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Michelle Nagel has written a supportive and nurturing information with comfortable to put into action reparation practices. These procedures approach the healing process as well as have helped me acquire healthier perspectives, inward and outward. It variations my heart deeply to be given permission and encouraged to honor myself while forgiving others., This book was incredible! I had developed no specific expectations as such. I have a family member suffering with depressive disorders along with some serious health problems and was expecting it could have some ideas that might help. And then I decided I would read it so I could discuss the guide intelligently together. I found it so fascinating I truly had a hard time putting it down. I found a complete new perspective for myself and thoughts about dealing with this problem with them also. Fantastic!! Thank you., I really enjoyed this book. It gave very basic and simple steps to take to achieve your dreams. I would recommend this guide to anyone seeking to change their life, to go to the next level, or to forget about negative emotions., So many of the problems in life are because we can't get out of our own way! A must read for anyone wanting to overcome a traumatic past - or for anyone wanting to support a friend or loved one on their inner journey. The writer, Michelle Nagel, does a fantastic job of telling how she overcame the girl abusive childhood to declare her own power. I love how she provides step-by-step recommendations to clear the crap out of your life and embrace your potential. Definitely inspirational and motivational, but also very practical. Kind of like a how-to manual for identifying and overcoming the inner critic., If you prefer a guide that will help you take control of your lifetime This is it. This is told from the authors personal experience and it makes sense. This caught my attention from the get go and I could not stop reading it. I could not put it down until I had turned the final page. This book teachs you ways to take the negative in your life and turn your life around so it will be more positive. I would recommend that if you wish to change your life read this book., This is not merely another " rescue" book that promises magic if you simply read it. Instead, it is about how exactly to take totally responsibility for your life and in so doing, find happiness and joy.

Readers of this guide will learn about a process Michelle calls the " Soul Shift" which consists of specific steps, exercises and attitude changes that she developed to guide the reader into taking action to find peacefulness and heal life long wounds.

In this guide Michelle guides the readers in accomplishing their own INDIVIDUAL, unique " Heart and soul Shift", giving specifics on what worked for the girl.

Developing the " Heart and soul Shift " process required a lot of hard, painful work for Michelle. She experienced to work through a miserable childhood and the misuse (physiological, sexual, and psychological) that she experienced as a result of family members as two failed marriages took their toll on her emotions of self worth.

When you work with Michelle, life will make sense once againand you will leave your the darkness and into the light.

Celeste R. Phillips, RN, MSN, EdD, This book was a great read. The writer used illustrations of real people who were able to overcome important challenges in their lives by implementing simple, yet profound exercises and success principles.
Everybody has some kind of trauma in their lives, and often the memories of the people traumas keep them stuck and unable to move ahead. Suffering is optional, though, and this book is a great first step to coping with your own life., It's always good to remember that the things which happened to us during the past do not need to hold us back in the present and future. " Suffering Is usually Optional" is a good book that gives tools to those who really want to move past their traumatic and life shaping pasts and break free to achieve the life that they always wanted to have.

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