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Right after reading this I am still unsure if it was intended to be written as a stream-of-consciousness recalling of the reporters time in Congo or something else. The writer rambles from bad situations to worse situations with no sense of joy or even accomplishment. I regularly found myself wanting to comprehend whether he was speaking of what was happening at the time or occurred in the future or had happened in the past. The message We did get was that Congo is and has been chaos: politically, financially and morally. What We didn't find was the actual motivation was for him. It seems like a form self flagellation for some reason that this individual doesn't reveal. Basically this individual claims " I was bored and decided We wanted to be a journalist and thought Congo would be a nice spot to go. " The book reads like one of those nightmares you struggle to awaken during but aren't. He he lives in squalor and regular worry of robbery or loss of life. He meets individuals who have no hope. Everywhere people are using whatever they can to survive including robbing and cheating. If this individual is to believed the atmosphere figuratively and virtually is murky. I aren't recommend this book., We purchased this book for my new kindle after hearing Anjan Sundarum on the Jon Stewart show. So glad I do. A few years in the past Sundarum, a math student at Yale, of Native indian descent and born in Dubai, decided to change his path and immerse himself in the Congo, aka the Belgian Congo under King Leopold and Zaire in the reign of Mobutu, who had assassinated, with CIA acceptance, Patrice Lumumba, the state's best wish for a real democracy. This is the Congo backstory that Sundarum uses as his touchstone.

Sundarum chose a living arrangement with a family in one of Kinshasa's slums (he had necessary for a good accommodation, nor did he want one), slowly developed his contacts, and became a stringer for the Connected Press, traveling to places in the lawless precious metal and diamond-rich country where important journalists never embarked.

What he produced in " Stringer" is far more than a tale of a young man's adventure. That is an illuminating bank account of how, and why, one African country endowed with great natural souple has continually failed to lift its people away of poverty. The leads to are complex. Occasionally We found Sundarum's reasoning somewhat too pat. But this individual succeeds brilliantly in detailing the Congo like no other writer I've read., In 2006 at twenty two years of age, having just managed to graduate from Yale in math concepts and being offered a lucrative career in a financial institution, Anjan Sundaram becomes of aware of the great carnage of the war in Democratic Republic of the Congo (often referred to as Congo) and being young idealistic and not aware of his own fatality decided to embark on a career as a journalist and room with the brother of any lady who worked at his bank. Sundaram purchased a one way ticket to Congo without having anchored a position for a news agency.

Stringer begins with Anjan chasing boys through the streets who has stolen his phone. He or she is unable to recover it and things go from bad to worse. The memoir becomes The Perils Of Anjan in the Congo. I wanted to encourage him to go home and assure him that his parents would welcome him and a life in a financial institution could not be all bad. This individual did however stick it out and he do get started to find success as a journalist even though he continued to find himself in dangerous situations he didn't back away.

I did find his description of life, politics and world dynamics interesting and enlightening:

"We currently are now living in what some say is the 4th Great Pillage--others call it the Fifth or Sixth. The world now needs cell phones, and Congo contains 60 percent of known reserves of an essential metal called tantalum. It is the curse: each progress on the planet produces some new suffering. "

I encouraged anyone considering the Congo to read this and if you are considering learning more about this book and author has a site when you can access other articles written by him and videos in which he appears.

[... ], We have a new fascination with the Congo since I first visited it in the 1960s. We was there roughly the same time frame as when Belgium missionaries were killed and ritually cannibalized. Over a period of a couple of years I observed conditions that are unchanged today according to this guide. For example, on the international airport stairwell ascending to the other floor restaurant was a bathroom. When I first saw it the stairwell was pockmarked with bullet holes and blood spatters and the bathroom lavatories were non operational and overflowing; two years later nothing had changed but the toilets were in daily use. I needed a Congolese drivers license which necessitated a trip to the outskirts of Leopoldville (now Kinshasa); the army camping where I got the license was patrolled by child soldiers carrying rifles. The tragedy is that nothing has changed in 50 years; in fact they may have worsened. Yet this country and it people fascinate me and it tugs at my heart strings. A unhappy, memorable and extremely well written book in regards to a people that the world has written off. A great read.

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