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The particular Subtle Body is a truly outstanding 5 star book, and a work of art of publishing and easy readability. In my view, it is an essential book about subtle energy and health/disease. The book is subtitled An Encyclopedia Of Your Energy Anatomy, however it is that and MUCH MORE. The particular book is beautifully and obviously written; and subdivided into 6 parts that contains 40 chapters each dealing with essential fundamental information on energy structures and systems - (the fields, channels, and bodies) -- that underpin our physical physiques and physical reality. Furthermore, this guide explores means of accessing the tools and techniques used to energetically change (heal) dis-ease and sickness examining techniques used in ancient times as well as today's modern-day ideas of subtle energy. The particular 10 pages of Information allows for additional detailed reading on any area of special interest. The substantial bibliography alone is worth the price of the book. The many color illustrations are of the highest caliber and quality; plus the publisher used high quality paper in the book imparting a wonderful feel to the reader.
On the personal notice, I am a practicing physician with more than 30 years experience as a specialist treating patients with pharmaceuticals and surgery. However, over the years I start to wonder why some patients healed, while others with the same medical diagnosis and treatment did not heal. A quest for greater knowledge sparked a journey that in the end lead me to learn Cyndi Dale and her work in healing. There are many books now in print on subtle energy, however, this book by Cyndi Dale is by much the most comprehensive, most researched, and best written book I have seen on the subject. In my notice it is essential reading for anyone who wants to participate in the next revolution in medicine.
James E. (Ed) Shotts, MD, I have bought many different energy based books, and used different energy based techniques, with great results.

Portion Touch taught me the significance of breath and how to move energy, and the principles of vibration and entrainment. EFT trained me how to discharge negative feelings within two minutes by tapping on specific energy points. Reiki trained me the significance of curing touch, and using Common Life Force energy very easily.

Matrix Energetics taught me the significance of intention, and active imagination. I could go on, Qigong, Reiki, Touch of healing, Yoga, Tibetans, Huna..

Here we have a visually stunning book, with great diagrams through. It supplies a complete energy system overview, and numerous diagrams, and chapters on anatomy, and different medical systems. It's important to know how energy correleates with anatomy, and this book does a great job of that.

It gives an overview of different practices. I particularly liked reading about shiatsu, which was discovered by a 7 year old Japanese boy who healed his mother of rheumatism, and I loved the explanation and diagrams of Reflexology. In addition , the description of chakras and how they work, and exactly what each one means is displayed in a very easy to assimilate format. Visually convincing.

You may also learn about Reiki, Qigong, and many more.

In training us on many different practices within one volume, we get the big picture, and so it is not a specialist book. For example, you will learn what ELEKTRONIK FON TRANSFERI is but not the tapping routine. If if you're like me, there is a couple of places where you might like more fine detail. If it had a bit more detail including the going routine, I would definitely give it five celebrities.

If you wish to explore energy medicine more, I recommend:

The particular Energy Medicine Kit   by Donna Eden, which shows energy screening being demonstrated, energy zipups and more advanced techniques, together with a five minute daily routine to boost your energy.

Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal (Third Edition)   by Richard Gordon.

Life Energy: Making use of the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions   by John Diamond MD, among the best books I have read on energy medicine, and a complete manual.

The Touch of Recovery: Energizing the Body, Brain, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu   by Alice Burmeister. Is actually Jin Shin Jitsu, a complete system, very easy to learn and use.

The EFT Handbook (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig is a simple going process useful for enabling go of troubling feelings. Imagine easily letting go of issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, forgiveness, stress, procrastination, traumas. [... ], and buy various books on Amazon.

The Emotion Computer code   by Bradley Nelson. Another complete system for releasing trapped feelings using magnets discovered by a chiropractor. A very well written book.

I hope this was helpful., This book presents the most advanced modern set of understanding about subtle energy. I am a Lightworker (healer who uses a variety of energies for helping others when requested and helping my family and myself. ) I. work closely with my husband who is a strong healer and is also a Western medical professional).
I do not tend to utilize this book as a guide. It is actually more detailed than I find useful in y curing work. Still it is facinating, a good backdrop book and a source of knowlege that I read periodically in full., Excellent, inspiring, very specific so any one can understand even the most abstract concepts without obtaining special programs or equipment
to imagine the discussed subject. That has an admirable collegial view on other creators, a broad bibliography and ft . notes for everything needed.
Definitely, the best I ever read on the subjected. Together with this book grew to be an arduous follower., I feel the explanations are not great and also as some other reviews have explained, clearer inforamtion could be found on the internet. I do not think this item is worth it., You will find a huge and extreme level of information. Since it is said in its title: it is an Encyclopedia of one's anatomy. Prior to looking into this guide I had no big idea about the similarities of the Incan, the Cyber, the Cherokee, the Judaism, the Indian, the Silk and the Chinese energy systems. This book is giving a great review on the biology of the body in the very first part and on energy anatomy with different charts in the following part. There is a great amount of knowledge in this book - covering everything from A to Z .. It is true: you can not become a certified accupuncturist by studying with this book however, you will gain a good amount of knowledge and will have an easy entry to this field. Cyndi Dales books are on the whole simply brilliant. I do love that one very much and I can only recommend it.

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