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Honestly I wasn't sure what to anticipate when I started reading this book. I enjoy Cora Brent and i also dropped in love with the Gentry boys from the very beginning but moving on to the next generation was an uneasy transition for me. Might this generation live upward to the tall roof that Cora has built with the previous generation? Yes, yes she do and she did in spectacular fashion. Strike was anything but a disappointment. I loved that we have got to see a tiny snipit of the boys we all became adoringly obsessed with but it was fabulous to get to know these new characters. Cami and Dalton were a fun ride with just the right amount of strength. Truly loved this book and can't wait for the next. Thank you Cora for another amazing effort., This book was good. But I'd be lying if I was more excited to stil read more about the triplets. I still love their stories. They were the beginniing and will always be my favorite., Fantastic book, Love all the woman books! Can't wait for the next one!, Very good book I just needed more of them with each other. I liked the Medlock boys books particularly the very first one. It will be interesting to see what is next for this family., It is so amazing to be back again in the Gentry world. I was so thrilled that Cora Brent was going to continue with the Gentey family by writing Gentry Generations and the initial book Strike do not let me down.

We start this series with Cord and Saylors daughter Camille or Cami. One of their twin daughters. Cassie being the missing half. Camille has been studying Writing but lost her internships during the summer so decided to return home. Deck was able to get her employment in a spa on the floor of a very exclusive holiday resort and this is where she meet Dalton.

Dalton was a pro baseball player until and damage put a stop to his dreams and his relationship with his fiance. He took the job as manager in the exclusive club until this individual got his real dream up and running.

There is instalove, hot sex and we even get to see some of our favorite Gentry's along the way. Cora really were able to grow these two characters well. I loved that Dalton was Alpha but not in our usual overpowering way. He never tried to control Cami and always encouraged her.

Their connection devloped quickly but it worked for these two. I look forward to seeing who Cora made the decision to write next., I am Home!!! I'm Home!!! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* It feels so good to be back in the Gentry fold!!!

First book in the Medlock Generations and exactly what a fantastic start it is.

First up is one of Cord Gentry's twins Cami.

Cami has been off studying Journalism. She's at home for the summer after losing her summer job at a newspaper. The girl Uncle Deck has maintained to get her a job at the local spa resort where she meets the resorts exclusive nightclub manager Dalton Tremaine. Cami has always heard her mom say about a lightening strike when you find the one but she never expected it at this time in her life.

Dalton is running the nightclub for his closest friend Griffin who he met during his time playing pro baseball. After an accident minted him out of the game he's doing it to fill time whilst this individual tries start-up a training facility for kids to get pro baseball training. As soon as this individual gets a glimpse of Cami he knows she's different. They have been stung by his ex but he knows Cami is nothing like her.

The particular resort is very exclusive hosting high profile superstars and politician's, of course where they are there's always scandal. Somehow Cami and Dalton get trapped up amidst it. Cami being a natural reporter starts asking questions that could put her life vulnerable.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek i was so excited for this and it did not fail. The Gentry series is within my top 10 series of all time and this is looking like it can heading there right along side it.

I always felt like i was part of the Gentry's. I know that noises cray cray but i really do. The way it's written you are feeling like you know these people and reading their children's stories offers me massive warm fuzzies!

Cami is amazing much like her parents. I love how respectful of them she is also it would make my heart soar to see it! Those triplets drawn themselves out of the dirt poor life they had and have were able to raise the best kids ever. I loved the interaction in the family. Cami and Cassie are so close much like twin babies should be. I enjoy how they sense each others feelings it's wonderful to see. Now Daddy Cord!! He is so different than what i thought he would be and just how this individual is with his women actually brought tears to my eyes. Cami is strong and confident and i honestly just loved the woman!

Dalton is an amazing addition to the family. He's so sexy i kept imagining him in his baseball gear... phewwwww The loving scenes were wowzers HOT! after all wall structure, window, bed, rug... there's plenty to keep your temperature up to sizzling just like in the desert! I loved how rational he was and stage headed. Even when Cami tests his patience this individual knew she was worth it.

The plot was sweet and filled with love but it was also thrilling and had twists and turns. I was held wondering who the low quality trades were. The writing was impecable as always!

I actually loved the partnership that Cami and Dalton had it absolutely filled my center right to the top.

Seeing all the other Gentry's in here just made me sigh with happiness and I'm really really excited to keep seeing them throughout this series. I love the family gatherings!

We are also thrilled to see more of Dalton's brother Hale. He sound's yum meeeeeee!

Massive highly recommend series! I do not think you need to have read the Gentry series to read this one but honestly you would be missing out on among the best series' ever!, The particular Second Generation is here and it might be better than first!! I was a huge fan of the Gentry's and cannot handle how much I am loving seeing the children get their HEA.

Cami is reluctantly home for summer time after an internship in NYC fell through. Thankfully for her, Uncle Deck continues to have all the contacts on earth to pull off getting her a summer time job at a local resort at the final minute. Cami has always been the main one to ask every question she gets which will make her a fantastic journalist someday but can also get people into a lot of trouble when they ask the wrong questions about the wrong people. Dalton is a former professional baseball player currently biding his time managing a nightclub on the resort environment until they can make his longterm dreams come true. Neither Cami nor Dalton were prepared for the lightening bolt that would struck them when they met, just like Saylor said it would happen.

This specific book required me to finish before I possibly could even think about going to sleep. I actually loved seeing the Gentry's as parents and exactly how their children have grown upward. Cami is smart, inquisitive, and independent. Dalton was a totally swoon deserving guy- protective, sweet, and a little dirty. Saylor was right that love can hit like lightening and I felt every single second of the connection between both of these. I actually never thought We would love the next generation more than the first but I definitely think that Cora Brent topped the Medlock Boys with the brand new series and I can't hold out to see what's waiting for the rest of them!

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