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Because someone who has given far too many f***s about far too many things their entire life, this book was exactly the wake up call I needed. Even as a child in elementary school, I would have a miniature crisis when I got a bad grade or if a friend was mean to me that day. As an adult, I got better at concealing these emotional upheavals and intense reactions to the world around me, nonetheless they never really went away with my maturity like I had hoped. I got to heart every disheartening news article I read and every crappy thing that happened to myself at the office or in school. I'd allow it consume myself, because I had been never told to live life any other way or that controlling my reactions was even remotely possible; I think it was simply a long lasting part of my personality. I always knew that it was mare like a vice than a virtue, but I felt like I couldn't fully control it.

Mark Manson's The Delicate Art of Not Giving a F*** employs a witty use of profanity laced with satirical comedy that's bursting with philosophical wisdom. Much of Manson's inspiration originates from nihilists, Buddhists, Albert Camus, and Charles Bukowski, but he brings those philosophies into a more modern and palatable point of view. He reminds us that a lot more too short to react so passionately about every little thing. We have a limited emotional capacity, and that we often squander it on reactions to mean-spirited people or unfortunate occasions, completely forgetting that, although we can't control the world around us, we can control ourselves. This particular book has empowered myself to exercise control over my reactions.

Shortly after reading this book, my husband mentioned at exactly how " zen" I've become. I'm no extended angrily venting to him or her about all the various ways the world upsets myself. I still allow myself to feel and talk about things that bother myself (I'm not aiming to achieve nirvana as a Buddhist monk), but petty things will no longer have a hold on me. I let the negativity clean over me now without letting it absorb into my soul, and my life has been much more enjoyable as a result.

I was so inspired at this time book and its beliefs, i wanted a long lasting reminder for myself to further ensure that I use my f***s sensibly from now onward. Regarding my birthday, I acquired this simple, but meaningful skin image on my right hand. The ∞ symbol jogs my memory of the infinite character of time and exterior space, and the zero on the bottom signifies humanity's relevance to as well as space as a entire. It can even be translated as don't make something (∞) out of nothing (0) or a reminder that there are infinite opportunities to provide a f***, but that I will remain steadfast in giving 0 f***s about things that don't really matter.

In case you are the type of person who's struggled to keep their temper in line or if you're like me and you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster because you take every event in the world and within your own life to heart, I strongly encourage you to read this book. If profanity is so much of a problem for you, that you can't tolerate reading the very first half of this book (the last half is much less profane) you're probably too narrow-minded to have used away any of the many philosophical benefits this book offers., Much of the writing in THE PARTICULAR SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING is tongue-in-cheek. Remarkably, nevertheless , there is a lot in this book that is SERIOUS. I understand, I know, with a name like that, it's hard to believe, but is actually true. Mark Manson actually makes quite a few substantive, helpful points.

Indicate makes it clear that your dog is NOT saying you should not care about anything. Not at all. What he is saying is that you should choose carefully WHICH things you care about: " This particular book will help you think a bit more evidently about what you’re choosing to find important in every area of your life and what you’re choosing to find unimportant. " Your dog is not suggesting we should be indifferent; rather, carefully deciding where to place our concern.

How you will pick your top concerns has functional consequences. Mark gives a real-world example with regards to a cranky person in the check-out line at the market. The elderly customer is making a large fuss about some minor thing. Why? Because they don't have anything else to occupy their time. If you don't have anything substantive to occupy your time, then it's unimportant stuff that bothers you: " Your ex-boyfriend’s new Facebook picture, how quickly the batteries die in the TV remote, missing out there on yet another two-for-one sale on hand sanitizer—chances are you don’t have much happening in your life... "

Mark suggests just picking a few big things--values and people that reflect your values: " What I’m talking about here is essentially learning how to focus and prioritize your thoughts effectively—how to pick and choose what matters to you and exactly what does not issue to you based on finely honed personal ideals. "

Much of life is about solving problems. They are inevitable, and that we shouldn't pretend that we can make them go away. The author does not have kind words for those embracing victimhood: " People deny and blame others for their problems for the simple reason that it’s easy and feels good, while solving problems is not easy and often feels bad. "

On a serious note, mcdougal relates a horrific experience from his youth, each time a drunken friend took a dare, hopped into a lake and drowned. " The most transformational moment of my life occurred when I was nineteen years old. " This tragedy directed to a determination to change the direction of his life, and determine what is most important: " Oddly, it was someone else’s death that gave me permission to finally live. And maybe the worst moment of my life was also the most transformational. "

The last area of the book has a serious tone--quite different in tone than the first part of the book. This part of the book is more philosophical. The author refers often to an e book, " The Denial of Loss of life, " (which became a Pulitzer Prize winner. ) In serious, heartfelt chapters, the author reflects on human existence, and our search for meaning in life.

All in all, I found THE SUBTLE ART to be a fascinating read. The creator writes well, and the book is not hard to follow. Don't be fooled by the title, however, a lot of this book is very serious.

Advance Review Copy courtesy of Edelweiss., There are a dozen of matters Indicate goes through in this book. Some of the main themes are these:

(1) Choosing what to care about; centering on the things/problems that are actually meaningful/important (= " providing a f*** about the right things" )
(2) Learning to be fine with some negative things; always striving for positivity isn't functional, and is stressful in itself
(3) Taking responsibility of your own life; it's good for your self-esteem not to keep blaming the circumstances for your problems
(4) Understanding the significance of honesty and restrictions, especially in relationships
(5) Identity; it might a good idea not to commit strongly to any special identification such as " an undiscovered genius", because then any challenges will make you fear the possible loss of that identification you've clinged to
(6) Motivation; how to improve it by accepting failure and taking action
(7) Death; how learning to be more more comfortable with their own mortality makes it much easier to live

The first twenty percent of this book were a bit boring to read, but after that, the experience was very absorbing. Simply like Manson's previous book (Models), I will give that one five stars.

(BTW this book wasn't as humorous ?nternet site expected. It was much more a significant than a funny book to read. The final chapters, discussing the acceptance of death, made me actually a little bit tense and troubled. ), Personally, I like this book and it helps me when I am having a rough day. It basically gives you permission to stop being a doormat. As a previous doormat, I need reaffirmation alot right now and this book can it.

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