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As the parent of a transgender adult, this was the first book I read after my daughter arrived out to our family. It truly is beautifully written, thoughtful, informative, funny, and reassuring, and was a huge help each time when I was trying to understand my daughter's struggles, as well as deal with my own. It made me believe that a world that had just already been turned upside down to me would be righted in whatever the new " right" would be. I have given the guide to friends so that they can better understand what this means to be born transgender. The entire experience has made myself really think about something i always knew: I love my children no matter who they are and how they express themselves. Specially, in this case, where my child has fought so deeply and has anguished so much just wanting to be who she was born to be. Thank you Jennifer!, This specific book held my attention from beginning to conclusion. It inspired me to go back and read Boylan's first memoir, which I also liked.

In many ways, Boylan's transition was different than those of many trans* memoirs, because the girl and her wife stayed at married. The process of coming to words with her identity necessarily involved her wife and daughters, which added all types of issues and joys that individual people transitioning don't have. The enormous empathy she shows for her family also makes this book special. Without having minimizing her very own struggles, the girl is clear-eyed about the expense of those struggles to people who really didn't sign up for that, but who stuck with her anyway.

The first memoir focused on Boylan's own story, with the family issues coming in as needed to make that showing true. This book is the other way around, focused on the family issues, with details of her transition only present when necessary to explain something specific that took place.

It's a brave guide, beautifully written, and truthful in ways that are not always comfortable to read. And to top it off, there is an afterword written by her wife, who shows himself to also be an articulate, charming, and interesting writer., I really enjoyed this guide. I've read her other two (post-transition) and then her novel written as James Boylan. Therefore I am definitely a huge fan of the author. I did not see this guide as simply a re-hash of " She's Not necessarily There" or " I'm Looking though You. " I thought " Stuck in the Middle" offered some interesting insights that only time and point of view will offer. Also, the interviews can be a addition to the memoir style. Very insightful and just fun to read. I may be biased as I train college-level gender and family communication, but definitely worth the read if you are interested in how transitions affect families or in how all families experience feeling different., Reads like a long conversation with an old friend; anyway, a friend who will almost all of the talking! Associated with all her three memoirs, this one is probably the most intellectually prying and detached, no small achievement considering it is also the most intimate and personal. It's also fiercely funny at points. This time around the story is not only the story the journey of Jenny and her better half and children, although that is told again and TMI relief, but an exploration into the meaning and impacts of all of our parent-child relationships and the gender filters through which we view our lives. Thankfully, the issue of sexual category seems to require a back seat in that one and perhaps that is ultimately the point. Time, age, and perspective make this one the most in a big way mature of three excellent books in her memoir series. Jenny is now so comfortable in her own skin, and seems so happy in her own life, that now can come reflection and the quest for understanding., I was thrilled when I received my copy of "Stuck in the middle with you". I'd read "She's Not There" earlier and was taken in by the authors story and how she was able to alter her life's path, preserve her marriage and be a good parent to her two children.

"Stuck In The Middle" describes her being a parent and how doing so influences the very core of a person. Some parts of the narrative really struck home since I'd experienced many of the same things when I became a parent. One part that really stood out was her amazement that the clinic staff allow them to just walk out with their infant and felt like that they had pulled off a lender job.

One of the things I loved most about the book were the conversations with people such as Edward Albee, Ralph James Savarese and Richard Russo about the nature of parenthood, what's a father, what's a mother and what child-rearing is and how it shapes our lives and the lives of our children.

One theme that I saw was a common experience of child-rearing and that even if sexual category lines are blurred, a parent is someone who provides unquestioning love for their child regardless of the challenges. The section where Ralph James Savarese described the challenges of raising an autistic child was very inspiring.

I was deeply moved by the book and highly recommend it to all., This specific is a sequel to " She's Not There", and me not as good because it covers ground covered in the previous book. Still, Microsoft. Boylan is a great writer and can make anything sound fascinating. Typically the main thing that supports with me from this memoir... is how, after she became a lady, she kept being started out of bands the girl joined. As a man, even a middle older man, as a rocker in a band, a talented musician, Jimmy received a lot of satisfaction and joy from enjoying in a band. Since a middle aged lady... well, in our society, middle aged women are just not cool, especially in a rock band. Welcome to life over here, Jennifer. I wondered whether life as a woman was all Ms. Boylan dreamed it would be. I might ask her questions basically could. Still, her life is good in many ways... as a college British professor... as the parent of exemplary, talented, intelligent children... in a caring, committed marriage that has weathered storms that could wreck most marriages. Ms. Boylan is so likable, so good natured, explains things so well, it was a pleasure to spend time in her company, in the form of reading another memoir, once again.

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