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I usually thought of myself as a rational unbiased (usually) individual. This book confident me there can be a completely different story! My brain finds a way to give "objectivity" to my implicit biases. This is a well researched complete explanation of the "truth" behind our reasoning. Typically the book is Well worth the read. Easily easy to understand, well written, and often amusing; the author is superb., The best introductions to a work of non-fiction such as Subliminal are found when an author is sharing final thoughts. That will is why I usually read the epilogue or ultimate chapter first. Here is what Leonard Mlodinow has to say when ending his brilliant book:

"We choose the facts that we want to believe. We all also choose our friends, lovers, and spouses not just due to way we see them but due to way they perceive us. Unlike phenomena in physics, in life, events could obey one theory yet another, and what actually happens can depend largely upon which concept we choose to think. It is a gift of the mind to be extraordinarily open to accepting theory of ourself that pushes us in the direction of success, and even happiness. Plus so my parents did not sleep that night, while my father taught my mother to sew. inches

The details of that scene are best reveled within the narrative, in context, and have significance as long as you have thought about everything that Mlodinow has previously shared. I remain unconvinced that my subconscious brain rules my behavior or it rules Mlodinow's but I realized decades back that the subconscious was -- and remains -- one of the most powerful and yet minimum understood forces in neuroscience. Only recently has it been possible to quantify at least some of its influence on decision-making, for example. The Latin root of the term "subliminal" translates to "below tolerance, " suggests that there were a few curious souls who sensed, at least, that there was something other than reason engaged with choices.

One of Mlodinow's primary purposes is act as a travel friend for his reader during an exploration, in his words, "of our major heritage, of the unexpected and exotic forces at play under the surface of our own minds, and of the impact of those unconscious instincts on what is usually considered willed, rational behavior -- and impact that is much more powerful than we certainly have previously believed it to be. "

These kinds of are among the dozens of business subjects and issues of special interest and value to me, also listed to indicate the scope of Mlodinow's coverage.

o Interpretation of conduct (11-126, 38-41, 79-80, and 115-118)
o Collective behavior (26-29)
o Sensory suggestions for brain (45-51 and 96-100)
o Phonemic restoration (48-50)
o Groups (68-70 and 161-175)
o Aggressive behavior 92-96)
o fMRI (functional magnetic resonance the image (100-104)
o Perception (107-125, and 199-203)
o Influence of appearance (Pages 126-144)
o Aggressive behavior, in-groups, and, aware behavior (161-175 and 30-35, 42-45)
o Illusions (183-188)
o Introspection and self-identity (196-218)
o Motivated reasoning (200-214)

Mlodinow's narrative is lively and eloquent. However , Subliminal is by no means an "easy read but will amply reward those who read it with a combination of curiosity, attention, and patience. I re-read it before setting to be effective on this review and, just like a great novel abundant with compelling drama involving memorable characters, my mind selected up points of information, insights, and wit I previously missed. For non-scientists such as I, Mlodinow handles somehow to cover a great deal of important material without dumbing it down. In this context I will be reminded of the works of Richard Feynman and, more recently, Daniel Dennett.

Frankly, I have always been suspicious of "positive illusions" which, in my opinion, are in reality delusions. Mlodinow has convinced me personally that such positive illusions/delusions can sometimes help people to overcome or at least cope more effectively with unpleasant realities. The significance of this book will be decided almost completely by how receptive and accessible a reader is to substance that may be not familiar or inaccessible. Trust him and trust yourself.

Therefore, I urge you to read this book if you are curious for more information than you know now about (a) the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind, (b) how they interact and sometimes compete, (c) what their interactions and separate activities reveal about decision-making, and finally (d) how an increased (albeit incomplete) understanding of what is happening "below threshold, " ours and everyone else's. New knowledge and understanding wait for you, as do Leonard Mlodinow and his book. Allow journey of pursuit begin., A very interesting look at research on the unconscious which comes to an end on a very positive and optimistic note. Typically the unconscious, however, can also lead us down some very dark roads in our lives through complexes - our learned negative reflexes and instincts. " Turning the lights on" through self understanding in those dark places, where we habitually and *unconsciously* think the worst, can also lead us to a much better place. Yes, we are overly optimistic - at times - about ourselves and it can be an asset - sometimes. We also need to learn how to understand ourselves when the unconscious takes us down the wrong roads. I actually don't think this book addressed that enough. As a final note, if you make it through the last chapter and believe that someday you will fly or walk on water, you may need to seek advice from a real psychologist., This is a great pick up read. It's nice and brief, full of information. It won't burden you with unwanted details. Mlodinow sometimes inserts low brow humor into his work and it's no different here! Very good read!, I loved this book so much that I acquired the audio as well. The depth is incredible, I will read it over and over! I actually highly recommend this book and suggest you keep an open mind to all the goodies it offers. I'll be looking ahead to more books from this author and want to pre-order the upcoming book. Very pleased with my purchase and I'm 100% be certain to won't regret the one you have., I will be still processing this book. It's not easy to have the curtain of certainty ripped away that what you see through your eyes may be partially constructed by your own subjective mind, and even harder to break down the chance that true objectivity is impossible to achieve, in any situation. But it ends on a positive note - without an overly inflated sense of self, how would we get through the tough times?, I've had so many 'aha! ' occasions while reading this book. So interesting and it all just undeniably makes sense. I recommend to anyone that loves to learn! I do wish it went a little more detailed in the neuroscience of things, but it's nice because it's a fairly easy read for the average person. And it's great in case you are a professional as it's conceptually serious., I use not read a lot of this type of book but after reading some of the reviews decided to jump in with this. We have had a lot of interest in this area and with regards to sales, we do a lot of personal/professional development related to this field.

While the book is terrific for someone relatively new to the field, the beginning was laced with studies that the author went past normal interpretation into heavy speculation. Just a lttle bit of a stretch for my thinking at least. Right after those, yet , the book does a good job of trying to stay on topic and provide many thoughtful insights on recent and past studies, hooking up physiological phenomenon with sociology.

The book does challenge a lot of our autonomous reply system we take for granted and you'll always be taking a introspective look at you and your social interactions.

The ideas in this book help me every day to notice the subtle body movements, change in sculpt, passed judgement, and many others. Noticing these reflexes and cues, helps me personally intercept that reply system (sometimes too late) and put my own aware thoughts into the mix.

Definitely recommend to all readers except those most versed in this issue.

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