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Although I've never met Adam Retarides in person, we've chatted on FB, we know many of the same people, and we seem to obtain along pretty well on the Internet. He's the fellow armwrestler and I think his / her message board posts usually are funny, so in almost all honesty I bought the guide to support a friend and fellow puller and failed to expect much. I've acquired enough ebooks at this cost point to where if I learn one thing, We call it a win. That will said, this book is the STEAL! I was blown away not only with typically the quality from the information but the formatting as well as the obvious and concise explainations. Trying to explain armwrestling in order to someone via pictures and written words is the steep task and We was able to grab the book and effectively implement two of typically the techniques at a competition the week after concluding it. Keep in mind, I failed to even practice between completing the book and typically the tournament because I used to be relaxing up.

There is the wealth of information in this book so unless most likely a mult-time WAF champion, I'd recommend you pick it up because a person will definitely learn something brand new. I've been pullin since late 2008, have taken part in GripSport since june 2006, and have been training weights for nearly 20 yrs and there were a number of exercises that I'd never ever seen. For example, typically the up pressure shoulder workout he describes is the gem and I'd end up being shocked anybody but your most experienced pullers experienced ever even heard of this. I also really liked James' section on mental preparation. I hate relaxing up as I really love doing exercises but We know it's essential to end up being successful. Since I couldn't train my body this last week, I decided in order to " train my focus" by concentrating on excerpts from this section and visualizing strategies for anticipated opponents. I've often observed that the best sports athletes can turn their give attention to and off so since to not wear themselves out but people discuss about it as whether it's an immutable trait. We felt like James' guide offered me a foundation on how to develop not only my focus but wire in an on/off switch. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anybody that armwrestles and inside my opinion the only point more essential for coaching is an armwrestling table.

Josh Dale, VERY MINIMAL. This is a very good book on getting started out in arm wrestling, and has some good tips on effective training methods. BUT, because the author indicates even in the start, the book is actually the very poor method to demonstrate technique and training techniques. As the author well understands, describing the complexity regarding arm wrestling movements along with pictures and words is difficult (I would state impossible). SO, look at this book as the general " primer" for arm wrestling before you decide to sign up for an arm wrestling club or something just so you are familiar along with some of the moves and training techniques. Getting good at arm struggling is about application, experience and LOTS of time on the arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling is IMMENSELY complex at the professional level and there is SO MUCH MORE in order to it than is presented here. A few of this MAY POSSIBLY help you beat typically the local bums at typically the bar (after your ass has a few drinks) but it won't assist you to win a real arm wrestling tournament.

THE TROUBLE: The problem which i experienced were with how the methods were presented. The Push Techniques for instance has been poorly presented. In the good press, the move should be done directly towards typically the opponent (not at a great angle). There are few guys in the planet that can turn in and press towards the pin pad. The best method to do this is not really by using your tricep whatsoever, but by producing the ability through your glenohumeral joint with your fingers since high as possible and 'punching' through the room created between your opponents glenohumeral joint and elbow and aiming your power just outdoors of your opponents glenohumeral joint and by driving your elbow forward on typically the pad at the exact same time. Also, the straight hand (classic) press has been not even presented. Typically the Flop Wrist press has been only shown, and this is a highly harmful method of unorthodox technique. (That's not to state that a handful regarding pros out there usually are using it with achievement like Jerry Cadorette for instance. ) Good fortune seeking to win at the flop wrist press with out experience!!.... possibly end upwards in the Emergency Space!

Like ALL of typically the arm wrestling books that will I've read, it has extremely limited information for anyone getting seriously into the sport from technique, to type, to training. Considering exactly how much James knows regarding arm wrestling, it's a disgrace that he didn't take those opportunity to literally reveal ALL that he knows from finger and thumb positioning, strap pulling dynamics, clentching up, setting up for different movements, presenting sides, pin routes, inside and outside arm wrestling designs and variations of concluding movements.

As I mentioned, this is a very good book for a novice but for a seasoned arm wrestler like myself, this falls way in short supply of exactly what I would consider the " good book on arm wrestling. " We won't make use of it since a reference. Well i guess, that's pretty much why it can only . 99!

This can be the last kindle e-book I will ever buy. Not because book is no very good, even though there is NEVER a decent amount of information on anything in all of them.

Buy the book if a person are a newbie in order to arm wrestling. If a person arm wrestle competitively previously, you'll learn a lot more by training and competing that looking over this " skim" about arm struggling., This is a should have book for typically the aspiring armwrestler. I'm a great ACSM certified fitness trainer who else has had the chance to train with a few of the world's best armwrestlers and athletes like Devon Larratt, Eric Spoto and Allen Fisher. With that said ,, Strong Arm Tactics is the real deal.

If a person are an armwrestler who else doesn't have a higher level mentor or coaching partner in the sport, this book is pure gold. Reading, understanding and implementing James ideas will certainly help steer you inside the right direction whenever it comes to building a good foundation in typically the sport.

The bottom line is that I observe Strong Arm Tactics since being informative to armwrestlers on every level, so get it and enjoy it, I know We did., I read through this book in one sitting down (in a treestand during a rainstorm in archery season) and was intrigued on how easy this was to read but very informative. With minimal background in AW typically the book answered a lot of questions I had developed regarding technique and various forms if training used. We can't wait to build some AW training in to my powerlifting and hold sport training! Overall the great book and extremely recommended!, Great book. We found this book extremely good good value. Not just is it jam jam-packed with a a comprehensive portfolio of info from arm wrestling moves to strength conditioning it is usually a very engaging read. i never write the bad review for the book because if We dont like it We remain silent, but when I do write a evaluation it means I really like it. Id also recommend this book for more advanced arm wrestlers not just beginners. Why? Properly, because its a very good read thats why., Very informative, lots regarding detail in this guide. Obviously it wasn't written for a huge viewers, but it's definitely worth a glance for those fascinated in arm wrestling and grip sports too.

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