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I used to be waiting for this for quite some time. I used to be very excited for the release of this and We am pleased to say We was not disappointed. This is my second publication from Anthony Kaldellis (I have the Byzantine Republic in the other tablet) and his writing is an total pleasure to read; amusing, intelligent, eloquent, extremely well-informed and well-researched, and often very humorous, (which, let's be honest, is a boon when reading about Byzantine history generally speaking as most authors are regrettably very dry in their writing) Mr. Kaldellis symbolizes to me a breath of fresh air and a new generation of Byzantinists.

Streams of Rare metal, Rivers of Blood is about an intensely exciting period in Byzantine historical past where the last of the Roman soldier emperors of the 10th and 11th centuries partially energized the tarnished image of the once glorious Roman empire of the faraway past through the cure and reoccupation of areas long lost to the Romans, only for those territories to slip once again out of Roman hands following the last guys of the Macedonian house died out or more to the reign of Alexios I. What I really appreciate about Kaldellis is that he does not just go along with and augment or fancifully rewrite traditional views of the older generation of Byzantine historians; more often than not he examines and/or refutes many of these older views and older disciplines which are now known to be out-dated and often incorrect.

This book is incredible and if you consider your Byzantinist or if you simply have an interest in Byzantine and medieval history, get it., Interesting read. Especially given the amazing time period. Right now there was information in here i counted find anywhere else especially regarding the tenth century emperors. Anthony supplies a lot of perspective and helped to dispel a number of the typical tropes of Byzantine history one might stumble on Wikipeida and regurgitate on online forums even though Gibbon said it. Such misconceptions as Constantine IX being a horrible ruler, The landed aristocratic/post feudalism myth, Manzikert being a total disaster and so forth. Anthony helps to clear up these biases and provides clear logical reasoning using varied (non byzantine as well) sources and views where evidence does and does not exists to support them. Anthony provides periodical assessments in the narrative before moving on to the next chapter ( e. g. piecing together the events that led to the loss of asia minor to the Turks). I feel I have more complete and vivid picture of the time period leading up to the First Crusade from Basil II which has the side effect of further elevating the success of Alexios's restoration. Anthony does not even up-play his rule it just sets a precedent given the scope of the period and raised on the background of all the uncertainty leading up to his reign. Only drawback is using the un-latinized titles of the individuals in the history. He clarifies why he does this but I do not agree with it. We would rather read " John" than " Ioannes" but the book as whole was very easy to read and find myself having finished the publication remembering a good deal of the things i read., Typically the author offers a somewhat different view of this period. He does not view the Byzantine campaigns beyond northern Syria as something other than raids and that the decline after the death of Basil II was not as immediate nor as deep as is usually described. He or she examines the options for the era with a critical vision and draws conclusions as much from what is not said as much as what is. Total, a refreshing view of a pivotal era of Subtil history., Good book, very informative. He presents the facts while dissecting some of the conjecture and rumours of other historians. Evaluations the sources for each game period, discussing the likely biases and other faults of each one. However, it's pretty dry, reads more like a textbook. If you're buying a flowing story that will draw you in and read like a story, read something by Tom Holland instead., One of the best books on Byzantine historical past I have ever read covering the interesting period of resurengence and unexpected collapse of the 9th thru 11th centuries.

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