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" Perhaps seeing again how unlucky so many others had been- how a whole generation had experienced their lives and desires stolen from them-would advise her how lucky she'd been to escape sixty-four years ago. Of course, in the immediate consequences of the war those questions had dominated her life. Why had the girl escaped? The thing that was so special about her? Why experienced God spared her and not some of the young children? Would the girl have been better experienced she been with them? Those thoughts and emotions had handled her life for many years- and experienced almost ended it once. But she'd fought and beaten those demons. "

When we first get to meet Susannah we see her as an grownup who is dying, but as the story goes on we see her as a girl surviving in a world that is slowly heading to choose against her over the next few years that eventually almost leaves her without anything nowadays. Her family along with her aunt and uncle proceed to Netherlands to try and escape that which was happening, nonetheless they can’t stay hidden forever sadly and in the end there luck ran away.
Then we buy to see things from Judy who is Susannah’s daughter and how she is so worried about her mother and just wants to make her last bit of time on earth safe and comfortable.
" She was aware, more than anyone else the girl knew, that sometimes life was for living-not for taking time to judge and plan and weigh things up. "
This story is told in memories and present day format. It is mostly told by the primary character Susannah, but at times we also see things from her girl Judy. This sounds like it would be confusing, but it wasn’t. As an alternative it made this publication have even more tiers and even all the more real, as We was reading I could not get enough of it and kept wanting to know very well what happened to her. Whilst yes we know the girl makes it through all of the ordeals, but there was still that wanting to know how she made and how she kept going when she was surviving in a version of hell in the world. I’ve missed reading historical fiction, but I did not realize how much until I was about half way through and We realized that I experienced almost read a publication in less than two days which hasn’t happened for some time now. I also really like the writing of this story the writer did such a good-job and made you feel like you were really there with the character and viewing it all through her eyes. I’m sorry I am not saying much about the plot, but We can’t because I don’t want to give anything away about what she experienced to do to keep her and her family still living while living through that period in Germany as a Jew. I loved how she was so strong up until she just couldn’t be anymore. Her friendship with Ester was one that was good for both of them and showed that just possessing a little bit of wish can help you stay alive even when it seems everything in the world is against you.
" You must keep hoping, ” Ester says. " You have to do your very best to survive and hope that things will get better. Otherwise there's nothing-no point in living. "
Overall I would say that this is a book for everyone to read both young and old. It informs the horrors of the holocaust in a very real way without heading into too much details that would make the book too much to read. I hope to read more with this author in the future.
" I've spent too long feeling guilty about dwelling to feel guilty about dying now. "

Give thanks to you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an e-ARC of the publication in exchange for my honest review., The first chapter was a "getting to know" the characters in the book. When i read on I was amazed at how much I had forgotten in regards to a truly terrible time in our history!
Being an ex Marine who served in Vietnam it should remind us how easy it still is to become biased inside our feelings about and for other human beings.
Through my years working in automotive elements sales along side of numerous Jewish colleagues I expanded to respect and love these folks. We should never, ever forget what happened or might happen again in an time of such intolerance! A fantastic r read!!, A different view of a holocaust victim. It is relevant that for all survivors, even if the war ended, their lives continued. The horrendous war encounters hemorrhage into the future. How could they not? This novel is about Susannah who miraculously cheated death in Bergen-Belsen at the tender age group of 15. Struggling all through her life she chooses to make a last trip back to the earlier. An arduous journey that brings about the decision to tell her fact to her two produced children. Any story about that terrible time in history always darkens humanity as a whole and brings light to the strengths of some individuals who in spite of adversity appear to achieve the will to go on.
The writing is fluid but at times wordy. Nevertheless, from the great book to take the past into a modern world. So as we may remember and never repeat., A well written story of a women, who had been through the horrors of the Holocaust. You follow her journey in the present day, then memories take her into the darker past. This back and forth shifting of the plot, throughout the whole story, make for a great read. I would recommend this book., An interesting story, and an unusual glimpse into the post-war life of a Holocaust survivor that feels traditional. I'm unlikely to read anything else with this writer, though. The narrative was disjointed and moved around awkwardly in time. It takes almost all of the book ahead of the prologue makes sense, the book opens and closes with secondary characters as opposed to the primary character, and the writer's style does more 'telling' then 'showing', keeping the reader at arms' length from the energy of the story., This particular is a beautiful story. A courageous young female and her family pushed to deal with issues out of their control. You wanted them to succeed... some did, some didn't. I don't know how she could choose herself up and continue on with life. The girl had the help of a few good men and this was the story. Touching descriptions of the concentration camps. Properly done!., A touching story of a survivor of the concentration camp who journeys back to Germany and the camp where the girl happened in an try to make peace with her past as she faces her imminent death from cancer. So much of the book managed to capture what the primary character experienced yet some of it seemed forced or off key. For this reason We gave it four stars rather than five. Don't let that stop you from reading the publication -- it is well worth your while., This can be the second book I've read from Ray Kingfisher. Both inform the story of WORLD WAR II experiences. I've been very impressed with the stomach wrenching emotions that this individual is able to state through his writings. Your dog is been able to inform these stories from different points of view, remaining historically accurate. Having achieved a couple who have been through this horrible time in history, I was very taken with the details and situations that have been shared through his excellent skill.
We look forward to many more books out of this writer!

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