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okay, This was a great quick read for myself. It isn't your typical book of short reports. The difference here is actually all true. Not really only are they all true, nevertheless they are all sufficiently creepy. The reports collected in this guide made me think twice about presuming anything about my seemingly sweet neighbors. I felt myself looking over my shoulder and thinking about how exactly some of these things could certainly be happening in my neighborhood. Away from all these twisted true tales, I enjoyed the stories about the twisted and ridiculous people out there. Might be that makes me twisted and crazy too, but I found it interesting to think about what makes people tick.
I breezed over almost all of the supernatural tales in this collection. They didn't appear as interesting or engaging, but it was cool to think about how exactly these stories of haunted homes and supernatural sightings were reportedly real.
Overall, I enjoyed this book. It absolutely was a fun little read and it also was interesting. I would definitely recommend this to readers buying good brief story collection and an insight into human nature. Sam Stall pulls the curtain back on suburbia and shows us the true hidden nature., I got a copy of this book to review from the publisher in exchange for an truthful review. This was a decent collection of stories involving ghosts, UFOS, murderers, serial killers and other strangeness all set in suburban settings.

The guide is broken into more effective sections:
one. InHumanly Houseguests.
2 . not The Ghoul Following Door
3. Hellish Commutes
4. Backyard Beasts
5. Really Eager Housewives
6th. Law of the Dead
7. Sundry Cul-de-sacs

The stories are told in a very reporter like style, good results . a tone of irony. They all start out by offering the location, date, time, and people involved.

The reports themselves are somewhat inconsistent throughout. That is to say, a few of the stories are debunked and some aren't... some of them are very thoroughly researched and reported on and some are just based on hearsay. Some are quite detailed and lengthy, while others are just quick clips.

I absolutely did not enjoy the first chapter of the book, the one on poltergeists. These stories were extremely repetitive and also very boring to read. Another section on serial killers was much more well done. Maybe it’s because the serial killers are real people and these reports involved a lot more pictures and real data and looked much more interesting. Presently there is just so much you can say about poltergeists, since by definition they are all kind of the same trend.

I also enjoyed the references to external resources. Like for the leather house, you were given information to look upwards the YouTube video within the Snake House (which I would recommend watching, it’s super creepy). It was kind of nice to be able to go out and get more details on the stories that were interesting to you.

The other thing I enjoyed were the images. Some of the reports have pictures throughout, they really drive home just how creepy these homes and people are.

As with many of these kinds of textbooks most of what is talked about is just maintained heresay and conjecture. Stall really does try to back the storyplot up with facts when they exist. I still found some of the stories to be somewhat hokey at times.

Overall it is a decent read if you like reading about creepy and undersirable things. This is a non-fiction bank account (at least as much as ghost haunting and UFOs can be non-fiction). To be honest though you could find out there about any of these things all on your own if you did an easy wikipedia lookup (which Used to do on a couple of the reports to get more information) and the stories are somewhat inconsistent in both quality of writing and content. Still, it’s kind of fun to have all the craziness and creepiness in one book though and would make a great coffee table guide or gift for the resident conspiracy or great fanatic in your life., Suburban Legends: True Stories of Murder, Mayhem, and Minivans by Sam Not work is being re-released being an e-book on October one, 2013, just in time for a few scary October fun. This is certainly one of those books packed with brief, easily readable stories that, and I am being honest here, are just plain fun to peruse from time to time. Most of the stories are known and not a new comer to this collection. Not one can make sleeping difficult, but several should give you a queasy feeling or at least acknowledging the gross-factor. (Certainly several did when they first came out in the news. ) The stories range from traditional stories of ghosts and unexplained phenomena, cryptozoological agencies, and urban legends to well-known stories of crazed killers. The collection is separated into seven sections and includes several photos.

Items include:

I. INHUMANLY POOR HOUSEGUESTS: The Prime-Time Poltergeist; The Little Girl in the Window; Disturbing Innovations; Guess What's Coming to Dinner?; Windbreaker of the Damned; Surreal Estate; The Haunting of 2115 Martingale Drive Ghost Dad; Terror by Design; Light The Fire; Make Room for Danny

II. THE GHOUL ACROSS THE STREET: Historic Preservation; Family members Guy; Demolition Man; The Randy Rabbi; The Sport of Death; Shreds of Evidence; The home of Scary

III. HELLISH COMMUTES: Side of the road Assistance; Resurrection Mary, Pretty Contrary; Close Encounters of the Worst Kind; Dying Takes a Holiday Inn; The Dead Zone; The Parkway Phantom; Our Lady of the Savings and Loan; Highway to Heck; The Devil's Lawn Schmuck; The Haunted Car; The Spectral Horsemen of Path 895; Making Tracks Via Devil's Swamp

IV. YARD BEASTS: Leaping Lizards; The Beast of Bray Street; Big Birds; Better River than Never; Hello Kitty; The Dover Demon; Attack of the Killer Spores; The Terror of Levittown; The Goatman Cometh; Snakes in a House; The Beast of Sunset Group of friends

V. REALLY DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Death Becomes Him; The Soccer Mom's Secret; Serial Mom; Love and Bullets; Rest in Pieces

MIRE. LAWN OF THE LIFELESS: The Backyard Boneyard; Tangible Evidence; Graveyard Shift; Frozen Asset; Army of Darkness; On Dangerous Ground; House Improvements from Hell; The Vanishing Pattersons; Groundbreaking Discovery

VII. SUNDRY CUL-DE-SACRILEGES: Ghosts "R" Us; Noise Pollution; You Want Frights with That?; Water, Water Everywhere; The Runaway Retention Pond; Hanging by a Twine; Ho, Sweet Ho; The UFO in the Loft; The Ring; Fly Apart Home; Lighting Up the Neighborhood

Obviously there are countless reports packed into a few pages so no person story is delved into in great detail or new facts researched and exposed. The tone is fun and informative - simply a guy sharing some weird stories with you. As Sam says, "You'll never look at planned communities the same way again. inches
Highly Recommended

[... ]

Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Quirk Books via Edelweiss for review purposes.

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