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This is about a slice of life book about a cheerleader who falls for a girl from lack of of the proverbial paths, and growing up.

It's a sweet book that transported me back to my high school days and nights, or at least the TV dramas about high school days. It clicks all the boxes required for the usual High College stories. There is a bunch of stereotype characters like the evil cheerleader captain, and the crazy evil girl who wears leather/denim all the time, though nearly all of the remaining characters generally have a motivation for behaving good or bad.

Sadly, hand in hand with transporting myself back to high school, it also elicited the same feelings I got during senior high school: I really wanted it to get rid of! Critically, this book is much too long. Not because it has a lot of meat to it, but because it has a lot of extraneous fat. This is the sort of book that needs to be edited for length.

When I read the comments before purchasing this piece, people said that it needs to be edited. I was wrong to feel that they meant grammar. What they really meant was that it tends to meander a lot about subjects who have no relevance to the primary plot.

For example: there were several paragraphs dedicated to one of the primary character's grandparents, who barely show up. I would be fine with it if those paragraphs helped build the character of the protagonist, but looking again, I still find no reason to feel that it enhances the character by any means. In fact quite a lot of the book feels like the author is writing about this interesting subject, then takes you aside to gossip about some of the figures (and it's not even gossip that matters to the primary story. It's just gossip. )

I have no problem with the author occasionally repeating the guide paragraphs of the figures, albeit reworded. As someone who has trouble keeping track of names, I find it helps me to get what's happening more, without having to go again several chapters, to remind myself that is being spoken about. That being said, you will have people who would have problems with this sort of thing. To them, I say: just skim those paragraphs, they're not intended for you, also it will not ruin your experience to just breeze past them.

Finally, In spite of my 2 star score of this book. I do recommend it to anyone who feels like they're alone in the jungle that is Higher School. If nothing else, it makes you feel like things will continue to work out. Perhaps not necessarily in the same way as this book does, but like everything else in this world in it's own unique and bittersweet way. (p. s. I docked it a star due to the ending. It's okay, but contrasts with the book's " realism". ), I found the book to be a light read with many cute and sad times as the relationship between the two main characters progresses. I discovered it a bit lacking in therms of personality depth. Most characters are discovered to a medium depth and i also could sense that there were big pieces of them that could have been found out given more book length or discussion. Jamie's interest in microbiology for instance is hand-waved throughout nearly all of the book. And while you don't doubt her interest in the topic to be honest, I do believe an opportunity was missed to make this part of the woman always-interesting inner dialogue. I dunno, I felt as if the book feel just a bit short on exploiting the assets it created.
It also reminded me tons to this other book titled Preserving you a Secret, by Julie Anne Peters. The plot in both textbooks is similar in wide therms but the execution is orders of degree more intense in Peter's version. Nevertheless , in retrospection I think Peters' book is much more gut-wrenching as it was written a few years before Tudor's, when society was actually so slightly more intolerant to homosexuality. It's amazing to take into account the huge difference some years more or less could have made for the characters of both books in therms of societal pressure., I loved this story of young love. Coming out in Kentucky which is as homophobic as it can get. The two main characters were charming and very believable. Over-all, a well written book., I am not amazed by the writing, definitely needs another round of proofreading. I also obtained bored with the repetitive use of phrases like 'she was nervous', 'completed the woman outfit' and 'I was surprised'. I think it could be a good story if the author developed her vocabulary more so that the discussion and descriptive passages illicited some excitement or interest.

I thought this may be a quick read but I find myself picking this book up every other 6 months just to see if it gets much better because I can't sit through it for more than an hour. However, keep in mind that and now I'm stuck looking forward to it to end in order to see what happens between these girls. That appears to be a cliche version of what may have took place to the author or someone she knew.

I might not recommend. Jessica Warman, Jennifer Weiner or Colleen Hoover are the creators I prefer.

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