in life that the items he or she did for her (having high expectations, a pretty good ethic, moving the family so she could play basketball, etc. ) were indications of love that molded her into the person she became. She is very candid about dealing with Alzheimer's. The girl with a strong woman and a task model for women. I wish her the best!, This is a great book. I couldn't put this down once I started reading it. It makes you feel like you know Pat Summit as your personal friend. You just start to root on her behalf and her team. I would highly recommend if you wish something uplifting and touching., I loved this book. Total disclosure. I use lived in Knoxville, TN within the past thirty-three years... it is now my hometown, and I have heard Pat Summitt speak, seen her at Lady Vols games and seen her interviewed on the news and at games several times. I only wish that this book had been written before she left people eye. I would have appreciated her so much more. An amazing life. One amazing woman. Fantastic book., Few role models in our society today exist like Pat Summitt. As a lifetime women's hockey fan, I've always adored Pat Summitt. As a young girl, my desire was to play for Pat because in the wonderful world of can certainly basketball in the late 80s and early 90s, Pat Summitt was THE PARTICULAR coach amongst people. My desire was to have those steely blue eyes glare deep in to my soul, rip me up and down and challenge me to pursue greatness.
Regardless of whether you are a Pat lover, a women's basketball lover or even simply a sports fan, this is a fantastic read. The incredible integrity and intensity Pat Summitt lives out in all aspects of her life is a lesson we can all learn from. The challenges she faced and the way the lady paved the way for woman in sports, as well as the workplace generally speaking, makes me amazing grateful. I feel more and more indebted to Pat and other female like her (including my very own mother) who opened the realm of possibilities to my generation as well as my daughters.
If you've read the woman other two books, there is a certain quantity of repetition, but this book will go deeper on a personal level and shares activities which may have transpired since the woman other two books. I have always respected that Pat shares not only the woman greatest triumphs, but the mistakes she's made and how she learned from them. This book includes all the above, showing all of us what it means to truly pursue excellence with grace and dignity.
This is also a fantastic gift idea for others. I purchased it for my mom and a good friend of ours who ministry to local coaches in our area.

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