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I purchased this book a couple of years in the past, and thought the exercises looked too easy to start out with, so put it away. I mean, how hard is a body weight bridge?
A year later I completed the Lift Like a Goddess plan and looked for something new. I dragged out there this guide and decided to give level 1 a go. Yes, the number of exercises were shorter than I was used to, and am didn't come home from a health club feeling smashed. I left each time sensation I could give more.

However, don't be tricked by the shorter workout routines! I found I could not do more than 6 body weight bridges without having a cramp. To attempt even one holding a weight on my stomach was large impossibility. So I happily stayed at level one and worked through it consistently. The next day each work out, was I ever painful.

Within 15 days I found myself getting stronger. And then, so surprisingly, I maintained a proper squat. I use severe scoliosis and a damaged Achilles' tendon because of to surgery on my leg for the scoliosis and am have never recently been able to squat without falling over. Lunging - fine. Squatting, Number On the other hand, building the glutes muscles meant I was now stable enough to lift. And my knees no longer caved in. Now I can squat with a 35 kg barbell no problem at all. Next, I found that after 2 years of attempting chin episodes, I finally managed one and now can do 12, with a brief break between every 2 or 3. I think the back strengthening work in this programme finally made it all come together for me, even though arm work is not big. The programme I was on was arm heavy (as most programmes are) but, as Brett has realised, most women battle with their butts, and arms will naturally improve as you use those bigger muscles more. This makes sense, but I was a little worried stopping all that arm work. Until I finally managed chin episodes which are out of reach of most ladies, even those doing arm work daily.

I have now done 3 of the programmes in this book, and in a few weeks, will finally begin the advanced programme. This said not to try it till you could glute lift about 62 kg. That's a laugh, I thought at the time as I couldn't glute lift my own bodyweight more than 6 times. Well, I've exceeded the 60 kg goal weeks ago and now glute lift 75 kilogram. My jeans are smaller, my butt is no longer saggy, I have abundant energy, I spend lower than 2 hrs in the gym per week, my legs are tight all over, I've changed shape all over and, wait around for it - Now i'm 49 years old!!!

Thanks Brett for the best plan out there!, I just got the book so I can't say too much as far as results, but I'm glad I performed buy it. It transformed the way I exercise., LOVED this book. Zero nonsense book that fully supports claims w/ clear science. Something for all experience levels. I use already recommended this book to family and friends., i love this book. If the author can insert the photo inside the book not at the conclusion of the book, that will be even better, Great body-building manual so far, I am definitely seeing results after a few several weeks. Took the advice of another reviewer and spiral-bound the pages so that one could flip back again and forth easily to the different exercises. I added sticky tabs to my favorite pages. Cannot say enough about how exactly great I feel, when I complete my sets each day. Suggest this to any woman wanting to contour their body and feel invincible!, For the past ten years I have already been endurance training. All distances in triathlon, with 2x Ironman surface finishes, multiple road races including 2 marathons. So, with very little time and energy to build muscles, and a needed break from endurance training, I decided to head back to the weight room. I uncovered Bret's book Strong Curves on his blog site and ordered it immediately! One would think after 10+ years of running, my butt would be rock hard and I would have no cellulite. Right? completely wrong! Sadly just the opposite. While cycling did help activate the glutes and quads, I still have a long way to go in glute development! I am devouring Solid Curves, loving the colorful pictures of Kellie demonstrating all the fantastic exercise moves to train and strengthen the posterior cycle and upper body. I can't wait to spend some needed time implementing Bret's program in Strong Figure at the gym, so I can get back again to running and biking with new, smarter figure for more power on the road!, Great book, really helps you understand how to improve your body and build muscles, I love this guide! I have done the " Curves" series and it has done more for my posture than many a yoga class. Absolutely clear step-by-step instructions for exercises and workouts created for WOMEN, meaning, easy on the arms and chest there, focus on the power of the glutes, hamstrings and quads! I also that way the book stimulates sticking with a program lengthier than 4-6 weeks -- try 4 - 6 months.

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