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This guide is user friendly, well written and well thought out. It shows that Obama chose his Secretary of the Treasury very wisely. The detail is amazing, but not in the least boring. That reads like a novel. Geithner was the exact right man for the job, already skilled and savvy in the ability of how to go about rescuing nations from monetary crisis. This is well worth the read and impressive. Geithner emerges as a very likable and admirable human being, who just happened to be in the right time and location to save us from Depression 2. 0., Overall I really liked this book. Although Tim Geithner is not an writer and his style is definitely not of a thriller, the portrait of the crisis from his view definitely plays a role in the overall understanding of the economic crisis of 2008.
This publication should not be used as " stand-alone" but read in the context of all the other ones out there about the crisis itself. It helps one to form their opinions in a clear and more fair way in my opinion.
Finally, this publication also help show that the work of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and other institutions that prevented the crisis relied on many people who never get recognized for their effort and many hours helping make this country better. My admiration and honor only got bigger after reading this article account., Tim Geithner presents a very personal account of the financial crisis and the post occurences. It was a great story that made me feel like i was there in the room as it happened. It can get technical at times but Tim can help you go through to understand. A new must read for those wanting to be familiar with celebrities involves., This book is the single best insider look at the events leading upwards to the economic crisis that was unleashed in September 2008. Mr. Geithner's text message is well written, often humorous, and clearly explains the policy dilemmas faced by the Federal Reserve (Bernanke), the U. S. Treasury (Paulson), and the FDIC (Baird). The publication is not technical and can be read by anyone enthusiastic about one key person's insights and role in events prior to the global financial crisis and actions taken through 2012. Mr. Paulson has posted his views from Treasury and that we are waiting for Dr. Bernanke to do the same for his role as Fed leader. For now, it is not possible to understand how actions taken by both the Federal Reserve and Treasury prevented the real estate collapse from creating a lot more monetary damage than it did without reading this book., I greatly loved Mr. Geitner's book as it was informative and well written. Most stimulating was his humility and private observation not only of his faults and bookings of himself but his forthright and clear description of the events he or she inherited but the plans and programs he created and instituted, some successful and some not. We was also impressed together with his wide and impressive use of his substantial language.
I would make two critical observations and that is he would often repeat the " message" he was attempting to communicate in order to " hammer" it home which would become a bit tiresome and the read too " wordy" but this was minor in phrases of the over-all enjoyment.
Don Baer, We found the narrative to be interesting, even convincing, given the subject matter. Getting lived through the Great Recession myself, it was enjoyable to see what the principal players were doing behind our backs. Still, I was not completely convinced that the " stress test, " whilst it might have solved a basic misconception within the banking and financial sectors did not address the other fundamental crises within the U. S. economy. In fact, the writer, much to his credit, admits that even the most stringent and heroic measures undertaken by Bill Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Mister. Geithner and many other financial experts were not able to stop the substantial layoffs and financial perturbation that affected many hundreds of thousands of men and women during that period... and perhaps that is the bigger story of which Mr. Geithner's excellent account is but a part., As long as you understand and acknowledge Mister. Geithner has a skewed point of view, this is an incredibly interesting and informative tale. We work in the financial industry and lived the financial debacle. This was n interesting and revealing look inside as to how how our system avoided a Greater Depression that would have made Grapes of Wrath look like a children's publication. If you're a student of the financial markets, you should read this book.

A person should also read " Griftopia" by Matt Taibbi. Those two books together explain everything required to know about how the 2007-09 crash happened and, if you understaqnd what these writers are saying, the steps we must take to prevent it from happening again., Definitely sheds light on the inside machinations of the monetary crises of 2008 and dispels some commonly held (or projected) common myths of outsiders critical of the process. Geithner came into existence the scapegoat for an otherwise impossible situation when indeed, according to this account, he became the reluctant civil servant to prevent what could have otherwise been a global financial meltdown. Charlie Munger's motto is that one shouldn't form an opinion until he/she can claim both sides of your issue with a proficiency that is better than the best the opponent has to offer. Geithner's account is certainly one of those books that provides fuel to that debate. Necessary reading if one wants to understand how the global financial system works and an excellent insight into what might need to change to prevent another such incident.

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