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This guide is about the most overlooked aspect of the writer's craft - the fiction novel structure. Several newbie writers, and I actually was one of them, just start writing tales without realising how easy you should fall into multiple traps that would ruin their books. Some of us have a fantastic inbuilt sense of the structure, others, like myself, not so much, yet every writer needs to learn about the guidelines of storytelling at least to know why our stories are missing something or simply fail to appeal to the reader.
KM Weiland methodically goes through the macro- and micro-structure of the novel. First, she tells us meticulously about the architecture of the three-act plan stories and all the important elements of it, e. g. first plot point, inciting event, climax, resolution. Then, the lady writes about the structure and dynamics of the scene and the two types scenes and their variations. Finally, she covers the micro-structure at the level of sentences and the normal signs of the clunky prose.

I have started following Katie's blog for writers, Wordplay, years ago and I think I've learned from the girl almost all of the techniques referred to here before I even started reading the guide.

"Structuring Your Novel" is a distilled and well-organised digest of dozens of Wordplay blogposts and KM Weiland is unquestionably the right person to give us her expert opinion. She is a successful historical/speculative fiction writer, so a lot training comes from the girl own experience.
I congratulate the author with this new brilliant guide for writers, I'm sure it will help many of us become better writers., Excellent book. Right on point. The examples I think assistance to clarify the understanding the author was seeking to communicate, which is great for beginners. I actually feel the authors tactical layout of her illustrations makes it easy for the more advanced someone who has more experience with the concept of structuring can/could skip the examples without bogging down their reading. Nevertheless , the last 3 rd of the book regarding scenes left me a bit bewildered. The communication became broken and hard to follow, leaving me as a reader a bit puzzled and lost. I provided it a 4star rate due to last 3 rd of the book. I really do want to note that I actually did buy the workbook and outlining your novel plus workbook. KM Weiland is a spot on instructor regarding writing and helping a writer establish themselves with confidence to writer their books. Even though the last part of her book was a bit off, I still recommend her books. You WILL walk away with information you did not have before you read her books and it will be of profit to you in the long run., " Structuring Your Novel' by Nited kingdom. M. Weiland is really enjoyable, not like a stiff boring textbook. It is difficult for me to put down and I've read about a quarter of it, which according to Weiland, is where the first plot point of a novel should be. Perhaps that is why We are inspired to write a review for his book.
He makes the strength parts a novel interesting to learn about, like the characters he tells you to write about, that you should treatment enough about them to describe them well. He obviously cares about the strength parts of the novel due to powers they hold, such as propelling the reader forward to want to know what happens next to the characters. Foreshadowing is another structural element that Weiland discusses early on in the book.
Although I want to race through this book because it is so enjoyable, I feel reading it slowly, training writing using some of the structural elements as I read about them, and taking notes. If the relax of the book is really as good as the first part, then I'm sure it will have recently been, like finding out who the murderer is in a gripping who-dun-it novel, a satisfying use of my time.
I use a method of writing called 'free writing' which is very the generation of any ideas and placing it on paper, but I get writer's obstruct. This book by Weiland, plus another method of writing called 'object writing' are helping me to get over the obstruct., I found this as the single-most helpful book about writing novels that I actually have ever read -- and am have read my fair share. Weiland's book is completely understandable, presented realistically and frequently it's even funny! (a big deal for the sometimes dry educational works out there). She highlights everything you should know to plan and execute your story. With out this fundamental structure right behind your story, you have no hope of writing a totally killer novel. I can't even think about how I managed to plot and execute six different books without first reading this one.

There are a ton of other more comprehensive and informative reviews already out there, so I won't repeat the same things. Basically you don't need to know it, but you need this book. Trust me. Whether you've just begun plotting your earliest novel, or like me, you're starting if you're hundredth this book will help you take your writing one stage further. Great job, Microsoft Weiland!, Structuring Your Book: Essential Keys For Writing An Outstanding Story by K. M. Weiland is a recipe for creating history elements. K. M. makes use of examples from Pride and Prejudice and selected videos as her illustrations. That is a helpful how-to book that will motivate many beginning writers. That is straightforward to read.

I actually give this five out of five stars for its excellent presentation of complicated concepts. Every writer can go to it when they are caught and desire a reminder of the basics., I have both the e-book and the paperback which is good because the paperback fell apart so I'm missing about 100 pages. Thank goodness for options in book formats!
This really is required reading for all writers. I've recently been following Katie for a little bit, years, but there have been additions-especially in the second half-that were very revealing and obviously took great effort on her behalf part to gather collectively examples and make clear succinctly.
I've read shelffuls of writing textbooks and this is in the top five.

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